Are you looking for better exposure for your business? Get on Pinterest now to drive traffic to your website or blog. As a business owner, Pinterest must be your top priority. But wait, the latest upgrade is going to excite you more. Just to make it clear, Pinterest virtual assistants to handle all your needs on the platform. The virtual assistant is here to make the job easier. But do you actually want to know why you need to hire a VA? Does the thought of having a virtual assistant excite you? If yes, the guide will help you know why you need to get a virtual assistant, the pay, and everything the assistant can do for you.

But here comes the catch: You need someone with experience in your type of industry. With the right assistance, you will reduce your workload to a great extent.

 What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Are you really excited to get started with the virtual assistant services? Check out the things the virtual assistant can do for you

 1. Create pins for better conversion

The main job role of the Pinterest virtual assistant is to create customized pins for the business. The virtual assistant will be responsible for converting the leads into clients using attractive and appealing pins. So, if you are facing difficulty creating pins, professional support will ease things. Ready to hire? Take time to research well and find a professional Pinterest virtual assistant who creates pins for a better conversion rate.

 2. Keep a check on competitor’s strategies

A business can only grow when it stays ahead of its competitors. So this means that keeping a check on the strategies of the other businesses in the same industry is important. When you hire a Pinterest virtual assistant, he will keep a check on the direct and indirect competitors of the business.

With proper analysis, the virtual assistant will analyze the businesses. This will help create the correct strategy for better design and promotion.

 3. Create optimized descriptions

Pinterest is now the most trusted platform to get traffic on websites and blogs. But using optimized descriptions and SEO strategies here is important to see better outcomes. When you incorporate an optimized description along with your pins, it will make it easy to get in front of the audience. This is where a Pinterest virtual assistant will help. He will use the right pens and descriptions together for better results.

 4. Stay current with updates and trends

As a business owner, one might not be aware of the trending topics or pins. However, a virtual assistant is involved in the industry. This means he will know the current trends. Thus, getting the support from water resistant will help keep the business on the right track.

 5. Schedule pins

Blog promotion on Pinterest requires a different approach. The best way to market or maximize the benefit is to experiment with different scheduling strategies until you find the best one. As consistency here is the key, support from the virtual assistant will make a major difference. The VA will be responsible for finding the time when the targeted audience is most active on the platform and posting the content. Posting during that time will help reach the audience better and faster.

 6. Perform Keyword research and SEO

Keyword research and SEO are among the most important benefits of hiring a Pinterest VA. After all, this is what will help you reach the top. The virtual assistant will generate relevant key phrases to help you create compelling content to reach the targeted people on the platform better. Also, the VA will look for ways to make the keyword optimized.

 7. Pinterest advertising

In contrast to your thinking, Pinterest is not just about creating pins. The job involves a lot of other key aspects as well. If you wish to grow your business on Pinterest, investing in ads is important. It is a new service to get the support needed for targeting users based on their interests. It will help increase brand awareness. Lucky for you, the virtual assistant is there to help.

Who needs support from a virtual assistant?

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Are you not sure why you should hire a Pinterest virtual assistant? Are you not sure if it will actually be helpful? To be clear, VA assistance can make a major difference. Be it pinning, creation performance analysis, or everyday tasks, the virtual assistant will do it all.

The benefits of hiring Pinterest VA are many. They will be responsible for handling both the basic and unique needs of the marketing. Given how competitive the platform has become, getting support from someone knowledgeable and experienced will make a major difference. But it brings to the question of who needs to use the services of a Pinterest virtual assistant. Well, the answer is quite simple. Anyone who is on the platform requires better visibility and must get support. Here is a list of some professionals or businesses who will require support from virtual assistants.

  •     Executives
  •     Leaders
  •     Consultants
  •     Sales team
  •     Small businesses
  •     Attorneys
  •     Entrepreneurs
  •     Authors
  •     Photographers

 Benefits of Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Have you successfully managed to make your side hustle a legitimate business? Now do you wish to make it a hit? Well, Pinterest is where you need to be. The surprising statistics of the platform make it quite clear why it’s leading the way. Adding to it is the Pinterest virtual assistant. Just as exciting as it seems, the assistant will make the job easier as well.

Are you not sure why you should hire a Pinterest virtual assistant? Well, there are multiple benefits you will get.

1. Safe time and effort

Are you tired of handling your Pinterest account? Lucky for you, by choosing to get a Pinterest VA, you can get away from all the difficulties. The assistant will take care of every minor to major aspect. This will save time and effort. The managers are an excellent asset for optimizing and managing the account. Besides, they will also send you weekly and monthly reports for measuring and scaling up the business.

2. Upscale your business design

The businesses these days consider themselves as designers. For the worst part, they don’t even know how to create pins for business accounts. Here, getting support from a Pinterest virtual assistant will provide the companies with the skills to design and curate customized pins.

Besides using Canvas or Photoshop, the assistant will use additional tools to create appealing content. Over time, the business aesthetic will improve greatly. This will make it easier to attract the targeted audience.

3. Ease with the management of multiple Pinterest business accounts

Are you facing hardship managing multiple Pinterest business accounts? Find yourself a Pinterest virtual assistant to ease things. The assistant will explore tools and strategies that will help keep track of multiple accounts. With better planning and strategy, the virtual assistant will be able to take the lead and ensure better growth of the business.

Does the comfort of account management excite you? If yes, find a good expert to take care of it all.

 4. Better pin promotion campaigns

Spending too much on marketing will do no good unless you know how to organize your pins. In contrast to popular belief, a well-planned and thought campaign will actually be cost-effective and bring positive results for the business.

But are you not sure how to handle it? The Pinterest VA will help design and get the support that will go well with the campaign. Besides, he will also help with branding, click baits, and other aspects for better visibility on the platform.

 5. Develop a better business strategy

A good business strategy will help you stay on the top of Pinterest. Businesses can never flourish by simply posting cute pins on the business account. Everyone requires a customized plan for better success. This is where the support from a good QQ Pinterest virtual assistant will be beneficial. He will develop a customized strategy that considers the brand's visions.

So, do you plan to hire a virtual assistant for your business? I am here to make things easy. With years of experience handling Pinterest marketing for businesses, I have the experience required to take care of all. Whether you have a new Pinterest account or a well-established one, I can help you achieve the desired results faster. So why wait when you can get it all? Connect today to ease your marketing efforts and maximize the available opportunity.

 Pro Tips for Choosing a Pinterest VA

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Now that you know why you should hire a Pinterest virtual assistant, let’s move on to the tips or tricks for evaluating the professional who will ensure business growth.

1. Good experience in Pinterest marketing

If you think Pinterest and other social media platforms are the same, you must update your information to get things right. For Pinterest, you must post creative and appealing posts with proper optimization.

When you have a Pinterest virtual assistant who provides the right strategy, things will be easy. The professional will know how to pitch the pins and use the trending topics for better attraction. With clear and customized strategies, he will assure positive boost in conversion and sales.

2. Focused

A virtual assistant who is ready to put in the initiative will push your brand forward. It is quite an essential criterion for checking the competency of the virtual assistant. The extra initiative here will provide the chance to find clients online and then convert them into customers.

It is the dedication of the virtual assistant here that will not just help get better visibility on the platform but will also boost sales.

3. Good communication skills

Good communication skills can get you anywhere. In fact, those who have good communication skills will succeed faster. So, when hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant, looking for clarity, accuracy, and diplomatic style is crucial.

When the VA has all of the skills, this means he will excel at managing the clients.

4. Understanding and knowledge of content creation and scheduling

What will be the use of hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant when he has no idea about content creation or scheduling? So, paying attention to the capabilities of the professional is important. After all, it takes time and understanding to know what content is trending on the platform and how it will attract potential clients. Hiring someone skilled in the job is crucial for business growth.

 5. Ready to accept criticism

Accepting criticism is not everyone’s cup of tea. Be it a professional or business, everyone faces criticism during the initial phase. When the criticism is genuine and accepted in a positive way, it can bring in a major change.

It’s crucial that the virtual assistant you are hiring accepts the complaint in a positive stride and looks for the issues that need to be covered. It will ensure you do not have to go in-depth to explain the issues to the assistant. He will be ready to accept the changes and help the business respond to criticism for improving its brand reputation.

Q: Are people hiring Pinterest virtual assistants?

A: Pinterest has shaken the marketing world. But now, with the availability of virtual assistance, things have upgraded to the next level. The demand for the Pinterest virtual assistant has been on the rise. 

The individuals and businesses are all taking advantage of the platform. As more and more people are turning to drive more sales and traffic from the platform, having an online assistant who is experienced in the job will be invaluable for getting better potential client’s board.

So, if you plan to bring a remote employee on board, things will be worth it. After all, the personal assistant will make all the efforts come true. They will help manage accounts, engage with followers, create content, and do all you need to succeed. So, wait no longer and take the step today to hire the best virtual assistant. It will change the way you manage the business needs.

 Q: How much to pay a Pinterest manager who works virtually for your brand?

A: Cost of the services make anyone nervous. But remember, the benefits of hiring Pinterest VA will always exceed the cost you will be paying for the services. But you still wish to know how much is the basic rate? There are factors that will influence the final cost like your business needs, how often you need the services, and the project scope.

Choosing an hourly rate payment will be better than the flat fees. For instance, some of the providers may charge you $20 to $25 an hour for basic tasks, which can include pinning content or creating boards. 

While for complex tasks like monetary analytics, the cost can go as high as $50 per hour. But stay cautious as paying a higher price does not mean you will be getting better quality services. Make sure to ask questions and read reviews before you get anyone on board.


In today's competitive world, having a Pinterest virtual assistant can make a huge difference. You can bring in better productivity for the business and also cut down the cost. So, wait no longer and hire a Pinterest virtual assistant that knows the industry well. The VA will be able to cater to the demand and the business needs. It will help you see a major change in business growth.

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