Any Pinterest creator knows how important it is to get more saves. But it isn't that easy to make people save your pins. So, if your pins have been getting the desired views but very few viewers save them, what could be the reason and how can you fix it? In today's article, I will answer this recurring question asked by many Pinterest users: 'how can i pin more saveable?'

Pinterest Save: What Is It?

When a person comes across a useful pin on Pinterest that they'd like to view later, they simply need to click on it. Then the pin gets saved to their personal board. As a digital content creator or someone operating an online business, why should you care about the number of saves when thousands of people are already seeing your pins?

That's because fan online business trying to solidify its presence on Pinterest, getting their pins saved is crucial. That's how the Pinterest algorithm works. Pinterest has specified that when it comes to monetizing Pinterest business accounts, saves are one of the criterions. So, when the platform values saves so much, it makes sense for pinners to create pins that others will be compelled to save.

Now the questions is: Is there any way of increasing pinnable content on Pinterest? What if I told you that by following some tried-and-tested steps, you can make your pins savable. Intrigued to learn how? Then without further ado. let's find out!

Ways to Get More Saves on Pinterest

Ways to Get More Saves on Pinterest

No matter how many pins you publish per week, are you still struggling to make people save your posts? Then this is your guide to create savable pins and grow your Pinterest account.

1. Share idea pins

An idea pin differs from a regular pin and is more like Insta stories. According to Pinterest experts, idea pins are the best way to share interesting ideas, passions, and tutorials with others. They are more likely to get saved. Hence, if you want to grow your audience base on an amazing platform like Pinterest, using idea pins for business is a must.

2. Make your content unique

Before you develop a Pinterest strategy that works for you, your first task is to design pins that add value to people's lives. If your pins don't stand out, why will people bother saving them? So, your content should be trending, well-researched, and contain engaging pin descriptions.

There are several things you can do like using vertical Pinterest graphics, adding images of high quality, and enriching pins with relevant keywords. All these will allow Pinterest to show your pins to more people and the chances of them finding a place in other people's boards will only increase.

3. Create pins on trending topics

Uploading fresh pins daily won't be effective unless you know what type of content your audience likes to watch. For making pins go viral, you can take the help of tools like Pinterest Trends to figure out what's popular and keep in mind that trends keep changing. So, every now and then, you should do keyword research and make a list of the most searched topics by your target audience. After that, you can start working on your pins strategically.

4. Add call to action

Some creators end up assuming the viewer knows what to do when they like a pin. This is a dangerous assumption as when people are on social media, they are impatient. So, if you do not state it explicitly how they can learn more, they will keep scrolling.

What you can do is keep a separate slide that says 'save the pin'. CTAs or call-to-action encourages a pinner to take some action. Naturally, when you use a CTA, more people will be tempted to take action. Make sure that the CTA slide is easy and read and clear to understand.

5. Don't be shy

When you use Pinterest profile for marketing, you cannot be reluctant to interact with your audience. So, once you have posted Pinterest-friendly images and people comment on them, never ignore them. You should always find some time to thank them or initiate a conversation with them as part of your Pinterest marketing tactic. This will help you grow as well as help you get more followers. When you bond with people, you can also motivate them to download and save your pins of high-quality for future reference.

The Bottom Line

So, it goes beyond saying that more saves mean more chances to gain visibility on Pinterest. And now that I have shared so many tricks and tips of creating pinnable content, do you feel confident? Follow these steps and you will notice that more people are saving your pins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best image dimensions and aspect ratios for Pinterest pins?

2:3 is the ideal aspect ratio for images to be posted on Pinterest. The best size recommended by seasoned Pinterest marketers is 1000 × 1500 pixels. You may also opt for the following Pinterest image sizes: 1200 x 1800 pixels, 2000 x 3000 pixels, or 600 × 900 pixels.

Q. How can I create visually appealing and shareable pins that grab attention on Pinterest?

You should know the popular pin formats and use eye-catching pin designs to make your pins attractive and sharable.