Pinterest is unlike any other social media marketing tool and offers incredible potential for brands and publishers. Because of its emphasis on visuals, it is well suited for use in advertising and information dissemination. To fully realize Pinterest's potential, though, you'll need to do thorough Pinterest keyword research and use a well-thought-out keyword strategy.

"Right Keyword= Right Audience"

Why You Should Do Keyword Research for Pinterest:

There are several compelling reasons why you should undertake Pinterest keyword research:

  • Pinterest's users seek discoveries and answers. Pinterest is a great place to find folks interested in new meals, goods, and home improvements.
  • Pinterest's Pins stay longer than other social media posts, which expire in hours. People may find and interact with your Pins long after you post them.
  • Pinterest connects to other sites to encourage surfing. Pins with well-placed links may boost site traffic, readers, shoppers, and ad clicks.
  • Pinterest is good for art and commerce because of its aesthetic emphasis. Businesses with aesthetically attractive products or services should use Pinterest to attract clients.
  • Pinterest is a useful e-commerce site if you are selling things online.

  • Better engagement is achieved by strategically using keywords in both pins and boards.

Let's get down to business and start doing some keyword research, a crucial part of Pinterest marketing.

How To Do Productive Pinterest Keyword Research:

Searching Pinterest for the ideal keywords will boost your Pins' search rankings. To boost Pinterest discoverability, find out what keywords your audience uses.

1. Utilize the Search Bar on Pinterest:


Pinterest keyword research using search bar
Pinterest keyword research using search bar

To get started, go to Pinterest's search bar and type in a general term that is connected to your content or specialty. Pinterest will give auto-ideas as you write. These suggestions are possible keywords that you may include in your pins. Take heed of these recommendations; they are based on what people are currently looking for on the site.

Create a list of these ideas; they represent prospective keywords that will appeal to your target market.

2. Related Long-Term Keywords:

Pinterest Keyword research using related search bar

When you click on a Pin or search result, scroll down to the "More like this" area. This will take you to a list of related keywords. You'll discover a variety of similar keywords and themes in this section that you may use in your Pins.

You'll be able to attract a larger audience and cast a wider net with the assistance of these connected keywords.

3. Leverage Pinterest Trends:


Pinterest-keyword-research using trends
Pinterest-keyword-research using trends

The Guided Search function of Pinterest gives extra keyword ideas. If you enter a main term, Pinterest will provide modifiers and related phrases that you may use to further narrow your search.

 4. Determine Target Audience:

When beginning your search for keywords, you have to e: first figure out who you are trying to reach with your content. What are their areas of interest, the challenges they face, and their preferences? If you know your audience well, choosing keywords that will resonate with them will be much easier.

5. Analyze Competitors:

Take a look at what other businesses in your industry are up to on Pinterest. Research their boards and pins to determine the search terms they are concentrating on. This might give useful insights into the strategies that are successful in your area. 

Pinterest Keyword Placement: Where to put keywords on Pinterest?

Where to put keywords in Pin

After doing Pinterest keyword research, you need to know Where to put keywords on Pinterest:


  •  Be conversational with your keywords in pin descriptions. To contextualize your Pins, write engaging descriptions using keywords. Overusing keywords will hurt Pin discoverability.
  •  Board titles and descriptions may be tailored for discovery using keywords. Optimizing your board may increase interest in your specialty.
  • Make sure your Pinterest profile description includes industry or corporate keywords. This helps Pinterest analyze your content and consumers.
  • Upload photos with keyword-rich alt text. This improves Pinterest SEO and makes your content accessible to visually impaired users.
  •  Pinterest pin descriptions may use hashtags. Find and use relevant hashtags to make your Pins searchable. Moderation is key—a few well-chosen hashtags will suffice.

 My Viral Pin: Achieving 11.89K Outbound Clicks with a Single Pinterest Pin! (Because of Pinterest SEO)

Pinterest Organic Pins Results: Pinterest Keywor research


Pinterest's potential is shown by a single Pin's 11.89K outbound clicks. Businesses and content producers may use Pinterest to increase traffic, engagement, and online visibility by using keyword research, attractive graphics, engaging descriptions, consistency, and data-driven optimization.

Conclusion On Pinterest Keyword Research:

Pinterest marketing keywords are crucial. You may boost your visibility, audience engagement, and website/blog traffic by optimizing Pinterest's potential with keyword research and placement. Since Pinterest is a dynamic medium, you must stay up with the latest trends and keywords to succeed.

Related FAQ

How often should I update my Pinterest keywords?

To reflect changing tastes, keywords must be updated often. At a minimum, refresh your keyword strategy every few months. 

Can I pin several times with the same keywords?

Yes, you may use keywords on several Pins if they're linked. Each pin needs engaging and meaningful descriptions.

 What Pinterest research tools are available?

Besides Pinterest's search box and Guided Search, you may use Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and SEMrush to explore keywords.

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