Despite its popularity, many bloggers and online businesses still overlook Pinterest. They have the impression that it is only a visual search engine where women seek inspirations on home décor, fashion, and recipes. If you have the same misconception, you will soon be left behind by your competitors who are already leveraging Pinterest to drive traffic to their business sites or blog posts. Intrigued to learn how to get traffic from Pinterest? I’ll share with you the most effective tricks and tips to drive more traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Why Should You Focus on Getting Traffic from Pinterest?

What you know about Pinterest is that it is a visual search engine and that's what makes it a great place for businesses and bloggers. Sharing your content here will make it visible to more people. If you master the Pinterest SEO strategies, it will be easier for your content to rank on this platform than on Google. Therefore, Pinterest is a fantastic place for bloggers where they can gain organic traffic by posting high-engagement Pinterest pins.

Not sure why you should use this platform to drive traffic? Just have a look at the following astounding facts:

  • A pin is 100x more spreadable than an average tweet
  • One pin can drive 6 pageviews and 2 page visits
  • Ecommerce sites can benefit if they pin regularly as a single pin will generate an amount of 78 cents
  • While on Facebook, a post’s life is 90 minutes, it is 24 minutes on Twitter. However, on Pinterest, the lifespan of a post is of one week.
  • It ranks second on the list of the world’s fastest growing social media platforms.

How to Get Traffic from Pinterest
How to Get Traffic From Pinterest

So, now it is clear to you why Pinterest marketing is crucial for your business. But how do you get started? What can you do to be certain that Pinterest will boost traffic to your blog? Here is a Pinterest analytics guide to make the process simple for you.

1.  Optimize Pinterest profile

If you still don’t have a Pinterest account, you need to create one ASAP and it must be a business account. Only a business account will give you access to a range of tools that personal profiles cannot use. It won't take more than a few minutes to create an account and choose your areas of interest.

An account of Pinterest has four sections:

  • Your business name- The business name should be such that Pinterest users can remember it effortlessly. It should also make sense and give people some idea about your business.
  • Your picture- It is for you to decide what kind of profile photo you want to upload. It can a professional picture of yourself or the logo that represents your brand.
  • Your description- You need to fill out the ‘About You’ section carefully. Describe yourself and what you do in 2-3 sentences to let your target audience know your areas of specialization. Keep in mind that writing an impressive Pinterest description in less words is an art.
  • Your site URL- The website URL should also be present on your Pinterest profile because that’s the reason why you are on this platform in the first place.
  •    Once your profile is ready, you can focus on designing your Pinterest boards where you will organize all your pins. You can add new boards whenever you want and therefore, don't take stress about creating all boards at once.

2.  Use high-quality Pinterest images

Since Pinterest is a visual platform, it is mandatory for your content to be visually appealing. People must find your photos beautiful and so, they should be of high quality. So, whatever your niche, images should be there as people tend to skip long texts. This does not mean your pins should be devoid of texts as both are equally significant.

So, you can either use stock photos from popular sites or publish your photos as Pinterest appreciates originality. There are several tools like Canva and PicMonkey where you can edit your photos. Canva even helps you optimize the size of your photos to make them appropriate for Pinterest. Just be mindful of one thing: all images should be vertical.

3.  Optimize your Pinterest pins 

According to Pinterest experts, another important step is optimizing your pins, and you should not overlook it. It means your pins should be actionable, nice to look at, and with a catchy title. When you write the pin description, you have to include key terms as per the search intent of your target audience.

4.   Know the right time to pin

One of the most excellent Pinterest traffic tips is that you must post when the chances of your pins going viral are the highest. As thousands of new pins get posted every hour, yours might get lost. So, you should upload your pins when you know that most Pinterest users are online. This happens especially on the weekends when people want to relax. The evening is the best time of the day as everyone is done with their day's work.

5.   Join group boards

Your pins will get more traffic when as soon as you participate in group boards. Group boards are those boards that have multiple contributors. Each contributor gets a chance to showcase their best pins. All you have to do is find the right board where you can expose your content to thousands of people.

6.   Keep pinning

The best thing about Pinterest is that fact that pins have a longer life as opposed to posts on apps like Facebook. So, create evergreen content and have fun posting them on a daily basis. This is one of the key tactics to get traffic back to your website.

Success Stories

  1. Anna Runyan has a career-based site and with her Pinterest marketing techniques, the number of views on her site went from 100,000 to 500,000 within a month.
  2. is another well-known website that succeeded in leveraging rich pins and witnessed a 40% increase in website traffic in a brief period of 7 days, only after opening a Pinterest business account.

Both examples sufficiently prove that the outcomes of inviting traffic to your site from Pinterest will be massive. So, if you still make the mistake of assuming Pinterest is only for women in their mid-thirties searching for parenting hacks and diet tips, you will miss out on an incredible traffic driver.

To Sum Up

Lastly, to increase Pinterest visitors, make sure that your Pinterest strategy includes the points I have mentioned above. Don't lose hope if your followers on Pinterest don't grow quickly. Instead, spend some time analyzing the performance of your pins to understand why they are unable to invite blog traffic to your website or blog. You may take the help of Pinterest ads to grow your Pinterest account faster than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best strategies to increase Pinterest traffic? 

Creating rich pins, posting consistently, engaging with your audience, sharing content that people will find useful and interesting, and using relevant keywords are some of the best strategies to boost your Pinterest traffic growth.

Q. How often should you pin to maximize Pinterest traffic?

When your aim is to use Pinterest to drive traffic, pinning regularly is a great idea. One post per day will suffice as long as you maintain the quality of the content and your followers find your posts relevant.

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