See if Pinterest may help your travel blog to increase added traffic, new audience, and article motivation. Find out from the mistakes of other travel blogs and use their notes to get better at your own.

Travel writers are aware of the need of cultivating a large readership in order to facilitate communication. They need to interact with as many distinct persons as possible about the adventures they have had. Travel writers generally attract a larger audience by using Pinterest, which has four hundred million users every day.

Pinterest's Persuade on Travel Writers

There's more to Pinterest than being merely a social network.; it's also a potent promotional tool that helps blogs reach a wider audience. Key ways in which Pinterest helps out travel bloggers are as follows:

1. Making Use of Pictorial Tales in Order to Draw in Crowd

When it comes to travel writers, Pinterest is a location where they may find amazing photographs and visualisations to use as a means of influencing others to support their travels. Travel writers should use Pinterest to accumulate a set of these stunning images.

2. Boost traffic to blogs and visibility for the website

The capacity of Pinterest to get organic traffic is a considerable advantage for travel writers. Keywords and descriptions in the pins you share might make visitors visit your website's page.

3. Improvements in Search Engine Optimisation Can Be Obtained by Increasing the Page Rank of Your Blog

With properly optimized pins, Pinterest may boost your blog's search engine rankings. To attract a wider readership to your site, using appropriate keywords in your pin names, descriptions, and boards is important.

4. Participation in the Community: Reach Out to Your Readers

Travel writers may be able to engage with readers more directly than ever before because of Pinterest's focus on connecting with others. Interacting with feedback, giving helpful material, and collaborating with other like-minded persons will help you gain committed readers for your travel blog.

5. Create a yearning in your readers to travel.

Pinterest is designed specifically for travel bloggers, allowing them to exhibit photos and tales that motivate their audience to go on adventures. Creating boards and pins that are strategically placed will pique the curiosity of people interested in travelling, which will hopefully lead them to check out your travel blog.

6. Audience Analysis Using Pins

You may determine how effective your pins have been by using Pinterest's analytics tools. With the help of such data, you can improve the content of your blog and appeal to a wider demographic, which will ultimately result in an increase in the number of readers and responses.

7. Long-Lasting Appeal of Evergreen Material

Unlike certain social networking sites where posts suddenly disappear, Pinterest's evergreen nature guarantees that your pins will continue to be seen and shared long after they were first published. Because of this sustained exposure, travel bloggers enjoy a steady stream of blog visitors.

8. User Experience Improvement Through Rich Pins

Rich pins on Pinterest allow travellers to add details like article titles, meta descriptions, and clickable links to their blog articles..

9. Keep Your Seasonal and Thematic Boards Up-to-Date

Make sure your boards are up-to-date and relevant by aligning them with seasonal themes or current travel trends. Using these boards, you may show off your range as a travel blogger and connect with your audience more effectively.

Your Next Adventure Pinspire by Blogs

Some of the best travel blogs on Pinterest are included below for their ability to attract readers and present their most inspiring travel-related content.

1. Nomad Matt - @nomadmatt

Nomadic Discussion Boards Matt's Pinterest covers the whole world, giving a plethora of inspiration for your next vacation. The website he runs is popular among backpackers because of the interesting pins and helpful details he gives.

2. The Blonde Abroad Twitter (@theblondeabroad)

The Blonde Abroad, Kiersten's Pinterest board, is a visual delight for anyone seeking off-the-beaten-path trip ideas. Her well-chosen pictures and films take visitors to exotic locations and thrilling activities.

3. Tweets from @ExpertVagabond, the expert nomad

Matthew Karsten's Pinterest board, Expert Vagrant, exemplifies what it means to travel the world in the chase of a journey.

4. Kate, Always on an Adventure - @adventurouskate

Kate McCulley's Pinterest boards mix wanderlust inspo for women and doable trip-planning tips.

5. Only Carry-On Items Allowed - @handluggageonly

The images on Hand Luggage Only's Pinterest account will make you long for a trip abroad. Follow them if you're a travel enthusiast looking for inspiration because they post about exciting cities, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine.


Q: How can I increase traffic to my travel blog with Pinterest?

A: Through the uploading of relevant photographs and material, travel bloggers might receive assistance from Pinterest in growing site traffic. Include vital travel keywords in interesting meta descriptions and appealing images to make your pins stand out. You must continually deliver exceptional material if you want to be considered professionally as a provider of travel information. Participating in the Pinterest conversation, answering queries, and responding to posts to build a loyal fan following.

Q: Can I expect a higher Google page rank for my blog if I use Pinterest?

A: Using Pinterest can help your site rise in the search engine results. By employing targeted keywords in your pin names, details, and panels, you may increase the exposure of your writing in search engine results on Pinterest and elsewhere. Your blog will attain more people if you adjust your posts to reflect current travel trends and keywords.

Q: How does Pinterest make its users want to travel?

A: Pinterest allows writers to write about travel to demonstrate to their readers the world's magnificence and exciting outlook. Your audience's desire to travel may be stirring up using well-curated Pinterest boards that characterise gorgeous pictorials and thought-provoking posts.

Q: Can I collaborate with other blogs and businesses on Pinterest?

A: Yes, you can. Pinterest displays your understanding and originality to organisations interested in collaborating with you. Bloggers, travellers, and experts in your zone might help you widen your area of contact and draw potential viewers.

Q: How might Pinterest analytics help me better understand my audience?

A: Analytics tools of Pinterest provide users with essential information about the value of their pins and boards. These statistics might help out to understand your target audience's interests and behaviours. With this data, generate more of everything your followers value, increasing blog participation and visitors.

Q: Can I expect traffic from evergreen pins to my blog?

A: Yes, evergreen pins have more exposure on Pinterest, so they can be rediscovered and repinned over time. By concentrating on evergreen content like travel suggestions, trip leads, and wish lists, you can guarantee that your pins stay relevant and tend to draw traffic to your blog posts.


Pinterest assists travel bloggers in growing their audience, developing partnerships, and inspiring travellers to travel. Pinterest's visual narratives, strategic optimising, involvement in the community, and data from analytics may increase the exposure and standing of travel blogs. Pinterest and creativity are required to boost your travel blog.

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