There are many social networking platforms and as a realtor, it is natural to get confused. Is real estate marketing on Pinterest a good idea? What should you do to promote your real estate business? I’m here to tell you all about the benefits and ways of utilizing Pinterest for growing your real estate business.

Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Pinterest Real Estate Marketing: What Is It and Why Must You Consider It?

Are you one of those people who believe the biggest myths about Pinterest that it is only a space for amateur chefs and DIY crafters? Then you’ll be amazed to know that as per a study, 90% of Pinterest users confirm that they rely on this platform for making purchase decisions.

That being said, Pinterest real estate marketing means posting real estate content on Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can develop your brand, build connections, gain exposure, and woo clients. By posting interesting pins, you can invite people to check out your website. And getting more traffic to your website means ranking higher in search engine optimization.

The Perks of Using Pinterest for Your Real Estate Business

Pinterest is a place that connects buyers and sellers and is all about showing instead of telling. You won't be just telling customers about your properties, you can show why they are the best.  Moreover, it is among the most popular sites for searching various kinds of content.

Since 2019, its number of users have increased by 29% and now it has at least 450 million active users. So, it is high time you establish yourself on Pinterest because that's where all the rich home buyers are. Now scroll down to get amazing ideas about real estate marketing on this fabulous platform.

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Tips to Use Pinterest for Real Estate and Drive Traffic

Pinterest can be an ideal social media platform only if you have a successful real estate marketing strategy. So, follow these marketing tips if you plan on using Pinterest for real estate leads.

1. Identify your target audience

Before you start sharing content, you must know for whom you are sharing the content. You need to get noticed by people who want to buy or sell a home. Understanding the psychology of the right audience is mandatory to entice them with accurate pins. Knowing the competition in your field is also crucial. Keep tabs on the posts that resonate with your target customers.

2.  Prioritize keyword research

As Pinterest is a search engine, you must use keywords for optimizing your content. It is through those keywords that interested people will find your pins. So, make sure you develop keywords as per the search intent of users. Pinterest’s search bar is also there to give suggestions to you about what phrases and terms people use to get answers.

How to build a list of high-performing keywords? Look for long-tail and trending search phases. Use these keywords in the titles of your boards and the descriptions.

3. Create a Pinterest business account 

Your existing Pinterest account will not be effective if you want to generate Pinterest real estate leads. Moreover, you won’t have to pay any charges for creating a business account. The advantage is that you will be able to use all features designed for business accounts. These include:

  • Access to advertising options
  • The ability to reinforce branding
  • Improving brand authority
  • Analytics such as engagements, views, clicks, etc.

4. Use visually attractive content

Pinterest is a great place for realtors who curate visually appealing content. The content you share is what will make all the difference. So, make sure the place is well-lit before recording videos. Only then users will be intrigued to find out more about the attention-grabbing property.

Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, top-performing Pinterest pins always:

  • Use imagery of high quality
  • Maintain a theme
  • Include branding
  • Provide keyword-optimized descriptions
  • Introduce the topic on the photo itself

5. Engage consistently and frequently

Remember that displaying your content regularly in front of the right audience is necessary in the real estate industry. You have to pin new content regularly so that your blog posts earn visibility and perform well. Pinterest analytics will help you choose timeframes as well as days of the week when you can attract more activity.

Stay tuned to see more ideas about Pinterest marketing to generate real estate leads.

6. Share evergreen content

To maximize the benefits of your effort, you must focus on offering evergreen content to your audience. Evergreen content denotes posts that can don’t’ become irrelevant after a month or so. So, once you post such a photo/ video, it will keep getting views over time.

7. Personalize your boards

Another smart trick for real estate professionals is learning how to organize pins and present them in a personalized manner. Hence, once you create pins, begin organizing the content under diverse categories to increase searchability. This will help you get leads.

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8. Participate in multiple group boards

Looking for more real estate Pinterest board ideas? Real estate group boards are there where you can collaborate and engage with the most hyper-targeted audience.

How do you recognize group boards? These boards are active, as multiple individuals are pinning content now and then. You should pick a group board that doesn’t have many competitors as your content might get lost. Other than pinning your content, you should share the content of others as well to encourage board activity.

9.  Get creative

Pinterest is not like other social networking platforms where your post’s life is limited. Your posts on Pinterest can generate traffic months or years after you’ve posted. Hence, show some creativity when it comes to adding titles to your pins. This way, when someone clicks on your post from a year ago, they will be directed to your latest listings.

10. Obey Pinterest SEO rules

Pinterest is perfect for social media marketing. However, Pinterest has its own form of SEO rules. To escalate the performance of your posts on this platform, you must spend some time acquainting yourself with its algorithm.

To make things easier for beginners, Pinterest offers an in-built SEO tool. Pinterest allows business profiles to access this tool. Click on Pinterest Ads and then select the option ‘Create Ad’. Choose ‘Traffic’ and the tool will suggest relevant keywords and their search volume to you.

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Parting Thoughts

So, now you know why you must take Pinterest property marketing seriously. Other than posting content dedicatedly, you should also have a marketing plan. Pinterest real estate infographics will offer the essential information regarding how each one of your pins have performed. This way, you can revise your marketing efforts from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can real estate agents use Pinterest for marketing?

A real estate agent can use Pinterest to show off impressive properties to potential buyers and get new leads. It is an amazing platform to boost sales as millions of people use Pinterest to search for things that interest them.

Q. What are the best Pinterest strategies for real estate promotion?

Some Pinterest strategies for realtors work like magic. Using SEO tactics, creating brand consistency with attractive pins, using hashtags, and creating boards with relevant keywords are some of the digital marketing techniques for real estate promotion.