Pinterest, the unstoppable social media platform, has managed to build a huge community. During the last few years, appealing social media has been all about creative ideas, pictures, videos, and a lot more. Thus, it is the most loved social media platform for brand marketing. Whether it be beauty, fashion, lifestyle, or anything else, one involved in the industry can use the platform to grow. Thus, this does not come as a surprise that search for Pinterest for beauty: beauty blogger and e-commerce website strategies has the highest search content.

After all, there's no better source to get abundant and fast traffic. So are you wondering how to use Pinterest for your beauty page or your E-Commerce? If yes, read well to get proper insights.

Is Pinterest Good for Beauty and Branding?

The benefits one can get from Pinterest marketing are unimaginable. Pinterest has become the highlight that gives extra special attention to brands in all industries. Be it a date night, interview, presentation, or wedding day; everyone goes online on Pinterest to get new ideas. But what's better is makeup is needed for all occasions, and this is where beauty lovers turn to the platform to curate their looks for the special event.

My client beauty niche analytics

There is no doubt that the platform is trending. Many have benefited a lot from it. But are you not convinced that Pinterest will be the best for your beauty page? Check out some of the top profiles you must look for on Pinterest. It will give you an insight into how these beauty brands make a good name on the platform.

  1. Kosas
  2. Glossier
  3. Beauty Bakerie
  4. House of Lashes
  5. Nails Inc
  6. Trabeauli

Beauty brands are absolutely killing on the platform. But for this, one needs to know how to use Pinterest to their advantage. Pinterest for beauty bloggers and e-commerce brands has worked extremely well. The presence and the platform it provides to all is unimaginable.

So, do you want to know how to attract a Pinterest audience? Here are some of the key points one can consider as a beauty blogger or E-Commerce brand to sell well on Pinterest.

How to use Pinterest for Better Marketing?


Are you ready to use Pinterest for your blogging or E-Commerce brand? Here are certain tips that will help you excel well.

1. Choose your Products

Pinterest for beauty

Pinterest sometimes is also known as a digital catalog. Thus, it is not a hidden fact that users use it to get inspiration for planning events. So now, imagine a bride-to-be looking for makeup ideas on the platform. When this happens, she will be presented with the account of beauty brands. But here, a basic picture of a product like a mascara tube on a white background isn't going to help much. It will not give the inspiration that one needs to make the purchase. So it is important to show the product, but with a purpose.

Showcase the product using a .gif file. Now the pinner will know how to get those beautiful eyelashes using mascara.

In contrast, as a beauty blogger, you can try using mascara and posting a video on the platform. A beautiful girl doing her own makeup will surely be an inspiration for many. This can attract a lot of people and help you get more followers or that desired sales for a product.

2. How to Videos

Pinterest for beauty

Pinterest for beauty bloggers and eCommerce websites is about showing talent, offering solutions, the uses, and knowing about the latest trend in the beauty industry. But as a brand, you need to put in more effort. A simple picture of the product will not get viral.

You need to understand the market and the trends. You can choose to come up with how-to videos of the hero product or start showcasing a makeup routine. Every small step will count a lot. When you follow or come up with your own trend then you can target the audience right.

3. Share Inspiration

Pinterest for beauty

Today's audience is a lot more conscious. So as a brand, it is important to share your inspiration. Besides the perfect shots of your products and how-to videos, you also need to incorporate a few words that show the inspiration behind the products.

Let's consider your brand offers vegan products. You can make it highlight and help the users know why your products are different from others and how they can benefit from them. Start creating boards dedicated entirely to the benefits of vegan products. Go as creative as possible to bring out something that captivates all.

4. Use Hashtags


Simply posting on Pinterest would not help much. There are 400 + million users on the platform. This means staying in front of them can be tough for beauty bloggers and e-commerce businesses. But with hashtags and consistent efforts things are possible.

Keep in mind everything takes time. 

No doubt, Pinterest offers the platform but you need to go in deep to know what and when of the post to make it work. Make sure to incorporate hashtags that highlight key phrases like natural beauty or organic products. Stay careful and avoid going over the board with the hashtags. There are millions of users who use Pinterest as a search engine. So make sure you use the right hashtag to get your brand or your account found.

5. Keep Pinning

Keep pinning

Want to get in front of the audience and attract them? Start pinning five times a day. It's your daily pins and repins that will help you get where you want. Remember, just like any other social media, you need to keep the content relevant and fresh on pinboards. Undoubtedly, it is possible to bench-pin for a month and perform well, but being consistent with the pins and interacting with the other pinners will ensure the content you share is repinned.

Creating customized boards that solve the problems of others or showcase the latest trends is what leads to getting more repins. When this happens, the brand will be successful. Keep on putting in effort, to take your brand to great heights.


Pinterest for beauty bloggers offers a great opportunity to grow and expand. No matter the size and scale of the business or your blogging profile, being honest and consistent effort on the platform will help achieve the desired results. So why wait when you can get it all done yourself? Start by creating a customized marketing plan for your Pinterest account and put in genuine efforts to see how well it can perform.

Q: Which niche is best for Pinterest?

A: Pinterest is a visual social media platform. This means anything visually appealing can work well on the platform. From beauty, home decor, lifestyle, and fashion to anything that is on trend these days can perform well.

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