People go to Pinterest to plan their future - be it looking for ways to renovate their homes or checking out itineraries for upcoming trips. The platform has almost 500 million active users as of now and in 2023, digital marketers from around the globe relied on Pinterest to get more traffic and boost sales. But will Pinterest marketing be equally profitable in 2024? Let us understand the future of Pinterest marketing and emerging features that will help online businesses and social media marketers immensely.

So, whether you are an experienced marketer or new to Pinterest marketing, stay tuned till the end as this is going to be an exciting and enlightening read.

Why Is 2024 a Great Year for Pinterest Marketing?

future of pinterest marketing and emerging features

Here are some compelling reasons why Pinterest content planning and content marketing on Pinterest should top your list of priorities:

· Rising popularity

Did you know that the human brain’s ability to process information is 60,000 times quicker if the information is in the form of images instead of texts. In simple words, everyone loves visual content and in the coming years, this preference is only going to grow stronger as consumers will be heavily relying on TikTok and Instagram.

Pinterest is another platform that was built with the idea of sharing visual content. So, the demand for eye-catching videos and photos is extremely high here. Hence, with a little bit of creativity, you can utilize Pinterest’s visual search technology for your advantage.

· Purchase intent

While Facebook and Instagram are used by people to connect with families and friends and build new connections, they don’t go to Pinterest to make relationships. When they are spending time on Pinterest, they have a different mindset.

An aspirational platform, Pinterest is where they discover interesting solutions to all their needs and problems. More than 75% of people who use Pinterest regularly say that rely on in to make purchase decisions.

So, it goes beyond saying that the purchase intent of pinners is high – making it a fabulous place to share your shoppable pins, run ad campaigns, and witness great conversion rates.

· Ecommerce growth

The global pandemic has accelerated remarkable growth of ecommerce in different parts of the world. In 2023, there was a 15% growth in retail ecommerce sales. In 2025, they are supposed to grow at least 12% more. That’s because modern consumers find great satisfaction in shopping from the comfort of their home. And so, Pinterest will continue to be a preferred place to look for everything from holiday packages to fashionable clothing. Thanks to rich pins usage, Pinterest is capable of driving more sales than platforms like Facebook.

· Great potential

Although Pinterest is a powerful platform, many businesses are still skeptical about using Pinterest. So, according to social media marketing trends, the competition is still not too high. Hence, if you post various types of pins and you keep posting regularly, soon your brand will get the desired audience from this platform. Moreover, there’s no harm in trying, right?

Pinterest Trends 2024 to Up Your Marketing Game

Pinterest keeps announcing new features and ad formats to enhance the experience of its advertisers and users. So, knowing the emerging trends and studying Pinterest audience insights are compulsory to become a successful Pinterest marketer. And now that Pinterest has unveiled the newest features for agencies and advertisers, the wait is over.

1. New ad formats to woo audiences

·  Quiz ads

Brands can now include a maximum of 3 questions in the form of quiz to create a memorable user experience and increase engagement. The quiz ads are to understand the customer’s preferences and then show personalized ideas. Hence, customers can make a valuable purchase without wasting time.

·  Showcase ads

A type of interactive ad is the showcase ad that lets pinners preview and brand's content simply by swiping through images. This feature contains cards that brands can use and create interactive experiences for their target audiences. This allows people to dive deep into the identity of a brand other than just checking out one product or service.

2. Business manager - a promising feature

Pinterest recently declared improvements to its business tools so that platform partners and agencies can seamlessly manage their clients on Pinterest. Pinterest's Business Manager is one such innovative tool for diligent advertisers that assists them automate various complex workstreams.

Pinterest Business Manager is the go-to place for advertisers and agencies to securely handle their employees, Pinterest profiles, and partners. Pinterest is about to add 5 more features to this excellent tool so that advertising firms and solo advertisers can efficiently manage operations. Comprehensive dashboard for businesses is one of the cool features.

3. Collages

Collages will make Pinterest a personal sandbox for users where they can seek refinement, visualization, and exploration. Pinterest has promised that all products displayed on collages will also become shoppable in the future. Now, that will be a gamechanger, right?

4. eCommerce integrations

Uploading product catalogs is a way of generating rapid growth on Pinterest. Moreover, Pinterest is already expanding the integration ecosystem by adding wonderful integrations for Adobe Commerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud applications to monetized markets. Therefore, merchants can save time and manage their product catalogs like a pro.

To Sum Up

All kinds of people with varied interests come to Pinterest to convert their dreams into reality. So, the visual search engine never ceases to please its users - be it a potential buyer or an aspiring advertiser. It will be interesting to see how the newly launched features and business tools on Pinterest impact the world of digital business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the key emerging features on Pinterest that marketers should be aware of?

Social media management tools, creative image designing tools, Pinterest Analytics tools, and Community Growth tools are some of the newest features that a Pinterest business account can access.

Q. How can businesses leverage new Pinterest marketing strategies to increase engagement in 2024?

To drive traffic, businesses first need to optimize their account and content with trending keywords. They should follow Pinterest SEO tips, be mindful of Pinterest forecast trends, and check their promoted pins effectiveness to boost engagement and sales in 2024.