From running your own company to being a caring parent and loving partner - as a mompreneur, you have a lot to balance. According to a survey. nearly 71% of working mothers are the primary provider in their family. However, only 39 percent of these women are able to regularly devote as much attention as their business requires. However, the same study also discovered that owning a business has many perks for women. The freedom and flexibility that come with being your own boss are priceless and no job can give you that. But entrepreneurship is also accompanied by countless challenges, especially for new mommies. So, in this blog, I will discuss the top challenges and solutions for mompreneurs.

Mompreneur Strategies to Juggle Family and Work

Challenges and Solutions for Mompreneurs

Welcome to the world of mompreneurs where every day if full of unique challenges. But the fun part is that soon you will adapt to your new routine, and you'll have a great time raising a kid and seeing your company thrive. Sounds impossible? Then scroll down as I am about to tell you the perfect solutions to the set of challenges you are encountering these days.

1. Lack of time

Do the duties of your work and family life leave you with no time to breathe? Are you always running from one place to another and forgetting things? Do you have no time to pursue a hobby, go to the spa, watch some TV, or pamper yourself? Then it is evident that time-management is a problem for you.


Here are some excellent time-management tips that I found helpful when my daughter was born.

  • There are many online business tools for moms that you can use to perform complex tasks quickly and streamline business operations.
  • Come up with home-based business ideas that can be monitored from home.
  • Maintaining a to-do list will help you plan your day in advance and save time.
  • Multitasking whenever possible is again one of the best productivity hacks for mompreneurs.

2. Financial challenges

From nurturing a newborn to paying school fees - child upbringing is expensive. Similarly, to expand a business, adequate money is necessary, and this is another area where many mompreneurs face hindrances.


First, let us talk about funding for women entrepreneurs. From crowdfunding to business loans, there are several ways of acquiring funds. For your family, you should have separate savings for the child. Smart people begin saving even before the baby is born.

3. Guilt

You will be surprised to know that 44% of working women feel guilty at times for not being there for their child. Do you also end up judging yourself for missing certain events like your child uttering their first word? Moreover, there is enormous societal pressure on women to put their family's needs first. So, taunts from in-laws and judgmental looks from relatives are not uncommon and these things can further trigger your guilt.


A toxic emotion, guilt must not be entertained. That's because your career is no less important than your personal life. Your business gives you financial stability, recognition, and an identity and so, bid adieu to guilt. Don't let others burden you with their opinions and as far as your kids are concerned, they understand more than you think. Children admire strong role models and yours will adore you for being goal-driven and career-oriented.

4. Lack of experience

Establishing a work-life balance for mompreneurs often becomes difficult because of little experience in both aspects. If you have embarked on the journey of parenthood for the first time, it is natural to be completely clueless. Similarly, managing a business means handling multiple responsibilities like choosing a profitable business model, arranging funds, hiring employees, paying employees on time, advertising the business, scaling the business, etc.

With no experience, none of this is going to be easy and so, many aspiring entrepreneurs give up. So, how should you approach this problem?


Don't let self-doubt or fear undermine your entrepreneurial spirit. Rather, give yourself some time to adjust to the dual role of businesswoman and mother. To start enjoying your entrepreneurial role or your time with your little one - you have to commit to the process of learning in your personal and professional life. You can find a mentor who will teach the secrets to running a successful business. And when it comes to catering to the needs of your baby, your mother is the best person to advise and guide you.

6. No support system

Thinking of doing everything singlehandedly is foolishness and work-life integration won't be possible if you don't have a support system - be in at home or in the office.


As you are a busy business owner, you can opt for childcare solutions for entrepreneurs. To deal with burnout, you can allow your husband to do some chores as its also his baby. To reduce your workload, appoint talented employees. Networking for mompreneurs is also a vital part of successful entrepreneurship.

To Sum Up

Lastly, it goes beyond saying that the level of resourcefulness and resilience that mompreneurs need is a lot more than the conventional challenges male entrepreneurs face. However, with the above-mentioned mompreneur strategies, juggling a mom's and businesswoman's responsibilities will be less intimidating for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the common challenges faced by mompreneurs and how can they overcome them?

The hurdles that mompreneurs encounter are not finding enough time for themselves and losing their calm trying to effectively manage the demands of fulfilling their duties as a mom and running a business. To overcome these challenges, one should delegate tasks, be organized, hire domestic help, stay focused when working, and take help from family and friends.

Q. How can mompreneurs effectively balance their business and family life?

To strike a balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship, mompreneurs should excel at time management and multitasking. They should also avoid feelings of guilt, set their priorities right, and have clear goals.