Love Pinterest for its ability to give visually appealing content? Well, the platform is capable of a lot more than that. Pinterest has become a new sensation now. It accounts for about 400 million+ users monthly. Given the increasing number of users on the platform learning how to use Pinterest marketing for Etsy can help grow your business. It will help increase the sales and traffic to your Etsy shop.

Pinterest has evolved and grown as a site that does more than simply curating pretty pictures. It has now led the way as a prominent means to market online. The platform helps brands attract and engage more followers and customers.

But what is it all about? How to use the platform for the benefit of Etsy business? Read ahead to get a full guide on using Pinterest to grow your Etsy business.

Why consider Pinterest marketing for Etsy?

Pinterest Marketing for Etsy

Pinterest has been widely used for decades now. But it was not until recent years that it grew to extreme popularity as a search engine. Considering the platform's huge number of regular visitors, sellers now use Pinterest to promote their products more than ever. For many business owners, especially those associated with handmade space, Pinterest can be a go-to search engine for easily getting visually inspiring content.

But what's better is that the application is free to use and does not require much time to see good results. In the current world where paid marketing is getting expensive daily, using a free marketing channel that is appealing and effective for the business can work well. But for this, a well-planned Pinterest marketing strategy is important to achieve the desired results.

Tips to use Pinterest for better Etsy shop promotion

Have you already created your Pinterest account? But are you not sure about your next step? Check out a few helpful tips here that will help you with Pinterest marketing for Etsy.

1. Sign up with the correct type of account

The most basic step to use the platform in your business favor is to start with a business account. No doubt there is a choice to continue with your personal account as well but remember you won’t get the tools or benefits as the business account. Adding to it are all the free features available that can be used for better growth and success.

Tip- To establish better authority for your products, ensure your Pinterest account name is similar to your Etsy shop.

2. Curate Multiple Pinterest Boards

It is the most crucial step of Pinterest marketing for Etsy. Take your time to create multiple boards that cover various topics and categories. With this, you will be able to attract more engaged and relevant traffic to your account and your Etsy business profile.

It is important here to label the boards with keywords that are relevant to your Etsy products. This way, you can maintain consistency between your Etsy shop and Pinterest boards. An important tip will be to search for the keyword in the Pinterest search bar and then look for popular keywords or similar ideas. It will help find more unique ideas to create Pinterest boards that can attract the audience.

3. Pay attention to quality over quantity

Pinterest Marketing for Etsy

Pinterest is all about visual content. Thus, it is quite evident that the aesthetic of your creation is what will attract more attention. In simple words, when you end up posting attractive videos and images, there will be a higher possibility of getting more likes. But for this communicating about your business is essential.

When planning or setting your pins, describe the products as accurately as possible. Also, you need to use the keywords that you specify in your Etsy listing description. Take care here, as you should never copy-paste the same thing. Just make sure that the language you use for describing the products on Etsy and Pinterest is similar. With this, you will establish your business as an authority for a specific keyboard on Google.

4. Start Pinning

Now comes the exciting part. Start pinning! But remember, it is your business account. Whatever you pin must be entirely related to your Etsy shop. No doubt you need to pin your own products with detailed descriptions, but the content you pin must be similar to your business.

Pinterest account will be the perfect platform to showcase the complete lifestyle one can achieve through your products or by adopting your brand. The best way to achieve this is by asking yourself what your customers are interested in. For instance, if you sell outdoor products, you can pin the content about outdoor photographers or travel blogs. This will help increase your chances of getting idle customers on your Etsy account.

5. Pin your favorites regularly

Consistency will help you grow and get the best results from your marketing strategy. When using Pinterest marketing for Etsy, try to pin something 2 to 3 times a day. Pinterest is popular for the infinite scroll. So even if you pin a lot, it can get mixed into the followers' feed. So, the best thing to do here is to pin as frequently as possible.

But stay careful here. You must always remember you run a business account but not a Pinterest influencer account. Also, when you think your Pinterest marketing for an Etsy shop is becoming tough and you are exhausted, take a step back. Take time to reconsider your priorities. It will help come up with a proper plan for better growth ahead.


Pinterest marketing for Etsy business can be a great way to bring more awareness and traffic to the business. But to get to that stage, using a well-planned strategy is crucial. It will involve the use of everything from visually appealing content to pinboards. Remember understanding the platform will take time. But with honest efforts, you will see growth. Stay patient and work consistently. After all, you never know when your Pinterest account will become the best marketing strategy or tool for your Etsy business.

1. Can Pinterest help with Etsy sales?

A: Pinterest has become much more than a platform that creates pretty pictures. Pinterest marketing for Etsy shops can be a great way to market handmade businesses. It works well for increasing sales and traffic to Etsy shops. When used properly, it will yield great results for your business.

2. Can I post Etsy products on Pinterest?

A: Yes, you can post your Etsy business pictures on Pinterest. You can even tag the products on the idea pin. It makes it easier for the users to click on it and learn more about the products.

3. Is it worth marketing on Pinterest?

A: Pinterest is now a trending platform with about 400 million+ monthly users. This means being on the platform can work well for your business. However, it requires a well-planned strategy to maximize the opportunity.

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