Pinterest has secured its place as an excellent social media platform for online businesses and marketers who want to drive traffic and boost sales. With almost 500 million active users, it is a vibrant platform where people discover new ideas and products. Hence, if you want your brand to gain recognition, your blog to get traffic, or your digital business to thrive, you have to be on Pinterest. But having a Pinterest business account won't suffice unless you post rich pins, upload interesting and engaging content regularly, and interact with your followers - and that might take hours of your time. So, is there a way you can save time and have an active presence on Pinterest? Several Pinterest marketing tools can do everything from content creation to pin scheduling. Intrigued to learn more about these excellent Pinterest Marketing Tools that can assist you with image building, frequent pinning, and analyzing? From board organization tools to Pinterest engagement tracking - here is a list of the most useful tools that other successful Pinterest marketers are using.

Top Pinterest Tools in 2024 to Grow Your Pinterest Account

Top Pinterest Tools

If you have just started exploring the fascinating realm of Pinterest marketing, it may seem overwhelming at first. From Pinterest Ad management to keeping your Boards organized - there are so many tasks to do. So, a smart marketing strategy is to use some free Pinterest Analytics tools and editing tools. But there are so many social media management tools that it is natural to feel confused. So, in this blog, I will tell you about the most wonderful tools for business growth on Pinterest.

1. Tailwind: To Simplify Pinterest Scheduling

To find success on Pinterest, you must publish content regularly and Tailwind is among the most amazing pin scheduling tools. Its automation capabilities and innovative scheduling make savvy marketers on Pinterest rely on Tailwind.

Here are some reasons why Tailwind, the ultimate Pinterest scheduler, can be a game changer for established brands as well as solopreneurs:

  • With its seamless scheduling features, you can bid adieu to manual pinning and thus take care of Pinterest SEO optimization.
  • Tailwind knows when your audience remains online and will schedule pins accordingly to ensure they gain maximum visibility.
  • Tailwind’s Board Lists permits users to create lists of their favorite Pinterest boards for scheduling pins effortlessly. This will save you effort and time.

2. Pinterest Analytics: To Understand Your Audience

Pinterest Analytics Software will provide valuable information about your target audience's gender, location, hobbies, and age. It is like bonding with your friends. So, this kind of research will help you adjust content to suit the evolving tastes of your ideal audience.

Pinterest Analytics will also offer insights on the best posting times, your high-performing and low-performing pins, and content themes that resonate with the preferences of your audience. Hence, you can utilize these learnings and come up with creative strategies to impress your existing followers and woo new ones.

 3. Canva: For Designing Eye-catching Pins

Looking for a tool that excels at visual content creation for Pinterest? With Canva, Pinterest content planning and content marketing will become easier. Canva has so many features that once you get used to it, you will have fun creating gorgeous pins within minutes.

It is one of the free Pinterest tools that has thousands of templates and professional-level designs for Pinterest users. You can either take photos from Canva's library or use pictures clicked by you. For an artistic vibe, the 'Elements' tab has unique shapes, illustrations, and icons. You can even customize your pins with captions in catchy fonts. Once you are satisfied with the result, download the finished pin and upload it on Pinterest.

4. Piktochart: For Mastering Pinterest Infographics

For Pinterest marketing to be effective, you must master the art of visual storytelling. You need to learn to create polished infographics to make people engage on your pins. That's because no content will drive more engagement and traffic than infographics that delight and inform.

Piktochart is the perfect tool to craft infographics. It enables resizing pins easily so that pin graphics are SEO-optimized and gains prominence across the feeds of other Pinterest users. It is also a Pinterest automation tool as with just one click, freshly curated infographics can be auto-published to your Pinterest account.

5. Social Champ: Your Trusted Pinterest Partner

You need Social Champ to streamline your workflow, ensure a consistent presence on Pinterest, and discover what resonates with the audience in your niche. Here's how your marketing on Pinterest will become seamless with this tool:

  • Social Champ is not just a popular Pinterest management tool but also a place where you can manage your other social media profiles like Pinterest.
  • The straightforward user interface of Social Champ is known for its efficiency and simplicity.
  • As Social Champ is affordable and comes with a free trial option, startups and individuals can use it.
  • Using Social Champ's scheduling tools will ensure optimal interaction and exposure to your posts.

6. Pablo by Buffer: For Quick Image Design

To enhance your business presence, you need Pablo's effortless interface and flexible canvas which helps creators of different levels apply filters, incorporate graphics, and emphasize texts. You get to tailor color palettes, font styles, templates, and opacity effects for the desired aesthetics suitable for your brand.

Just follow these basic steps to create awesome graphics within minutes:

  1. Select a blank canvas or template.
  2. Use striking images.
  3. Write an engaging text.
  4. Don't forget to incorporate the colors representing your brand.
  5. Post directly to your Pinterest board.

7. Pingroupie: For Joining Group Boards

One of the tried-and-tested Pinterest marketing techniques is participating in group boards and Pingroupie is a tool to help you with influencer collaboration on Pinterest. Its search filters will suggest the most thriving communities based on shared interests. So, you won't have to struggle to find groups where you can contribute consistently and reach new audiences. Once you commence using this tool, you will be amazed by how fast the visibility of your account increases.

To Sum Up

So, whether you're new to Pinterest marketing or already have many followers, the useful Pinterest marketing tools we mentioned will help you save a lot of time, unearth novel opportunities, and witness more sales.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using these time-saving, best Pinterest marketing tools and some of them even offer free plans for new users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the top tools for effective Pinterest marketing?

According to Pinterest experts, the most highly recommended tools to boost your Pinterest marketing efforts are Canva, Tailwind, Pingroupie, Piktochart, and Zapier.

Q. How can Pinterest marketing tools improve my brand's visibility and engagement on the platform?

Pinterest marketing tools can attract new users to your profile and to your e-commerce store by creating attractive pins, scheduling pins, and managing your Pinterest account.