Blogging is increasing rapidly today. It is a way to let the world know your thoughts on certain topics and subjects. People these days are use Pinning on Pinterest to show a particular image or video. Pins are in fact a good way to add product descriptions and keywords. 

Pinning is one of the most important aspects of Pinterest especially for start-ups and new online businesses. You must take care of certain things before pinning a post on Pinterest. This blog highlights the most important things to do before pinning any post on Pinterest.  

Important Things to Do Before Pinning on Pinterest 

Following the below tips will help to take your business to a great extent. Let us have a look at good tips of pinning on Pinterest:

  • Consider Minute Details in Posts 

You can use either stock images or custom images on Pinterest. If you want to generate high traffic on your blog, use custom images. They describe your products and brand effectively. Apart from that, the customers will also know every detail of your business correctly. 

While posting an image, give a nice backdrop. An attractive backdrop with different colors drives huge traffic to your website. It also attracts users and they will like to find more details of your product. You can add create a unique texture and give a short description of your products and brand. The beautiful backdrop and texture in your images will bring more traffic to your site. 

  • Add a Link to Your Image 

Adding images to Pinterest is not sufficient. You must also add links to your images to make people know your brand, products, and features. Adding URLs to your Pins with descriptions is an important step before pinning on Pinterest. People will visit your official site by clicking on the URL. Moreover, the links will increase traffic and boost business sales as well. 

If you want to add a proper description to your image, edit and crop it. You can use some tools like PicMonkey and Canva to create amazing images. 

  • Add a Short Description 

Now, this is an important section to look at while pinning any image or post on Pinterest. Many Pinterest users use long descriptions to their images or posts. Long descriptions and sentences will often stop users to visit further on your site. So, you must create a short and sweet description with keywords and user-friendly language. 

You should remove irrelevant keywords from the description to make it more interesting to read. Keep the information in limited words and it must be appealing. Do not add too must descriptions to your images or posts. 

  • Upload Fresh Ideas Pins 

Fresh content and ideas have their own importance. When you post a new idea or creative thought, the chances of traffic generation increase. Fresh ideas keep your audience engaged for a long time. You can take your business to a huge audience in different parts of the world. 

Idea Pins have multiple benefits. They help you to record lists, videos, text, and add images. After publishing Idea pins, they remain on your board. They will also appear on your Pinterest profile in the “Created” tab.  You can post 1 Ideas pin every day on your Instagram profile.

  • Avoid Hashtags  

Yes, it might seem awkward but experts suggest not to use hashtags in your pins now. It is an old method to use hashtags in your pins and users may not like them too. You might lose traffic by putting hashtags in your posts. Instead of hashtags, you can use keywords to find fresh content. 

You can add keywords in your product description to attract more traffic to your site. It is necessary to use relevant keywords and avoid the ones that do not relate to your content or images. 

  • Follow your Brand Style 

Every business has its own brand style. Many businesses use fixed colors for text and backdrops to showcase their content and images. Using your brand style will create a different identity from other users. Apart from that, the users will also identify your brand quickly. 

Following a particular brand style will create brand awareness among customers. You can pick dark or bright colors and large fonts to display your text on images. Pinterest has several templates for different businesses and products. You can pick any template for your post or pins. Keep that template every time while pinning a post or image. 

  • Consider Other Elements Too

Users are so fascinated by the idea of adding images that they forget many other details. While loading any pin, there are many other details that you must add such as title, description, URLs, and so on. Without adding these details, you cannot drive huge traffic to your website. 

There is another way in which you can drive more traffic to your website. You can add reference links to your posts or pages. The audience will get information about your products, services, or brand. Besides, you can also get product information from Pinterest through recommendations.  You should use the same keywords as your web link in your posts as well. 

Keywords will appear in the search results and users will find your page instantly. You can also use a custom template for your page or post. Furthermore, you can schedule your pins by going live on Pinterest. 

Final words 

These are the best 7 tips to follow before pinning any post on Pinterest. You must create an interesting post or page by adding relevant keywords, short titles, product descriptions, and URLs. 

You must use powerful Pins and posts to grow your business sales. Pinterest will increase your chance of selling products if you take care of a few things. If you are a beginner, follow the above tips to post your pin easily. 

So now, create an account on the Pinterest site and add pins and join group boards to increase traffic on your website. These tips are easy to follow and they will help to grow your business sales.