If you have an idea to combine the art of storytelling with stunning visuals on Pinterest Idea Pins the door to limitless creativity and thrilling inspiration opens up. Do you enjoy watching Youtube shorts, IG and FB stories, carousels, and reels and always wished to create the same on your Pinterest account?

Don't be surprised to know that you can now create the same using Pinterest Ideas Pins on your Pinterest. If 500 Million Pinterest users around the world can use the latest Idea Pins on Pinterest to attract a global audience, why can't you?

This article presents a step-by-step procedure to create idea pins and hijack new audiences onto your Pinterest account every single day.

What are Pinterest Idea Pins?

Pinterest Idea Pins

Pinterest Idea Pins is a unique format that has the potential to make your ideas come to life on your Pinterest.
These pins are miniature boards on which you can create and display your creativity, educate your audience, and express your ideas to the world of Pinterest.

Idea Pins are lively and interactive content that captivates your audience and motivates them to take action if you're sharing a DIY project, a trip guide, or a recipe.

Here is how Idea Pins on Pinterest  help you:

  • It gives you a bandwidth of 20 pages of content that allows you to create and tell a long story or share more detailed information with your audience
  • They are highly creative tools with stickers, drawing tools, and text overlayers that help you make more engaging and interactive content
  • You can add video and audio content to idea pins to make your content dynamic and grab more eyeballs.
  • You create more formats of content like polls, QnA, and quizzes that give an immersive client-customer interaction and feedback
  • It helps you track your analytics by providing insights such as views, saves, and clicks.

With everything in place are you still feeling stuck growing your Pinterest? Are creating highly engaging and creative pins regularly, yet nothing is working?

Its high time now to start creating Pinterest Idea Pins, for the evident reasons given in the table below

Idea Pins On Vs Regular Pins, Which is Better and Why?

Key Performance IndexPinterest Idea PinsRegular Pins
  • Format
Dynamic and InteractiveStatic and void
  • Description
Long form with 20 pagesShort form
  • Engagement
Provides various content formats like polls, QnA, Quizzes, etcNo such option
  • Algorithm
Highly prefers  this formatLess likely to show up
  • Analytics
Has more reach to clicks, saves, impressions, and sharesAlthough has access but limited

With over 97% of top Pinterest searches being unbranded, it's truly beneficial for you and me to explore Pinterest idea pins feature to create Idea Pins that inspire your viewers and shoot up your online presence

With these additional benefits of creating Idea pins on Pinterest  for your Pinterest business account, you can 

  • Boost Customer Interaction on a deeper level
  • Provide vast exposure to your Pinterest account's overcrowded digital landscape
  • Exhibit yourself as a unique brand in your niche
  • Inculcate visual narrative and highly cohesive storytelling formats of your brand, products, or service
  • Direct your viewers to your website or product landing pages by inserting URLs or product tags in your Pinterest idea pins to generate sales and revenue
  • A/B test multiple formats, themes, and strategies  that suit and appeal to your audience and deliver the intended results

So are you ready to start creating idea pins on Pinterest? Get along with me in this straightforward step-by-step process.

Here is How to Create Idea Pins on Pinterest that Shoot Up Your Pinterest Growth Strategy

Step #1. Open your Pinterest app or website:

Install the Pinterest app on your mobile device or get to the Pinterest website on your desktop

Step #2. Locate the “+” plus button:

This is present at the upper right corner of the website or at the bottom center part of the mobile app screen, now go to the “create” feature and tap or click on it.

Step #3. Choose Idea Pins:

From the list of choices under create, select the new  idea pin, “ Idea Pin”

Step #4. Pick Pictures and Videos:

Choose the pictures or videos you wish to add to your idea pin.

you can do this by selecting from your current Pinterest boards or adding brand-new content from your device.

Step #5. Add a title and a description:

Create your Idea Pin a title that sums up the material and is both catchy and informative. 

Create a succinct and interesting summary for your idea pin that offers further context or specifics.

 Step #6. Use appropriate tags or keywords:

To help your idea pin reach more people, it's crucial to follow this step.

This helps your audience to find you when they search your niche-related topics on Pinterest.

Step #7. Create a customized Idea Pin:

Using one of the many choices provided by Pinterest, make more interesting and educational idea pins, you can add text overlays, stickers, illustrations, infographics, and several other interactive components.

Step #8. Organize your content:

Place the photos or videos in a pleasing sequence or a carousel, simply drag and drop the items one by one to obtain synchronized and aestheticism. 

Step #9. Add URL links or Product tags ( Optional ):

You can add URL links or product tags to your Pinterest idea pins if you run a website or an e-com store and want to highlight a particular product.

This provides your visitors the option to click on your content and continue exploring 

Step #10. Publish your Idea Pins:

To make your Idea Pins on Pinterest  live on Pinterest, click the “Publish” or “Next” button if you’re happy with  the style and content

Are you curious about learning how to get the most out of Pinterest idea pins to make your account a more stimulating and inspiring space?

Its a simple and easy-to-begin concept and expand your Pinterest account

6 Secrets to Creating the Best-Performing Idea Pins on Pinterest to Increase your audience

  • Use the 9:16 standard aspect ratio: The perfect dimension of idea pins is 9:16 ( in 1080*1920 pixels), if you adhere to this rule of creating idea pin content, the algorithm will automatically promote your content on the idea pin
  • Utilize a wide range of features: This will assist you in producing fantastic eye-appealing customer-centric content, and mix and match various formats like photo (.jpeg or .png format)  and video (.MP4 or .M4V format) content.
  • Stay away from links: Unfortunately, link and idea pins are not yet compatible. Research also suggests that Pinterest may degrade idea pins that contain them!

But the good news is you can rather associate everything that you sell and the site using the tagging feature 

  • Put your Brand first: Prioritize your brand with idea pins by highlighting your branding features like your logo, font and style, company colors, and an identical tone of voice in your idea pins content.
  • Engage generously: Pinterest idea pins have the capacity to facilitate direct contact with active groups as it's one of the best features. 

This increases the engagement rate 3X times when you create UGC in preference to your audience and enable meaningful interaction in comments.

  • Schedule your idea pins in advance: Pinterest is based on timely panning and pinning accordingly. Plan and create new concepts and trendy pins that resonate with your brand and existing content.

This will help you create a brand seamlessly on Pinterest.

A final leap of advice from your Pinterest service provider Vinita Sharma is to ensure your idea pin content is captivating, informative, and appreciated by your audience

Avoid these 5 mistakes while you create idea pins 

  • Never neglect your personal branding
  • Stop being too salesy on idea pins
  • Don't bombard your audience with too much information
  • Never use poor-quality visuals on idea pins
  • Never ever neglect to create SEO-optimized Pinterest idea pins


Pinterest idea pins offer innumerable opportunities on Pinterest that can potentially improve your brand identity, engagement, and visibility.

Pinterest idea pins yield massive monetization on Pinterest, focus on creating these idea pins it's time to take your Pinterest game to the next level!

Work on Pinterest Idea Pins and confidently hit that “ publish “ button and bring it on with me Vinita Sharma, a Pinterest Virtual Assistant who is just a call/DM away to help you

Let’s Create!


Q: How many Pinterest idea pins per day?

A: 15-25 idea pins per day are good to go

Q: Give me some Pinterest idea pin examples

A: Ideas around life hacks, routine life, a product review, makeup tutorial, recipe, or a DIY project or craft

Q: What is the Pinterest idea pin size or dimension?

A: Pinterest Ideal idea pins should have an aspect ratio of 9:16

Q: What are the best practices for Pinterest idea pins?

A: A Pinterest idea pin is a lot more dynamic than a regular pin, you can mix and match up info-graphics, videos, and animations, share a robust story, and grab our audience 

Q: How to delete Pinterest idea pin?

A: Go to the pin-saved location on the pin board, click on the pin, open it, click on the ellipsis icon, select the edit pin option, delete the pin from the bottom left corner, and confirm it.