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Since you are curious to know about Pinterest Ads Services, you are already aware that Pinterest is a great platform to promote your business. When people visit Pinterest, they know what they are searching for, and they are ready to purchase something they like. So, with the right strategies, your business can easily thrive.

Thinking of hiring a Pinterest Ad manager to manage your Pinterest account while you can focus on other aspects of your business? Then look no further as we offer organic Pinterest Ads services to help businesses position their brands for success. Our customized and client-centric approach is what makes our services exceptional and compels people to appoint us. If you connect with us, your account will be reviewed by our experts and then we will come up with strategies that work best for you. We don’t just provide a range of Pinterest management services but also send monthly reports to show how your business has gained visibility and your account has grown.

Still confused if you should get in touch with us? Then have a look at our service packages described below.

Pinterest Organic Management for eCommerce Brands

In-depth Account Review

Before we recommend the most useful strategies, first we review every single account.

eCommerce Store Review

If your eCommerce store fails to woo new buyers and you aren’t making the desired profit, we will review your online shop and tell you how it can be made more user-friendly.

Specialized Management Strategy

Our management strategy is determined based on the goals of the client and the type of products the client sells.

Profile Setup, Optimization, & Cleanup

Giving us the opportunity to set up, optimize, and clean your profile will increase your chances of grabbing the attention of your potential customers.

Verified Merchant & Shop Setup

Have you still not set up your Pinterest product catalog? Are you unsure how to become a Pinterest verified merchant? Don’t worry as we are here to guide and assist you.

Pin Creation

Our dedicated team of creative graphic designers excel at creating unique pins that become popular on Pinterest.

Scheduling & Uploading Pins

Pinning consistently is mandatory and so, we also provide pin scheduling and uploading services.

Progress Report

The monthly progress data presented by us will let you understand the progress, updates, and analytics.

Review Calls

Every month, you will receive a call encouraging you to give your honest review.

Pinterest Ads Management Services

In addition to the organic service, Pinswizard’s Pinterest Ads manager offers Ads Management services to expand the reach as well as conversions of clients.

Creating and Handling Ads Campaigns

We will focus on designing interesting Ads Campaigns for you.

Designing Ads Pins

Our Ads pins stand out as they are created organically, and Pinterest users find them appealing.

Optimizing Ads Campaigns

As Pinterest is highly competitive, optimizing Ads campaigns becomes crucial, and we do that as well.

Customizing Ads

Ads graphics must grab the attention of your ideal customers and we know what kinds of ads will compel pinners to take action. So, depending on your niche and products, our experienced team will design ads for you.

Optimizing the Content Strategy

Closely monitoring the ads campaigns is part of our job and we keep modifying our advertising strategy (if necessary). This includes making multiple alterations to enhance your Ads performance.


Monthly reports depicting the status of all ads will be mailed to you.

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