Working on their social media presence has become crucial for all businesses at present. And when it comes to becoming a pro in social media advertising, how can we not talk about Pinterest? The world's 15th most popular social media platform, Pinterest has 460+ million active users. So, whether you are a blogger or a business owner, in 2023, it becomes mandatory to teach yourself how to post on Pinterest.

Still not sure how Pinterest works and how you can make the most of it? Take no stress as I’m here to hold your hand. This blog post is a detailed guide on using Pinterest for beginners. So, here you’ll get all the necessary information about Pinterest and tips to use it like an expert. Excited to explore more?

Pinterest: Why Is It Important?

Pinterest is a visual content posting platform that lets users (or Pinners) search, share, and save inspirations and ideas through videos and images. It is an aesthetically driven platform where you will find visually attractive content on all topics like home décor, fashion, art, real estate, cooking, etc.

An image or video shared on Pinterest is called a ‘Pin’, and the act of uploading content is known as ‘Pinning’. If someone finds a pin interesting, they can save it onto their Pinterest board. Pinterest organizes pins according to themes or categories to make it simple for users to find what they are looking for. That being said, now let’s understand why Pinterest gained popularity. The three primary reasons are:

  1. Pinterest is visual centric in nature and people love to look at interesting photos and videos on Pinterest.
  2. Businesses find Pinterest useful as here they can know about the emerging trends by utilizing the search button. This gives them a chance to modify their Pinterest marketing techniques accordingly.
  3. Pinterest also lets you run ad content and Pinterest ads can help you increase sales for your brand.

So, do I need to elaborate any further why leaving a digital footprint on this platform can be a game changer?

Stats to Prove Pinterest's Worth as an Advertising Platform for New & Established Brands

25% of digital marketers use Pinterest to gain more audience and so should you. With its user-friendly algorithm, Pinterest offers many opportunities to brands to generate impressive revenues. As per Pinterest Statistics, 88% of users end up buying the products they like on Pinterest. Hence, these numbers sufficiently prove why it’s high time you should include Pinterest in your digital marketing plan.

Learn How to Post Pinterest Pins

Now that you realize why people use the Pinterest app, let’s dwell on the steps to post an idea pin. If you want to pin seamlessly, I have mentioned the steps clearly.

1.  All about posting a story on Pinterest

  • Open your Pinterest account for business
  • First, hit the ‘Create’ button and choose ‘Create Story Pin’. (NOTE: If you don’t have access to story pins, you will not get this option)
  • Pick relevant images and videos for uploading.
  • Design your pages by adjusting the designs and fonts, adding more pages, and structuring the layout.
  • Select the ‘Next’ option and figure out the theme for your Pinterest story pin.
  • Add a title and other details.
  • Choose a board where your story will get published.
  • Select a maximum of 10 tags.
  • Publish your story.

2.  Steps to Post a Pin Using Your Photos

  • Open your Pinterest account
  • Tap on the profile picture to open your business profile.
  • Use the + option present on the right corner and select the ‘Pin’ option. (The platform may ask for your permission to access your phone’s gallery and you have to allow it).
  • To click a photo at the moment, click on the ‘camera’ icon.
  • Once you have selected the image, add a brief description, and title, and the link of the destination website.
  • Save the pin on a relevant board by tapping ‘Next’.

3. Posting a Video Pin: Step-by-step Guide

  • Start with logging in to your account on Pinterest.
  • Click on the ‘Create’ button present at the top-left corner of the page.
  • Choose the ‘Arrow Icon’ for uploading a video. Drag and drop the video into the designated space.
  • Decide a cover image that match your video’s content.
  • Give a proper title, tags, description, and website link.
  • Once the video pin is ready, publish it immediately or you can do that later.

4. Steps for Posting a Carousel Pin

Creating a carousel pin on Pinterest means creating a pin that contains multiple photos. Carousel pins are the best to illustrate brand campaigns. Follow these steps and post your first carousel pin:

  • Log in to your business account on Pinterest.
  • Select the option ‘Ads’ which you will find at the top of your screen.
  • After that, choose ‘Ad’ and add your objective after selecting ‘Choose a Campaign Objective’.
  • Provide details regarding your campaign.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ and choose a carousel you wish to promote. The + sign is for creating a new carousel.
  • Go to the ‘Arrow Icon’ and finalize your carousel’s hero image.
  • Add Title, Board, Description, and Site Link.
  • The carousel will be live on Pinterest after you click on the ‘Publish’ button.

5.  A Guide on Posting a Promoted Pin
How to Post a Promoted Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest marketers can and should promote the most successful pins on their Pinterest boards. To do so:

  • Open your business account.
  • Select ‘Create an ad’.
  • Select ‘Ads’ from the navigation bar on the left side.
  • Choose a pin you’ll promote.
  • Review the pins you’ve selected and add details.
  • Select the ‘Launch’ option.

Uploading a Pin on Pinterest from Your Desktop

If you have a Pinterest business account, publishing and scheduling an image or video pin will be easy. Pinners can schedule pins beforehand for two weeks. However, bulk scheduling or bulk uploading won’t be possible. Many businesses use third-party Pinterest schedulers to schedule pins they several months in bulk. Now here are the steps on how to share a post to Pinterest from a PC:

  • Log in to your Pinterest account by submitting the correct credentials.
  • You will get the ‘Create Pin’ option on the top corner on the left side of the homepage.
  • Choose a video or an image from your gallery that you want to upload.
  • Add a description, title, and text. Don’t forget to include the URL of your website with every new pin.
  • A dropdown menu will appear, and you need to select an existing board. You can also add a new board if you like.
  • Choose either of these two options: Publish Immediately/ Publish at a Later Date. If you want to publish the pin later, set the date and time for to publish it.

How to Post on Pinterest Using Your Mac

If you are a Mac user, Pinterest scheduling and posting won’t be an issue if you follow these steps:

  • Refer to the ‘Internet’ tab on the menu bar and choose ‘Safari”.
  • Visit and then sign in.
  • You can sign in with your Facebook account by selecting ‘Sign in with Facebook’. Creating a new Pinterest profile is another option.
  • Once you have signed in, you can pin images and videos.
  • Clicking on the + icon will allow you to create your pins. Browse through your gallery to select a photo and upload it as per the required dimensions.
  • Make sure your post has a title, alt text, website link, and description.

Tips to Post a Pinterest Pin from Your Mobile Device

Most of the active Pinterest users are mobile users. So, it is obviously possible to create a pin and publish content on your Android phone/ iPhone.

Pinterest Posting for Beginners with Android Phones

  • Go to Play Store, look for the Pinterest app, and download it.
  • Connect to your existing Pinterest account or create a new one.
  • After clicking on the + icon, you will get two options: Pin and Board. Click on ‘Pin’ if you want to upload an image. Select ‘Board’ to create a new board.
  • You can either upload a photo from your phone’s image library or capture a fresh image from your phone’s camera.
  • Enrich your pin with a title, site link, description, and alt text.
  • Decide the board where you want to post the pin, and it’s done!

How to Use an iPhone to Post on Pinterest

As mentioned already, both Android and iPhone users can access Pinterest from their mobile devices. The steps are the same with just one difference: you need to visit the app store instead of Play Store to download Pinterest’s mobile app.


Posting on Pinterest from a phone comes with one restriction: scheduling pins from the mobile app or uploading multiple images is not an option. For that, you’ll need a PC.

Guide on How to Post as a Business or Blogger on Pinterest

Incorporating Pinterest into your blogs is compulsory to establish a wider customer base. When you connect Pinterest to your blog, you can promote products and posts to the blog. Follow these basic steps for boosting your blog posts with Pinterest:

  • Create a new board and name it after the blog you own.
  • Post unique pins across your board that can entice the audience.
  • Take Pinterest SEO seriously, have a smart Pinterest marketing strategy, and research relevant keywords.
  • Keep creating blog-related Pinterest boards regularly and make sure your blog is pinnable.
  • Interact with your Pinterest audience.
  • Decorate your boards with captivating pictures

When to Post on Pinterest to Get the Desired Traffic

Irrespective of which social media platform you use to promote your brand, there is an ideal time to share content. You may have noticed that some of your posts instantly get hundreds of views while others don’t get good traffic despite being professionally edited. The time when you post plays a key role in this. So, when is the right time to post on Pinterest?

Pinterest’s audience is mainly women-centric. Hence, you must post content on timings when women are finally free to sit back and check social media. Most women generally check their phones when they are done with their day’s work. The maximum number of users (men and women) remain active on weekends). Therefore, avoid the peak working hours and keep sharing content on the weekends.

Best Practices to Make Yourself Visible on Pinterest

Before I wrap up, I have some additional tips that you should remember to make your Pins perform well and beat your competitors.

  1. The most significant thing is to create content that can add value to people’s lives. If your content is not powerful, none of your marketing tactics will work.
  2. The content you post must be of high quality in terms of aesthetics and design. So, be mindful of things like solid lighting, large and prominent fonts, styling effects, and high-resolution images.
  3. Include CTAs to all posts so that people feel encouraged to save the pins you post. The more users save your pins, the more visibility you’ll gain.
  4. Do your homework to learn what your competitors are doing. Take inspiration, study viral trends, and then work on your pins.
  5. Optimize Pinterest posts for the best results.

Parting Thoughts

So, I may conclude by saying that Pinterest engagement can make any business reach the zenith of success. With effective Pinterest posting, you can gain millions of followers within a few months. All you need to do is come up with a practical marketing strategy and keep posting pins dedicatedly.

People Also Ask

Q. How to share a blog post on Pinterest?

Sharing a blog post on Pinterest isn’t difficult. For details, scroll up to the section titled ‘Guide on How to Post as a Business or Blogger on Pinterest’.

Q. Is there a limit to posting on Pinterest?

There is no restriction on posting frequent content and deleting Pinterest posts. However, it is better to create meaningful content instead of spamming your audience with hundreds of posts.

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