Imagine if you have a round face just like your favorite Selena Gomez and want a pretty haircut to suit your face, you would be looking for “haircuts for round face”. Go and type this keyword, to get traffic from Pinterest rapidly. The algorithm estimates your last keyword 9 out of 10 times and ranks it in the 1st or 2nd place.

What shocked you? Ranking for popular keywords on Pinterest is indeed much simpler and quicker than it is on Google, despite the latter’s technological superiority

Why? Pinterest stores your content for years, in contrast to Facebook and Instagram where it disappears after a few hours. These Pinterest traffic stats suggest you right away to get traffic from Pinterest:

With such enormous growth, Pinterest is a more popular platform than Facebook, which has only about 2.5 million daily active users

Here, I'll tell you how to increase Pinterest traffic organically

Pinterest is a discovery search engine, a social media platform to gather and share pictures online, often referred to as a visual networking site. Here you can “pin” or gather pictures from the web, making it a highly visual virtual pinboard site. This constitutes a Pinterest traffic avalanche, when your audience looks for something to try, do, or shop, your content appears, BOOM! Instead of scrolling and liking others’ messages, reading news, or the latest trends, your audience can use this site to discover new ideas and take action.

Overview of Pinterest traffic by country!

The 3rd largest social media network the millennials and Gen Z in the USA use to monetize their traffic is Pinterest.  Are you an SMB owner, creative entrepreneur, or lifestyle coach looking to get traffic from Pinterest and reach the right target audience? Don't worry, Pinterest has over 2 billion monthly inquiries and searches As of November 2022, the most distributed Pinterest traffic by country credit goes to the USA by 41.6%

As a Pinterest marketing expert, I highly recommend these Pinterest Organic Strategies to get traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest marketing is highly beneficial given that:

  • It has a higher conversion rate meaning its users often search for inspiration and ideas, hence they easily convert into customers.
  • On other platforms, posts have a shorter lifespan than Pinterest which saves your content and drives traffic for months and years, after creation.
  • It has a constantly evolving, niched, and engaged audience that looks for genres like DIY projects, home decor, and food.
  • Pins can be SEO optimized, to increase your visibility and get traffic from Pinterest.
  • Content on Pinterest can go viral by repinning and multiple sharing, this increases its reach and exposure, leading to increased organic traffic, engagement, and more customers.

Right off, let's get deeper into the topic,

Recently I reached a target of 100k outbound clicks through my organic Pinterest marketing: 

The secret to getting traffic from Pinterest and a higher conversion rate is here:

#1: Have a completely optimized Pinterest profile, including a description, logo, and links to your website/blog and other social media profiles

#2: Create visually appealing pins with high-quality images and graphics that align with your brand, use various colors, sizes, and fonts to make your pins stand out

#3: Use rich keywords in pin descriptions and boards to improve your search visibility

#4: Use rich pins that have extra information like price, supply, and product details - this increases the click-through rate to your website and initiates sales

#5: Include a strong CTA like “ Shop Now”, “ Learn More”, or  “ Get the Recipe”

#6: Engage with your audience in comments, thanking users who repin your content (USP!), and share content from other users that align with your brand voice

Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest traffic

That’s it! By implementing these effective Pinterest organic traffic strategies, your chances to get traffic from Pinterest amplify.

With basics in place, let's see how Pinterest traffic works

Pinterest organic strategies helped me reach 25M+ impressions in just 30 days 

Any idea why my pins last so long? 

Pinning results from two main factors:

  • People use Pinterest to find new products
  • A vast amount of content is repinned rather than original posts, this will help you get traffic from Pinterest drastically!

That said,

Here are 7 tips to  get traffic from Pinterest by increasing the longevity of your pins 

  • Use high-quality images for your pins, so that they are frequently repinned and shared by other users
  • Create timeless, evergreen, and relevant content that consistently generates organic traffic and engagement
  • Repurpose old content with a dash of trendy infographics, and new descriptions to make it fresh and unique, this gives a new life to old content and increases longevity
  • Use SEO keywords in your pin description, titles, and boards to improve the reach of pins
  • Create multiple pins for each piece of content with different images and descriptions, this increases visibility and share
  • Schedule pins using a scheduler tool to publish consistently throughout the day and week in your feed, this improves ur pin regularity and visibility

Can’t wait to get traffic from Pinterest right?

But hang on, never put all your eggs in one basket!

In a digital world that's ever-changing, you need multiple sources to attract premium clients and increase your revenue 

Likewise, this section is about:

How to attract Pinterest Organic Traffic to your website

Can Pinterest track you to your website? Yes!

Here’s how:

  • Engage with your niched audience by responding to comments on your pins and boards
  • Follow top pinners in your niche
  • Collaborate with fellow pinners
  • Build relationships to attract more followers
  • Join group boards
  • Use Pinterest traffic analytics to track your pins and boards' performance
  • Create content to resonate with your audience and tweak your strategy accordingly
  • Add a link to your website and verify it on Pinterest to gain access to valuable analytics 

And finally, 

Pinterest SEO techniques I used to gain more followers and increase engagement: 

  • Use SEO-rich keywords in your profile name, username, bio, boards names, titles, and pin descriptions
  • Organize your boards around specific themes or topics with relevant keywords in board names and descriptions
  • SEO optimize your profile with high quality - profile picture, rich pins with SEO keywords in titles and description, eye-catchy infographics, videos, and valuable information
  • Use relevant hashtags in your pin description to help your content appear in Pinterest search results and gain new followers 

What to do if you see a sudden drop in your Pinterest Traffic?

Cross-promote your Pinterest content on other platforms, social networks, and group boards in your niche

Your content needs to reach a wider audience to get traffic from Pinterest and go potentially viral!


Creating a successful Pinterest traffic strategy takes smart work and dedication. Pinterest has a great deal of potential to draw in prospective customers who are hunting for your content and seeking your products/services that can help them solve their problems. Want to become a Pinterest creator and take your business to great heights?

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Q: How to gain more traffic on Pinterest?

A: The biggest trick to getting Pinterest traffic is knowing your audience and sharing good-quality images and links         

Q: Does Pinterest serve as a potential platform for growing business organically?

A: YES, Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users 

Q: How long does it take to get traffic from Pinterest organically?

A: On average 3 to 6 months, sometimes even 1 year depending on the content you create

Q: How much can I earn from Pinterest organically?

A: About 27% of pinners earn $30k - $75K/year, and 41% of Pinterest users earn more than $75k/year.