Surely Pinterest is a treasure of aesthetic pictures and videos. From weddings to baking, you will find ideas for it all. But do you know Pinterest is now the key to your small business growth? Yes, that's right. Pinterest marketing, if used correctly, will help reach out to interested people and boost your sales. Pinterest for small businesses has gained huge popularity. So much so that the stats reveal about 80% of Pinterest users discover new products and brands on the platform weekly.

Interested in the correct way to use Pinterest for business growth? Want to take your business to great heights on your own? Read ahead to get proper insights. Even when your brand lacks the right Pinterest-friendly visual product, you can still have a content strategy to benefit from the platform.

Why use Pinterest for Small Business Marketing

Want to know something fun? At the current time, Pinterest receives over 400 million active users monthly. So, it has now made it to 4th place amongst the social media platforms. This means it can also increase the conversion rate for small businesses. But it is only possible when you have got the correct small business strategies on Pinterest. You need to follow a pre-determined pattern to get the desired outcomes.

With the right use of Pinterest small business marketing, you can easily reach those 400 million active users. But are you unsure about the platform or the right way to get started? The details ahead will offer clear insights.

How to set up a Pinterest account

Great! You are ready to take the first step to launching a business on Pinterest. Always remember there is a correct way to move toward your goals. Stary by selecting the Create a Business account button. Now, add your business details, and you are done. The process is fast and simple. But what's better is using Pinterest for small businesses is free of cost.

Wondering what you can do if you already have an existing personal Pinterest account? Simply connect your business and personal account. For this, you need to sign in with the same email. Now you can either convert the personal account or create a linked business account.

Done with the basics? Now start creating pins, building an audience, and connecting with the pinners. But wait, it is not enough. Read ahead to learn about the strategies you can use as a small business owner to master Pinterest marketing.

Tips for using Pinterest for Small Business Marketing

Pinterest for Small Business

Pinterest SEO for small businesses is not tough to understand. Once you master the key aspects, you will benefit from it. Now, check out some of the top strategies for better growth.

1. Understand your audience

Do you want your small business success on Pinterest? Audience knowledge will help you grow. Understanding the target audience will help create pins they will love sharing. Want to know how you can do it? Your existing Pinterest analytics can be helpful. It will provide insights into who is repining the content, liking, commenting, and much more. Also, you can use social media platforms like Instagram to learn more about your audience.

2. Have specific goals

Have a firm idea of what you wish to accomplish with your Pinterest for small business marketing. For instance, are you looking for more website traffic or want to sell more products? Irrespective of your goal, you need to be specific.

Make sure you set goals that you can measure. For instance, you can aim to double the website visitors by the month's end. Once clear about your goal, start creating content and develop a proper Pinterest small business marketing idea. It will help focus on what's important.

3. Don't be afraid to experiment with pin formats

Creativity is the master in today's world. You can try experimenting to create different types of pins. Be it videos, single images, or infographics, you can do it all. Make sure you experiment with different types to see what your audience shares and likes the most. You need to focus on the analytics so you know the type of content that will help you grow in the future.

4. Pin consistently

Do you know Airbnb creates pins regularly and shares content? Their efforts have paid off greatly, as they have not received 10 million views per month. Consistency here is the key when creating and sharing pins with the audience. 

No doubt Pinterest for small businesses can be great for growth and success. But remember pinning once a day is not enough. You will easily reach the audience when you pin multiple times.

Are you struggling with consistency? Try using the social media scheduling option. There are now a lot of scheduling apps you can use to share content automatically. But remember, analyzing Pinterest's impact on your business is also crucial. So keep an eye on it.

5. Curate customized Boards

Pinterest boards offer an easy opportunity to share similar content types in a centralized place. You need to take out time to create boards and give them proper labels. This way, your targeted audience can get what they want. When you make it easy to access the content or the answers, your audience will love to follow you.

6. Give importance to SEO

SEO is the king of the digital marketing world now. Pinterest small business marketing SEO is similarly critical for your growth. When creating titles for your pins or when coming up with descriptions, always keep in mind the SEO conditions. You need to use particular keywords that will help you rank better. Remember to include them strategically in your pins for better visibility.

7. Make some investment in Pinterest ad

Do you want better growth and faster outcomes? Consider trying out paid Pinterest ads to reach out to the critical audience. The correct use of the ads will help you achieve your goals faster. In fact, it can be a lot more efficient for the business than any other social media platform. After all, there is less competition in your industry on Pinterest. 

Using the ads, it will be easier to target specific user ages, keywords, locations, and more. You can even target specific types of users who might have visited your pins before or engaged better. 

8. Focus on the major analytics

How will you feel when you worked so hard but received no proper outcome from it? Remember, it is all about customized strategies and monitoring. You need to take out time for measuring business growth with Pinterest. It will help you understand the performance key analytics that will help you grow in the future.


Pinterest for small businesses offers a great opportunity. But it requires trial and error to develop a successful strategy that will work well for growth. Keep using the data that helps you identify the key metrics that work well for your business. Once there, stay consistent. The results will be beyond expectations.


Q: What is Pinterest, and how can small businesses use it?

A: Pinterest is a trending visual social media platform that allows users to curate and share pins boards and shop. It is the best for finding ideas, home inspiration, styles, and more. Using Pinterest for business growth now is extremely easy. You just need to create a business account and target the audience with pins and the right strategies.

Q: How can I create a business account on Pinterest?

A: To start your account on Pinterest, you just have to follow the button Create a business account and then provide basic information about your business. Or you can even choose to connect your account to your business account.

Q: What types of content should I post on Pinterest for my small business?

A: The content needed for your business will depend on the industry you are involved in. But generally, you can post about fashion, food, home, décor, DIY, and beauty. It can be a great way to reach the targeted audience.

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