Pinterest FAQs

Can Pinterest benefit any of the business sectors?

Pinterest has the power to work for mostly all the niches. Whatever your online business type is, Pinterest has the ability to show its marketing benefits everywhere. It helps in driving organic traffic to your website and also increases brand awareness in the market. The pin-saving feature of this platform makes it more usable and it can easily generate traffic for you if used wisely.

How will it be beneficial for us to work with your Pinterest agency?

PinsWizard is the leading Pinterest marketing service provider whereyou can experience the power and ability of pinboards to get the most profit in your business. Weoptimize the account along with proper SEO and Post the luring pins. Regular monitoring of the pins and the Pinterest boards is done along with Proper follow up on all the requests

What are the charges of the monthly Pinterest management services?

We have various Pinterest management monthly packages based on your business needs.The usual basic package rates start from $250 every month. This basic package includes 40 custom pins creation along with SEO and pinboard optimization. Also, the business account is managed on the daily basis along with the tailwind account to keep a regular check on the progress on your account and bring out efficient results.

What are the additional Pinterest services offered?

The additional services include:
  • One-time Pinterest account clean-up services.
  • We review your existing Pinterest account and create a strategy report for it so that you can get an idea of how your account is performing.
  • The ads review and recommendation of Pinterest are done with the help of a detailed report which shows how to optimize the Pinterest account.

When can I see traffic on my Pinterest account when started from scratch?

If worked with the proper strategy, then there are high chances that the traffic will start coming very soon on your Pinterest.The right amount of knowledge along with correct exposure is needed but getting this will show you an immense rise in traffic and hence it will be with the wait.

The organic traffic can be seen in at least 6 months and sometimes this can be even more depending upon your business niche. The main traffic generated is dueto good picture quality. Using HD images of the highest quality can significantly improve traffic and moreover, we can also use low-budget Pinterest ads. For a new account, this timeline is needed to generate traffic.

Within two to three initial weeks, you will start seeing a few clicks and in the first month-end, there will be in all 25 to 30 clicks. Till the 6th month, the clicks will go to 300 clicks every month and after that, you will be seeing 500+ clicks every month.

Do you offer Pinterest-promoted pins? What budget should I have to use them?

We do offer promoted pins if they are available in your location. With our Pinterest ads management services, we will set up proper ads and keep monitoring them on regular basis. Although the Pinterest ads are affordable as compared to Google and Facebook, but we would still recommend starting with $5 to $10 per day for a minimum timeline of 21 days.

Which package should I choose for my business?

The marketing package for Pinterest should be chosen based on the business objectives. We have multiple packages based upon your business size including medium or large-scale business. Based on the package, we will send regular reports.

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