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Why Pinterest Stats Are Key to Boosting Your Traffic and Online Sales

Boost online story

1. Boost Online Sales

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest allows the linking of the visual content directly to your website. With this amazing and powerful feature, you can share visual as well as written content withthe customers and direct them back to your site whenever they want. This will immediately boost your online sales.

2. 478 Million Active Users

You need more customers for your business to boost, isn’t it? Then see yourself, there are almost 478 million users active monthly on Pinterest with 98 million all alone from the US. This is just an amazing platform to put your business upfront to a wide range of audiences. Further, you can choose the demographics according to the client your business suits to. According to stats, a person generally spends 14.2 minutes per day on Pinterest.

Active users
Product discovery

3. Product Discovery

On average, there are almost 2 billion searches on Pinterest, and 2/3rd of them directly connect to the brand, product, and business search. So it is completely right to say that when you hire the right Pinterest marketing services, it will not be tough anymore to reach your right customers and boost your ROI.

4. Influence Buying Decision

Almost 83% of the pinners weekly make a purchase according to what they see on Pinterest whereas 72% of the pinners make decisions of offline purchase via Pinterest. This clearly shows how strongly Pinterest can serve as a marketing tool for businesses.

Influence buying decision
Building the brand

5. Building The Brand

Brand awareness can be made with the help of powerful Pinterest marketing strategies which majorly include setting up a profile, keyword research, etc. For the small-scale start-ups of the eCommerce businesses, Pinterest can be the more smart and cost-effective choice to go with.

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Our Services

Our services are customized for each of our clients. From Pinterest SEO optimization, to account creation and organic or paid ads strategies, each of our customers receives individualized service. Our goal is to design a unique conversion-focused Pinterest Strategy to increase leads and sales for your business.

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Pinterest account management

 Blogger & Service Provider

Unlock the full potential of Pinterest for your blog or service business with PinsWizard's strategic account management. Grow your audience and engagement with tailored content curation and insightful analytics.

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Pinterest Account management

For ecommerce

Propel your e-commerce success with PinsWizard's specialized Pinterest account management. Drive sales and elevate your brand with customized pinning strategies and shopper-targeted campaigns.

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Pinterest Ad Campaign  

Ad Management

Maximize your advertising ROI on Pinterest with PinsWizard's expert ad campaign management. From ad creation to analytics, watch your brand soar with our comprehensive ad strategies.

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Why choose Pinswizard for your
 Pinterest management

We are the well-known Pinterest management agency that offers excellent and unique solutions for properly marketing
 your brand on the best social media platform i.e. Pinterest. We can help you the way you want right from the content creation to Pinterest campaign execution. Still not sure if you can choose us? Well, read ahead and then make the right choice:

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100% work done manually with no bots

we believe in making your brand a success and success comes with the right efforts. We have a team of Pinterest experts who are rightly engaged from the beginning till the end of setting up the right account for you. We never promote the usage of any kind of automation or bots.

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100% satisfaction

Clients are our first and foremost priority and we always believe user satisfaction is mandatory to gain success in any business. We listen to all your requirements patiently and then start with our plan of action.

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Customized content and look and feel as you want

No one can be as better as you when it comes to the understanding of your business. We understand your business from you and then come up with original content along with the SEO Optimized Pins.

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One-stop solution for all your needs

one thing which you will like the most about Pinswizard is that this is a full-fledged company that offers solutions for all your Pinterest marketing and management needs.

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Full-time support

You will get the best support from us always. We are not just limited to provide you with the setup of the Pinterest account but also be there whenever you need help to manage the account for you.

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No fake followers

At Pinswizard, we completely understand that engagement of the right people with appropriate strategies can boost up sales and increase traffic. On the contrary, fake popularity with fake followers can spoil your reputation in the market.

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