Observing actual, proven tactics that have worked in the real world is one of the finest ways to improve your Pinterest marketing. I am therefore delighted to present a Men’s Beauty Pinterest client E-Commerce Pinterest Strategy today. In this case study, we'll look at how I developed a Pinterest approach for their brand that has not only helped them go back to where they were, but also grow well beyond that! I enjoy providing Pinterest Ecommerce Case Study because they allow you to see instances of our workflow and the benefits a Pinterest E-commerce account can provide when combined with an effective marketing strategy.

Every success story can undoubtedly teach us something, but it's also critical to recognize that every firm is unique. You can learn a lot from this tale, but keep in mind that your Pinterest E-commerce approach will need to be customized for YOUR company.

Why Use Pinterest For eCommerce?

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Over the previous few years, Pinterest has placed a lot of emphasis on online commerce, and this year, that emphasis is anticipated to grow even more. In fact, Bill Ready, the CEO of Pinterest, recently stated that he wants every component of the site to be shoppable! Every time a user logs on to Pinterest, the company's leadership states that they want it to seem like a customized catalog. A personalized, lovely visual search of all the pinner's preferred items!

The fact that the pinner is there to shop is another fantastic aspect of online sales on Pinterest! When using Pinterest, 48% of users report that buying is their main priority, and 75% of weekly users claim to shop constantly. Additionally, compared to other social media sites, pinner are seven times more likely to claim that Pinterest influences their purchasing decisions.

Some of the main reasons why E-commerce businesses choose Pinterest:

  •  Visual Discovery
  •  Longevity of Pins
  •  Brand Exposure
  •  Searchable Content
  •  Traffic Generation
  •  Showcasing Lifestyle
  •  Inspiration and Ideas
  •  Rich Pins
  •  Cross Promotion

So, Pinterest has fantastic potential for every e-commerce organization to drive more traffic and product sales.

My First Client, E-commerce Organic Pinterest Case Study


About My Client:

My client is a vibrant participant in the online marketplace for men's beauty. They had made a name for themselves on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram with an aim to offer premium skincare and grooming products designed specifically for the needs of contemporary guys. However, realizing the untapped potential of Pinterest, they came to me for advice on how to best use this platform to increase sales and brand awareness exponentially, with a particular focus on the USA and Canada markets.

How they came to me:

The choice to work with me was made for several important reasons, including:

  •  Pinterest Growth: While they had found success on other platforms, they realized that Pinterest, with its active user base, could be a potent growth channel.
  •  Diversification Plan: They were eager to investigate Pinterest as a potential new source of sales and brand exposure because they were looking to diversify outside their current channels.
  •   Targeted Market Expansion: They looked to our experience to successfully break into these markets via Pinterest, with a concentration on the USA and Canada.

My Goal: Increase Sales and Brand Awareness

For this customer, Pinterest is a top-of-funnel marketing strategy, which means they are more concerned with reaching a broad audience in order to get them into their larger marketing funnel. You probably already know that, on average, a customer must view a product seven times before making a purchase. This client views Pinterest as a tool to increase brand and product awareness in order to get customers one step closer to the decision-making stage.

  •  Create a target audience and increase traffic.
  •  Product optimization to appear for relevant searches
  •   Design Pins according to brand requirements
  •  To develop a content strategy and raise brand awareness, use Pinterest. They wanted to use Pinterest to gather content ideas and tactics for their current blog.


Initial Scenario: When it first launched, my client had to contend with the following Pinterest baseline metrics:

  • Pinterest monthly views per month: only 77.4k
  • Sales per month: A negligible $0.
  • Bonus points are quality content and customer reviews

The good part is now here!

Utilizing several channels to advertise and sell things has become a standard practice in the era of digital marketing. Pinterest is one platform that has grown in popularity in the e-commerce industry. This case study looks at how I used Pinterest's features and tactics to improve my client’s online visibility, attract customers, and enhance sales.

How Do I Get Started Working On Profile

Pinterest ecommerce case study 2023

1. Audit Pinterest Business Account:

My client's account is already established. I've initiated keyword and competition research and am currently conducting a Pinterest audit. The audit covers:

  • Profile Optimization:
    • Picture, Username, Bio
  • Board Review:
    • Titles, Categorization, Covers

    2. Competition and Keyword Research:

  •   Conduct thorough keyword and competitive research to make sure the company's pins are easy to find.
  •   I was also analyzing the tactics of rival companies, revealing trends and effective techniques.

3.    Using Keywords to Improve Pins & Boards:

  • Each pin and board should be optimized with keywords to improve its searchability inside the Pinterest ecosystem.
  •  I had to create the list of top keywords and create a pin using top keywords. (Using search bar and Pinterest ads keyword research method)

4.    Pinterest SEO:

  • Using efficient SEO techniques within Pinterest, like incorporating keywords into board and pin descriptions, improves the exposure of the material.

Read more: Learn about Pinterest SEO

5.    Producing High-Quality Pin Design:

  •   It's important to choose eye-catching images.
  •   I invested in eye-catching graphics that appeal to their target market.

    Know about how to create pins step by step

6.    Daily Pinning and New Pins:

  • Repetition is the key to success. I consistently pin new information to pin boards, maintaining a continual flow of interesting content.
  • Create 1 trend idea pin on a daily basis

7.    Using Products and Collections:

  •   To remain ahead of seasonal buying and be present when customers are seeking products and collections was the goal of my content strategy.
  • Join most engaging group boards (For sharing pins)

8.    Video Pins for Wider Reach:

  •  The ecommerce reach was increased by using video pins rather than static photos.
  •  So, these interactive pins increased interaction.

9.    Adopting Idea Pins:

  •  Adopting and creating the best Idea Pins (formerly Story Pins).
  • Highlighting imaginative storytelling, which helps Shopify store increase user engagement.

 10.  Repurposing Instagram and Facebook material:

  • To match the Pinterest platform, I modified its retargeting post and videos from Instagram and Facebook.
  •  This strategy conserved time while preserving brand coherence.

11.  Consistency in approach:

  •   Pinterest is a long-term game, I persevered with my successful approach for several months before beginning to see returns.

"Quick Tips Pinterest's best practices: Stay consistent &  Daily fresh pinning"

Result: Incredible Achievement in 90 Days Without Pinterest Ads

Pinterest for ecommerce strategy in 2023


Over the past 3 months that I've worked with this client, the outcomes have increased steadily. I am overjoyed to report that not only has traffic increased, but it has also increased back to where it was before the downturn.

The partnership produced remarkable results in under 90 days:

  •  Monthly Views: Pinterest traffic increase from 77.4k to 4.7 Million Monthly Views, greatly expanding brand recognition and reach.
  •  Increase Sales per month: A remarkable increase from $0 to $49.48K, demonstrating Pinterest's potential as a sales-boosting tool.
  •  Profitable ROI: The profitability of their investment in our strategies was highlighted by the return on investment (ROI) of over 10x.
  • Top Ranking Pins: Over 100 pins received top rankings for specific keywords, increasing their discoverability.


The revolutionary potential of a well-implemented Pinterest strategy is demonstrated by our customers. The client saw a tremendous increase in brand visibility and income by adopting a comprehensive strategy that included SEO optimization, strategic content sharing, and platform consistency.

The example highlights the untapped ecommerce potential of Pinterest and highlights the value of careful planning, premium content, and meticulous execution. With the appropriate approaches, brands may leverage Pinterest's strengths to spur impressive growth in a rather short amount of time, as demonstrated by this relationship.

I would love to assist you, whether you are a brand-new Pinterest user or a seasoned user who is dissatisfied with the amount of traction you are receiving. I am keen to connect with you and discuss everything from monthly Pinterest management to setting up your account and developing a plan for your Online store.

Let's connect and be the king of the Pinterest Market!