April is here! The arrival of a new month is a reminder that you should revamp your Pinterest marketing strategies, even more so if you’ve been struggling to drive traffic to your blogs via Pinterest. Knowing the April Pinterest Trends 2024 will help you create a powerful impact with your pins.

So, what type of content will be trending in April on Pinterest? What is the Pinterest audience looking forward to seeing on this popular visual search engine? Which search terms will be the most searched in the month of April? I will share with you the top visual discovery trends to get maximum views and clicks on your thoughtfully designed pins.

So, stay tuned till the end as this April trend report is all you need to grab the attention of millennials and Gen Z pinners.

Content Planning Tips and Tricks

Remember that knowing the trends won’t take you anywhere unless your content is interesting, attractive, and unique. So, use high-quality images and write enticing captions to make your pins on trending topics stand out.

At the beginning of a new month, a Pinterest marketer should first go through their podcast spreadsheet to figure out what they are going to talk about and create. That’s what I do to woo my target audience and so should you.

Moreover, if you can guess the April trending pins on Pinterest before, you will have ample time for Pinterest management and to plan your pins early.

Now my first tip for you in April is to pre-decide a pinning schedule. There are several tools where you can schedule your pins for the entire week and I recommend, you post at least twice per day. You must also realize which is the best day of the week when you can have maximum traffic and which days will witness the lowest traffic. For instance, if your niche is healthy homemade meals, you should share content more frequently on the weekend as lots of people will be looking for simple and delicious meals on Sundays.

Pinterest Predicts 2024: April Trending Pins on Pinterest

April Trending Pins on Pinterest

Excited to explore the viral and seasonal moments that the Pinterest audience has already begun to search for? Then without further ado, I reveal these April Pinterest trends 2024 that you must take seriously:

1. Graduation Pins

This time of the year is crucial for many people because of a significant moment: graduation. Whether it is 3rd grade, kindergarten, college, or high school, every family has someone who’s graduating in the spring of 2024. And graduation means new beginnings that are worth celebrating. So, here are some trending content ideas that you can use in your upcoming pins:

  • Provide templates for cool and funny graduation speeches
  • Create KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for Graduation
  • Give Graduation Party ideas
  • Write original Graduation Quotes
  • Share scrumptious recipes (like best desserts and appetizers) to serve guests at a graduation party.

2. Home Decor

Home decor pins were among the most searched in 2023 and this hasn't changed in 2024. People are leaving no stone unturned to spruce up their homes with thrifted finds, vibrant paint, and vintage appliances. If they discover new home decor suggestions on your board, a million users are bound to follow you. Here are some areas on which you can work:

  • Modern vintage décor
  • Woven textures stencil
  • Bedroom interior design
  • Living room décor
  •         Western gothic decor
  • Farmhouse decor

3. Eid Celebration Pins

Eid Al Fitr, also known as Meethi Eid, will fall on a Tuesday, April 11, 2024. Hence, Eid is around the corner, and you must harness the power of Pinterest to sell your Eid ideas to Pinterest users. As per Pinterest trends for 2024, April, you should use these keywords in your pins to drive Pinterest traffic:

  • Eid mehndi designs
  • Eid Mubarak quotes
  • Eid outfit ideas
  • Eid food table decoration
  • Eid Mubarak cards
  • Eid photoshoot ideas

april pinterest trends 2024

4. Earth Day Pins

According to my pin trends analysis, it will be a smart move to run pins on Earth Day in April. 22nd April is celebrated as Earth Day all over the world. It is a great initiative that spreads awareness regarding environmental protection. From schools to organizations, Earth Day is celebrated everywhere and naturally, people will rely on Pinterest to borrow ideas. So, you can create engaging pins on the following topics:

  • Earth Day drawing
  • Earth Day activities
  • Earth Day crafts
  • Earth Day activities for kids
  • Earth Day posters

5. Wedding Pins

Many people prefer to get married in Spring as the weather is pleasant and the children have their Spring Break. If there's a wedding in the family, everyone is busy checking out popular pins related to beauty trends, wedding outfits, wedding invitations, reception look, bridesmaid dresses, mehndi designs, reception decoration ideas, photography poses, etc. So, seize this opportunity as now is an ideal time to post eye-catching wedding pins.

6. Trips

After studying trending pins analysis, I understood that many people are traveling to beautiful destinations on their Spring Break. They are also looking for scenic places to go on their summer vacation. So, if you share travel content, now is the prime time to upload fresh pins. You can share useful travel tips, picturesque places that are worth visiting, and itineraries to help people plan their trips in a hassle-free manner.

The Bottom Line

I conclude by reminding you that Pinterest is the most wonderful platform for bloggers, online businesses, and digital content creators. You can use Pinterest to impress millions of people with your visually appealing pins. And now that you know the pinning trends for April, it’s time to start working on your pins.

Note that checking the Pinterest Predicts report won’t take you anywhere unless your content is interesting, attractive, and unique. So, use high-quality images and write enticing captions to make your pins on trending topics stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of content are likely to trend on Pinterest in April 2024?

If you check social media insights, you will see that content on Eid, Earth Day, graduation, hot metals, weddings, home decor, Spring Break, Spring fashion, and recipes have the highest chances of becoming viral on Pinterest in April.

Q. How can I optimize my Pinterest strategy to capitalize on emerging trends?

To optimize your content and pinning tactics, you should also be mindful of Pinterest algorithm updates and study Pinterest user behavior by tracking which pins of yours performed the best.