Creating visually appealing content for Pinterest is one of my favorite hobbies. It’ so much fun to design pin graphics with the help of the Canva app. Not sure how to create a Pinterest pin? Then this post is meant for you.

Today, I’ll teach you how to use Canva to create impressive pins within minutes. So, stay tuned, and you too can become a pro in designing Pinterest pins.

Canva has emerged as the most reliable graphic designing tool. The best thing about this tool is that anyone can use it for free. Brands and businesses around the globe use Canva regularly, and so can you. So, without further delay, let’s dive deep into the interesting world of Pinterest pins.

Mobile Pinterest Pin Creation with Canva: A Beginner's Guide

How to Create a Pinterest Pin

In 2023, Pinterest is the 14th most popular social network in the world. Now the platform has 445 million active users per month. Compared to other social media sites, Pinterest trends become viral 20% faster. These stats are enough to make you understand why you need to learn to create your pins professionally and optimize Pinterest images. Now here are the steps:

1. Open a Canva accountOpen Canva account for create Pinterest pin

To be able to use Canva to edit photos anytime, you have to install the app on your phone/ desktop and sign up. Opening an account through your email address is an uncomplicated and quick task.

Canva will also send some tutorials and tips in your email that will give you some idea about how the app works. Once you get access to your Canva account, the dashboard will appear on your screen.

2.  Start creating designs

On the right corner of Canva’s dashboard, you will find the feature: ‘Create a New Design’. If you click on it and scroll down, you will get the option: Pinterest Pin. One of the coolest things about Canva is that it frequently updates the design sizes. So, creating pins as per Pinterest’s recommended size won’t be a hassle. Creating a custom design is also possible by adding your preferred sizes.

3.  Use a template ideal for Pinterest

Canva in a mind-blowing resource library with amazing templates ideal for every graphic. So, you will find separate templates for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, wedding invitations, gift cards, banners, etc. The wonderful collection includes templates in a range of categories. You simply have to click on a template, and you will find multiple new designs.

Pro tips: "If you use a free account, you can use limited templates. But, if you are a Canva Pro member like me, you can use all the templates available."

4.  Add a photo

Now, it is time to choose a photo that you want to share on Pinterest. You can upload an image of your choice or select something from the stock image library of Canva. When it comes to getting beautiful images, I rely on sites like Pixistock. Moreover, being a Canva Pro member gives me easy access to millions of photos. Even free users can find some free photos on Pinterest.

Spend some time playing with different colors and fonts. The font style should go with your branding. Also, use similar fonts for all your pins to help people recognize them. An advantage of switching to a Pro account is that uploading your own fonts will be possible.

5.  Include a title and your site name

When you are done selecting an image, fonts, and color, it is time to make alterations to the title. Don’t use the same font for the title, subtitles, and pin description. Additionally, make sure you add your website URL but don't use hashtags. With a little bit of practice, all these steps won’t take more than a few minutes.

6.  Download the picture on proper format

Now that you have learned to create pins on a mobile app, hit the download button. Choose PNG or JPEG format for image download. Save the file to any folder on your phone or laptop, and it's ready to publish on your Pinterest board.

How to Create a Pinterest Pin Canva without a Template

Pinterest pin using Canva

It's not tricky to create a successful pin for Pinterest profile via Canva. But can you create your own pins and publish your pins without a template? Someone asked me how I use Pinterest to design a pin with a relevant keyword without using Canva's templates. So, I'm sharing those steps:

Step 1: Design a custom size (dimensions: 1000px X 1500px).

Step 2: Add a blank grid and position the image as you wish.

Step 3: Now, select a photo, drag it into the grid, and make the necessary adjustments.

Step 4: Add the title for the photo and a subheading. I always use 2–3 fonts to make my pins catchy. The fonts need to be readable and big. The color of the fonts shouldn’t be too soft or too bright.

Step 5: The next step is all about getting creative. Feel free to add elements that can make your pins stand out and clickable.

5 Additional Pinterest Pin Design Tips to Master the Art of Making Pinterest Pins

Sharing a new pin to Pinterest app regularly is important, but you must do it organically. A scheduling tool will help you schedule your pins and post pictures daily. Additionally, here are some suggestions I’d like to give:

1. Create evergreen content

As images shared on Pinterest have a long lifespan, spend time to come up with unique pins. Also, when you pin images, be mindful of Pinterest image optimization for the best results.

2. Size matters

To create pins that Pinners will love, you must understand Pinterest image design. Long and tall images ideal for the mobile screen gain the maximum visibility on this platform. Even if this size might not be perfect for your blog, Pinterest graphic design is different.

"Expert Tip: Switching to larger graphics has grown my traffic immensely on Pinterest, and now I have 74k followers on my account."

3. Enable the Pin It buttons

You must ensure that your audience can save your pins effortlessly with one tap. The Pin It icon is mandatory for this reason.

4.  Add Call to action

Call to action is a text that encourages people to take the next step. As per stats, pins with a call to action have 80% more engagement. Some great calls to action are:

  • Sign up here
  • Pin it for future
  • Register today
  • Click here to download
  • RSVP here

5. Focus on building your brand

Try to include branding on every graphic you create for Pinterest. It’s super easy when you have apps like Canva. This way, every time you repeat the brand color or logo, people will become familiar with your brand.

Parting Thoughts

Lastly, you must remember that Pinterest has become the ultimate visual platform for motivation and inspiration. From bloggers to marketers – everyone is on Pinterest to draw traffic for their websites. As the competition so high, your pins must have something new to offer your target audience.

The design tips for Pinterest pin that I have shared will help you achieve the desired results. I hope you found my step-by-step guide useful.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I create a Pinterest pin on mobile?

Most of the Pinterest users are mobile users who create pins on their mobile devices. So, you too can edit photos on Canva and create pins on your mobile phone.

Q. How do I optimize my Pinterest pins for SEO?

To optimize your content on Pinterest you have to be mindful of the quality and format of your videos/ photos. Some other Pinterest SEO tactics to gain visibility include creating rich pins, designing Pinterest multi-image pin, and pinning to relevant boards in your niche.

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