Social Media SEO, Pinterest Marketing, Visual Search Optimization, Organic Traffic, Keyword Research, Link Building, Content Marketing For new bloggers, Pinterest is the best platform to woo traffic. But to gain visibility on Pinterest, one must understand Pinterest SEO. And despite the popularity of Pinterest, Google still remains the most popular search engine. So, it goes beyond saying that both Pinterest SEO and Google SEO are immensely effective ways to boost visibility and rankings on search engines. However, as the two platforms have many differences, having the same SEO strategy for Google and Pinterest won't work. Therefore, in this article, you will find a detailed discussion on Google SEO vs Pinterest SEO.

Google or Pinterest?

For someone struggling to entice more traffic to their website, it is natural to question whether Pinterest or Google is better for their needs.

Pinterest SEO and Google SEO Strategies Comparison

google seo vs pinterest seo

1. Researching keywords

Keyword research is crucial - whether you are on Pinterest or Google. Pinterest SEO best practices differ from Google SEO tactics. With Pinterest, take help of the Pinterest search bar to get a clear idea about the relevant/ trending keywords in your niche. For Google SEO, there are many professional tools where keywords can be researched for blog posts. The best part is the many of these tools are free.

2. Content type

Search engine optimization won't be possible unless your content is unique and attractive. You should also try to upload various kinds of content instead to sticking to ant one. Google prefers audio, video, and text content. On Pinterest, visual content that's eye-catching will always rank. Earlier only infographics and images could be shared but now, Pinterest too is encouraging its Pinterest users to post videos.

Again, long-form and authoritative content has a higher chance of ranking as long. As long you keep your content up to date, an article that you shared years ago can also rank on Google. Pinterest is different in this matter as it gives preference to new pins. So, post fresh content regularly with keyword-enriched descriptions and don't forget to optimize your pins.

3. When will your content rank?

It is every blogger's dream to create content that can rank on search engines. Google ranking factors vary from Pinterest ranking factors. While on Google, you have to wait for months before your website ranks, on Pinterest, your content may rank within hours, even minutes. So, if you want to achieve quick success, use Pinterest to promote your site.

On Google, content can take months to rank, while on Pinterest, content can rank in minutes or hours.

4. Long-term ranking

According to Pinterest marketers, rankings for pins typically decrease with the passage of time. So, you can infer that a Pinterest pin has a short lifespan. Google is better in this respect as rankings for a page keeps improving over time.

The Final Thought

Now that you have learnt the main differences between Google SEO vs Pinterest SEO, do you feel confident as a blogger? I am certain that you will be able to improve your search engine ranking both on Pinterest and Google.

If you require more help to be able to use Pinterest organically, feel free to reach out to me. Together we will come up with a Pinterest SEO strategy that works best for your Pinterest profile.