Email marketing, the most crucial tool of the 21st century, is tough to master. At one point or the other, every business faces the challenge of growing its email list. But those who are already aware are using Pinterest to their advantage. It is an incredible tool for getting a higher number of email subscribers. You can now grow an email list with Pinterest quite easily and quickly. As you engage and attract the users with great content, it will direct traffic to your website, and thus, they will end up in your email list.

If you are already tired of building an email list from other strategies but got nothing, then it is high time. Now you can make the most of the Pinterest email marketing strategy to see how it works. Go on and read ahead. You will find the proper guide to understand all the essentials you need to get successful results.

 Why use Pinterest to Grow Your Email List?

Pinterest is all about visual content. This brings us to the question of how email marketing through Pinterest will bring success. Well, there are many reasons why trusting the platform now is the key. Remember the pins you keep on posting on the platform are evergreen. So, once you have accumulated a couple of pins sending regular traffic to get your freebie, your email list will grow automatically. Just be consistent with pinning.

Adding to it is the fact that Pinterest works like a search engine. You can consider it as more of a visual Google. When you choose to put your content and offers on Pinterest, then you are waiting patiently to be found by the people who are active and interested in your topics. With this, you attract leads instead of you going ahead to approach them personally.

Now, with the number of active monthly users increasing on Pinterest, it is time to get on it. The platform has got huge potential. So are you wondering how to grow your email list with Pinterest? Do you wish to get some expert tips? Read ahead to get proper information.

Tips to Gow Email List Using Pinterest

Grow Email List with Pinterest

Wondering how everyone talks about email list growth with Pinterest? Not sure if it actually works? Here are certain tips you can implement in your strategy to see good results.

1. Create audience-focused content

The audience is the king now. Your entire marketing strategy or the content you will be posting must revolve around them. After all, people are only interested in getting their problems solved. This means connecting with your audience will be easy if you post what interests them. So, put in your time to research your audience. Use the research information to choose content that speaks clearly.

2. Keep your Pinterest profile attractive

It can be sad when you keep on posting good pins, but you are getting no results. This can happen when your profile isn't interesting enough. Keep in mind the audience will check out your Pinterest profile after they find your pins interesting. Here, the key is to make your profile attractive and engaging.

You can use your business profile to excite the audience about your products or services. Consider upgrading to a high-quality profile picture that clearly depicts your business. Also, do not forget the profile description. Write a proper summary that includes relevant keywords about the business. Finally, the key is to have a good profile description and name that helps build trust.

 3. Create your own lead magnet

As a business owner, you must know your audience's email address is quite a valuable asset. Before you take any step to grow your email list with Pinterest, you must be clear as what you need to do to get those emails. You have to provide something valuable in exchange for that email.

One way is to create your own lead magnet. It needs to be appealing to the audience. Solve immediate problems or provide satisfaction, and things will work just fine. There are different things you can consider in your lead magnet. This can include everything from free ebooks, templates, guides, workbooks, etc. Make sure to understand your audience's needs and then choose the right lead magnet to attract them.

4. Come up with a landing page

Have you decided on your lead magnet? Are you sure it’s the best for your business? Well, it will be of no use, if you don’t have a landing page ready. Remember, the purpose of the lead magnet is to send the Pinterest audience where you want them. Here instead of sending them to your website, you can create a landing page for capturing the emails.

The landing page must focus on providing the benefits of a lead magnet and a preview. It can be a short paragraph with a signup form to get the details of your audience.
Grow email list with Pinterest

 5. Start promotion for your lead magnet

Growing an email list with Pinterest is not as straightforward as it seems. You need to start creating pins that will promote your lead magnet. It is the best way to get more email subscribers. Stay cautious here right graphics and keywords play a major role in promotion. After all, the right keywords will attract the target audience, while the graphics will excite them to click through.

Use the right templates to make your strategy more attractive. Also, do not forget to write a smart pin description. It must include specific keywords and relevant hashtags.

In addition, you can start using Pinterest ads for email growth. It will help you get in front of the targeted audience fast.

 6. Use Pinterest story pins and video pins well

Pinterest is the king of visual content. This means you can use any pins for generating leads to the landing page. What's better is Pinterest algorithm favors those users who choose to explore its features the most. So make use of it to drive traffic to your gated resources.

Consider putting up stories to make the guide easier to understand. With this, anyone interested in reading the complete resource will have to download them.

 7.  Keep sending instant follow-up emails

A big mistake that many businesses make, even after doing it all correctly, is not sending follow-up emails once they get them to subscribe. You must know the audience is more engaged with a brand for the first two days of subscription.

In fact, the stats revealed the open rates for any email are 42% higher than usual. In simple words sending follow-up emails will guarantee you keep your brand in the minds of the subscribers.


Pinterest and email integration can go hand in hand when you have the right strategy. You need to research well about your audience and understand their concerns to come up with a proper plan. Whether you have an already engaged audience or are just setting foot in the industry, following the right tips guarantees your success.

Q: How can I grow my email list with Pinterest?

A: Pinterest is a visual search engine platform. This means you can benefit from it. Start posting things that represent your business well. Make sure it solves their queries, as it is the best way to attract them.

 Q: What tools can I use to integrate Pinterest with my email marketing?

A: Integrating Pinterest and email marketing tools can be extremely helpful. It will allow you to ease account management, image design, and other aspects. You can find Tailwind, Canva, IFTTT, and Zapier as some of the helpful tools. But make sure you consider your business needs before choosing the best for your case.

 Q: Is Pinterest effective for email list building?

A: Growing your email list by using your presence on Pinterest is not easy, but it can be quite effective. You must stay patient and use the right strategies to see results.

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