One of the most popular social networking platforms, people rely on Pinterest to gather inspirations and ideas. People who prefer to use Pinterest to get some sort of idea to enrich themselves are called Pinners. Although Pinterest’s primary objective is to glean the idea and inspiration from visually attractive images, you can also benefit from Pinterest’s shopping features. By using Pinterest for WooCommerce, you can make the entire catalog of your products browsable.

Why Install a WooCommerce Extension for Pinterest?
Pinterest for WooCommerce

Pinterest is a powerful visual discovery engine used by people around the globe to get inspired and shop everything from home decor items to electronics to fashion accessories. 460+ million people have at least 240 billion pins saved across a range of interests that other pinners with similar tastes can see through recommendations and search. So, it is high time that you integrate Pinterest WooCommerce.

Installing the WooCommerce Pinterest plugin will make it easy for you to promote all those products that you have already been selling. You will also be able to measure actions your visitors take on your business website.

You should consider installing the plugin so that you can:

  • Link your WooCommerce catalog to Pinterest
  • Provide the Pinterest Save Extension to all your products on the site
  • Depend on the Pinterest tag to track conversions

If you have some questions in mind, WooCommerce's Help Centre can answer all your queries in detail. If you require additional help, you have to reach out to the support team of WooCommerce.

Before You Start

  • To connect your Pinterest profile and the WooCommerce store, the first thing that you’ll need is a Pinterest business account. You can create a new Pinterest account or modify the personal account to a business account. Please keep in mind that you cannot use more than one integration with one account. For instance, if you already use some other plugin like the Shopify plugin, you must remove it and then install the WooCommerce Pinterest plugin.
  • Verify if the business of yours owns any second-level domain (such as, a subpath domain (such as, or a subdomain (such as

Note: You cannot claim digital stores or social media accounts (like Instagram and YouTube).

  • Decide if you wish to claim your site
  1. By including a HTML tag to the website
  2. By adding an HTML file to your site
  • By providing a DNS TXT record to the site

To Get Started

Now that you know why integration with WooCommerce is crucial, let's focus on how to do it. For Pinterest shop setup WooCommerce, follow these simple steps given below:

1.  Complete installing the plugin

Installing the plugin is simple and it does not take more than a few minutes if you do it this way:

  • Log in to the WooCommerce account of yours
  • After clicking on ‘Plugins’, choose Add New
  • Go to the search bar and type ‘Pinterest for WooCommerce’ and start searching
  • Select ‘Install Now’, and then hit the ‘Activate’ button
  • Click on ‘Marketing’, followed by clicking on ‘Pinterest’
  • Select ‘Get Started’
  • Select ‘Connect’
  • A prompt will appear on your screen that will ask you to permit the plugin to gain access to your Pinterest profile. You have to choose ‘Give access’
  • Select ‘That’s My Site – Redirect Me’ and you will be directed back to the official site.

2. Claim your site

The next significant step is to claim your site and for that you simply need to click on ‘Start Verification’. Wait for a while and your site will be automatically linked to your business account on Pinterest. After the process of verification is successful, select ‘Continue’ to proceed with tag installation.

3. Get done with setting up the Pinterest tag

  • Go to ‘Advertiser’ and choose the specific advertiser for which you’d be installing a tracking snippet.
  • Click on ‘Tracking Tag’ and choose the tracking tag you have to use
  • Select ‘Complete Setup’

4. Link the WooCommerce catalog to the Pinterest business account

When installed, the plugin can sync Pinterest and the products displayed in your WooCommerce. You can view the sync status in the Catalog tag. Note that it may take 24 hours for the first sync. Wondering how to connect your Pinterest account to the WooCommerce catalog?

  • On the left-side navigation, click ‘Marketing’ and choose ‘Pinterest
  • Find Settings and open the ‘Set up Product Sync’ section. From there, click on ‘Product Sync’ and tick the box that says ‘Enable Product Sync’
  • Make sure you save the changes before leaving the page

5. Prioritize adding the Pinterest Save Extensions to the products

Adding the Pinterest Save Extensions to all your product images on the WooCommerce website will be wise. Anyone can click on that button for saving the image pin if they have a Pinterest profile. Follow these 3 basic steps:

  • The left side of the navigation has the ‘Marketing’ feature. From there, select Pinterest
  • In the Rich Pins and Publish Pins section, check the empty box beside ‘Save to Pinterest’
  • Scroll down to save the changes made by you.

6. Focus on enabling Pinterest rich pins WooCommerce

Posting regularly on Pinterest will be more effective if you post rich pins. You can enrich your posts and products with metadata to make them feature the latest information from your site. That’s how average pins becomes rich Product pins. So, when a Pinner enables rich pins, the products become Product rich pins.

7. Track Pinterest traffic WooCommerce

The Pinterest tag code will be present on all the relevant pages of your WooCommerce site. This means you can track Pinterest traffic WooCommerce and monitor conversions and events. So, it will let you know how your audience is interacting with your site. And staying informed is necessary if you want to up your marketing game.

  • The left side navigation has the category: Marketing. Choose the sub-category ‘Pinterest’ from there
  • Go to Settings and then Tracking
  • Tick on the box beside ‘Track conversions’
  • Go to the page’s bottom and save all changes.

How to double the accuracy of your tracking results?

It is in your hands to enhance to make your tracking accurate and for that you should enable enhanced match. Here’s how:

  • Select ‘Marketing’ and then ‘Pinterest’
  • Open ‘Settings’
  • The option to track is present in the Publish Pins and Rich Pins section. Check the vacant box beside Track conversions’
  • Save the changes

8.  Always keep the plugin updated

Many Pinterest users forget to update their plugin occasionally. This is important to ensure it functions smoothly and gives people a fabulous Pinterest shopping experience by clicking on your shoppable pins. Thus, it will boost your WooCommerce sales Pinterest. Here are the steps for your convenience:

  • Open your WooCommerce account
  • Go to Pinterest and open the WooCommerce page that has the product catalog
  • On the right side of your mobile/ laptop screen, you will find ‘Details and Compatibility’. Click on it
  • Select Plugins, followed by Installed Plugins
  • Go through the number of the version presently installed. Select ‘Update’ if update is necessary.

If there is some issue with the plugin, you must contact the support team of WooCommerce.

Is It Possible to Uninstall the Plugin?

Many people think that once installed, a plugin cannot be uninstalled. Truth be told, uninstalling a plugin won’t be a hassle. And once you do that, all data will be erased from your website as soon as the process of uninstallation is complete. So, if you have made up your mind, here’s how to do it:

  1. Find ‘Marketing’ on the left-side of the homepage and then choose Pinterest’
  2. Go to Settings
  3. You will get the Debug Logging section under ‘Plugin Data’. Tick the box beside ‘Erase Plugin Data’
  4. Go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Save Changes’.

To Sum Up

So, the bottom line is to remember that part marketplace, park visual search engine –Pinterest is a one-stop destination for millions of people who seek inspiration, novel possibilities, and new products. It does a fabulous job of guiding pinners to inspirations, ideas, and products that are meant for them.

So, all you need is the Pinterest for WooCommerce extension to display your impressive products in front of people who are already searching for things to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Pinterest for WooCommerce?

Using Pinterest for WooCommerce is a brilliant strategy that will boost the sale of your products. With the WooCommerce extension, you can woo more people on Pinterest to have a look at your products.

Q. How can you integrate Pinterest with WooCommerce?

For linking your WooCommerce and Pinterest profiles, you must follow the right steps. Scroll up to learn the steps of WooCommerce integration in detail. You should also be mindful of Pinterest WooCommerce SEO.

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