Pinterest over the years has become a shining star. The platform accounts for everyone, from influencers to business owners. But do you ever wonder what’s the use or why is it a hot platform now? To be clear, the number of monthly users here makes it the best to drive traffic with Pinterest free of cost.

The platform offers a great opportunity. But using it to drive traffic and engagement from your targeted audience on social media is not new. However, unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest can be quite unique. This is because it is more of a visual engine. When used correctly, Pinterest for business will work well for interacting with the audience and bringing in more traffic.

So, are you wondering how to use the free Pinterest marketing strategy? Read ahead to know the tips for better results.

Is Pinterest actually the Best for Driving Traffic?

Online marketing has now encouraged business to use different social media platforms to get the desired results for their business. Pinterest is among the popular search engines used by many these days. But mind it; only the correct Pinterest strategies will help increase Pinterest traffic. With this, you will interact better with rich audiences more involved in the visual search engine.

But do you wish to know the actual stats? Pinterest is more effective in driving traffic to shopping sites than Facebook. It is seen over 83% of the weekly Pinterest users choose to make purchases from the brand they found on the platform. While about 72% of users say that Pinterest motivates them to buy even when they aren't planning to.

But what is the key to making the most of this traffic-boosting platform? Creating customized content that stands out for your targeted audience to share, save, click, and buy.

When you know your audience well, you can increase Pinterest traffic by creating customized content. So why wait? Start posting and creating pinboards for your audience. After all, it is your consistency here that will bring in better results.

 Tips to Use Pinterest to Boost Traffic
Drive Traffic with Pinterest Free

Are you wondering how to drive traffic with Pinterest free of cost? Check out the tips to achieve the desired results. 

1. Create pins that lead you to a valuable source

Pinterest algorithms are updated frequently. But it was the 2016 change that still has a major impact. It now decides how pins are shown to the users in the home field. Now you will find that the platform focuses more on showing the pins that lead directly to valuable resources or blog posts.

But what is it actually? Well, the beautiful images you keep posting but do not lead to any helpful resources will be useless. Unless and until you use the images that link to your website, you will see no noticeable result. Remember, blogging is the key here. So, you must start asap. 

2. Keep your audience in mind

Audience is what will keep your business going. So you always need to consider their needs for better growth. Be strategic about the pictures, videos, or anything you post on the platform. You need to define the keyword that you wish to rank. It will guarantee your pins pop up in front of the right people.

Do you think having a large audience base is the key to success? Well, it's among the biggest mistakes in Pinterest traffic generation. Keep in mind a large following base is important, but not as you might think. 

Even with a thousand followers, you can get good traffic as those with a million followers. Remember, the key here is to post relevant pins to attract the audience. You need to start providing the pins that will appear on the user's feed more often. It will allow you to reach in front of millions.

 3. Use relevant keywords

Does the term free Pinterest marketing excite you? If yes, you must use the targeted keywords to achieve the best outcomes. If you are hoping to increase the chances of your pin showing up in the field of the desired audience, then you need to ensure the board has got a relevant title. For instance, to reach out to those in the food industry, consider naming your pinboard healthy tips or something similar. You need to be clever here. After all, your decision here will decide how well you generate traffic with Pinterest.

 4. Use hashtags for a better discovery

Using targeted hashtags on the pins can also help get better viewership. You can consider including ten hashtags in every pin. But wait a little. Even when you choose 3 to 5 targeted hashtags, results can be better and more effective. You just need to be creative and a good researcher. You need to understand the audience and use a hashtag focused on the keywords. Remember, it must also relate to the post.

But are you not sure what is working for your pins? Get Pinterest traffic tracking tools to analyze the results you are achieving from your hashtags or pins. It will help decide the right strategy.

 5. Pin consistently:

Pinterest traffic case study

Are you ready to follow all the free Pinterest strategies? Remember, there will be no results until you are consistent. You must pin at least 5 to 10 times a day. Make sure the five pins you post first are dedicated entirely to your brand. After all, some of them can drive traffic to the product page, Etsy store, or any web page.

Keep in mind Pinterest demands a higher volume of posts than any other social media. So you need to take out a minimum of 1-2 hours a week to schedule the pins. This gets challenging after you monetize Pinterest traffic.

You can save time by scheduling pins through your dashboard or available applications. But remember to review the analytics of your Pinterest every month. You need to see how your pins are performing and what will work best for your future content. Compare them to decide the best for your website.


Does it excite you to drive traffic with Pinterest free of cost? Well, buckle up now. Try new strategies and give it time to see what's working for your audience. Mastering Pinterest requires time. So you need to stay patient. Keep posting new things. After all, you just need that one click for better results.


Q: How can I drive traffic with Pinterest for free?

A: Pinterest is now widely used by businesses to drive traffic. But the best strategy to master the platform is to understand the audience and post the pins consistently. Remember, in the end, it is your business needs that you need to consider for a customizing strategy for better growth.

 Q: What are the best strategies for increasing Pinterest traffic?

A: The key is to create pins that will attract valuable resources to your platform. You need to focus on keywords, pin descriptions, and other aspects of the post. Remember, anything you post must incline well with your business.

 Q: Is it possible to monetize the traffic from Pinterest?

A: Yes, once you start getting desired traffic on your Pinterest account, you can apply to add management companies like Google AdSense. With this, you will earn display advertising money using your Pinterest traffic.

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