Did it ever occur that Pinterest can be more than a visual platform? In comparison to all the other social media channels, Pinterest has become the favorite of all. Want to know how it has received such great popularity? Well, the stats reveal that, as of now, 47% of people shop for products from Pinterest while you read ahead. Yes, that might be surprising, but with the correct Pinterest marketing strategy (For better conversion), you can also take your business to great heights.

Is Pinterest the Best for Marketing?

Pinterest for long has been overlooked by marketers. But it is now the best for promoting the business. This is because a huge population is now using Pinterest to find the products they can buy. So forget that Pinterest is just a visual search engine platform.

Imagine Google and Instagram together. This is exactly what you will get on Pinterest. It brings together the audience from all spheres. So, using an organic Pinterest strategy will help your business bring your products or services in front of the targeted audience easily. Adding to it the huge number of active users worldwide looking for new ideas.

Do you want to know how it helps? Given the current demand for Pinterest, it is exactly where your business should be. The platform comprises about 76.7% females and 15.3% men. The women-dominated social media platform is ideal for the business. So start leveraging Pinterest's marketing strategy (For better conversion) to achieve the targeted goals.

 The Most Effective Pinterest Marketing Strategy

1. Make Visual Stories Your Best Friend

A good ad story attracts 92% of the customers, and Pinterest is just the place for it. You can use ads or use organic Pinterest strategy to tell your story. But have patience and study the uses insights of the business account to know what will appeal better to the broader audience and then come up with the story for the broader audience.

2. Pin Blog Posts on Pinterest

Content is the master of current marketing business. But how can it help your business? An effective Pinterest content strategy can be extremely beneficial to attract and convert visitors. You can now start pinning your blog posts on the business profile. But to make it more interesting, you can pin interesting videos or photos. Along with that, include a link to the blog page associated with the visual content.

 3. Get traffic to your site

pinterest marketing strategy

Pinterest strategy if used properly will help get traffic to your other website pages as well. Most E-Commerce brands and agencies now use this feature to showcase product images and bring the users directly to the product purchase page.

So go creative with the pins and pin them directly to the online shop. But make sure you combine them with the right keywords to generate more organic and meaningful traffic.

 4. Go creative with videos and images

Pinterest is all about visual content. This means using high-quality videos and images is the key here to stand out. Here are certain tips to help

  •     Create user-generated content that showcases your customer is trying your products.
  •     Leverage Pinterest influencer marketing to show different influencers using your products.
  •     Use infographics with unique and interesting data. You can organize some specific boards for the followers to use as their business resource.

 5. Build a strong community

Social media platforms now run a major segment of the marketing world, and Pinterest is no exception to it. Using Pinterest for branding is not new. But when used properly, you can create an online community around your brand. The brand community can interact with the content, the social media handle and then convert to your site.

For this, start by adding a business profile to all the images. Also, include the pins on the site content.

Remember, interaction is the key here. So do not miss any chance to have a conversation with your followers to promote your pins. This can turn out to be a great Etsy Pinterest strategy.

 6. Create a customized marketing strategy

A successful Pinterest marketing strategy is not readily available in the market. You must go through the trial and error method to develop a proper plan. Right from Pinterest content planning to publishing and scheduling, you have to do it all. So it is always advised to build a comprehensive marketing plan for each channel.

 7. Pin 5x times a day

Do you wish to get in front of a broader audience on Pinterest? Well, you should be pinning consistently. Being consistent with pinning at least 5x a day will boost your follower count and help you get better exporters and traffic. But remember to avoid overdoing it. Twenty-five pins a day is enough to get proper exposure.

 8. Use different pin formats

Leveraging different pin formats can be helpful to make things better. In fact, it can make your profile more attractive. So starting pinning videos as well. But to make thanks more fun and interesting, pin tutorials or inspiration boards on Pinterest. Here educational or fun content can be a great way to engage with the audience.

In addition to all this, you also need to focus on Pinterest repin strategy. When someone else repins your pins, you will reach a broader audience.

 9. Plan the board carefully

An organized profile on Pinterest is what you need to stay attractive and get in front of the audience. You can develop your pin boards about a specific topic relevant to the potential customers. Make sure to keep it a mix of inspirational, helpful, and brand content. Each of your boards must be well-optimized with SEO.

 10. Optimize pins for SEO

Nothing can be worse than putting in all your effort and not getting value out of it. So to get the results, you need to use Pinterest as leverage and ensure your pins are easy to find. When the users look for a specific query in the search bar, make sure to use the right keywords in your profile, description, and pin description. But keep it all under control after all; the copy flow must be natural.

 11. Use Pinterest ads

Surprised to see the ad's strategy for driving organic traffic? Well, combining your Pinterest ads with organic efforts will help you get 3x more conversions. It allows marketers and advertisers to create all sorts of posts and promote pins around the user’s age, location, and specific keyboard.

 12. Analyze your performance

In the end, your strategy ahead will all come down to your performance. So, you need to analyze the marketing performance to know how well it has worked in favor of your business. It will help you know about the content that had the maximum reach and what you can change for better results. Use it all well to curate an effective strategy for your brand.


Success through Pinterest can be huge, but it is only possible when you use the right strategies. So if planning for a Pinterest marketing strategy (For better conversion), make sure to consider your business needs and your audience. Keep trying new things to see what works well to get the desired goal.

Q: How can I start a Pinterest marketing strategy for my business?

A: Understanding the needs of the audience is important to come up with any Pinterest marketing strategy. So understand your audience's needs and keep your business goal is to create a strategy that aligns well together.

Q: What are the benefits of using Pinterest for marketing?

A: Pinterest is currently a highly popular platform used by approx 400 million people monthly. This means being on the platform now is the best way to reach the audience and convert them to customers for your brand.

Q: How often should I pin for an effective Pinterest strategy?

A: Pinning content five times a day is the best to stay in front of the targeted audience. But remember to keep the pin between 15 to 25 so as not to overdo it.

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