Driving engagement as well as traffic for website from the audience on multiple social media platforms is becoming increasing popular among businesses. And Pinterest is a unique platform as it is a visual search engine. So, when you are using Pinterest to promote your site, you get the desired audience interactions along with a visual discovery engine’s traffic-driving power. So, it is high time that you learn how to increase website traffic using Pinterest

How Will Driving Referral Traffic from Pinterest Benefit You?

Presently, Pinterest drives a lot more traffic to business websites than Facebook. As per Pinterest stats, a majority of Pinners end up buying products from brands they come across on Pinterest. People who love using Pinterest also admit that it inspires them to purchase things that they weren’t even planning to. So, it is a great place where you can impress a larger audience and thus get exposure for your blog.

Hence, if you can master the art of maximizing Pinterest for web traffic, your business is bound to thrive. But for that, you need to come up with a Pinterest content strategy and that's what this article is all about. Here you will find all the necessary information to use Pinterest like a pro.

What is a Pinterest Pin?

When it comes to boosting website visits through Pinterest, first you need to get acquainted with the basic Pinterest terms, and the most important one is 'Pin'. Similar to ‘tweets’ on Twitter, pins are nothing but posts that you share on Pinterest. Pins always have a photo, and you can also include a description, a title, and your website link. Thus, every pin can be used strategically to drive people to your site, blog posts, or product pages.

Pins are saved on boards. Pinterest boards have a collection of relevant pins that users curate on their Pinterest profiles. For instance, if you are an interior designer, you can create multiple boards for furniture, home décor, living room, bedroom, etc. The moment you upload a pin, your followers will be able to see it. If they like the pin, they may ‘repin’ it and then, your pin will become visible to more people.

How to Increase Website Traffic Using Pinterest?

Now that I have explained the basics of Pinterest traffic and why you need to focus on it, have a look at these Pinterest traffic strategies:
how to increase website traffic using pinterest

1. Share relevant pins

As Pinterest audience engagement is what you desire, the types of pins you share will make all the difference. You have to share pins that are connected with your website content. Only then you can attract people to explore your blog posts. It will not just increase traffic but also help you build a brand image and grow the audience.

2. Repin the pins of other bloggers

A blogger using Pinterest is determined to increase their traffic. If you repin their content, their pins will get more views. They will also identify you as an active Pinterest user who likes to share good content. Naturally, they will be willing to promote your pins on their profile. This kind of cross-promotion will benefit both.

3. Include keywords in your descriptions

For building website visitors via Pinterest, you must use the right keywords. There are several tools that can assist you in researching trending keywords. Once your list of keywords is ready, write descriptions that have multiple keywords. Then your pins will be shown to people who type those keywords in the search bar on Pinterest. So, now you know how significant it is to use keywords if you want to get featured on the search engine.

4. Add the ‘Pin It’ button

When you are searching for an easy way to get traffic to your favorite blogs, just give the ‘Pin It’ button to your viewers. When the ‘Pin It’ option is there, anyone can share your pins with other people. This means, there will be more eyes on your pins. So, the more people notice your content, the more they’ll share. All this can be achieved simply by including the ‘pin it’ option.

5. Prioritize optimizing pins

Like any other content type, you want your pins to rank in search results. Hence, optimizing all pins is one of the most effective Pinterest marketing techniques. Wondering how to optimize your Pinterest posts?

Use description titles, brief descriptions, and plenty of keywords. These tactics will increase the chances for your pins to rank and as an outcome, there will be more traffic to your website.

6. Design boards related to your blogs

For boosting website visits through Pinterest, you can also create boards that resonate with your blogs. Then it will become easy for your audience to find your articles and share them. Moreover, as Pinterest is primarily a visual platform, it is a fantastic place to display your work.

So, to get started, create a separate board for each blog category. After that, you can add as many relevant pins as you want. Many pinners prefer to have a mix of pins: some from their blogs and some from other sites. Maintaining your boards by keeping them up-to-date and offering fresh and interesting content to your followers is the key to success.

7. Follow pinners in your niche

Since utilizing Pinterest for business growth is your aim, one of the best things you must do is follow accounts that post the same kind of content as you do. When you join hands with them, you will be able to enrich yourself by observing what type of content their audience loves.

Additionally, you will also build relationships and get several offers for collaboration. So, if you are keen on growing your traffic, begin following others that are doing good in your niche.

8. Upload rich pins

One of the best Pinterest SEO tips is using rich pins. Rich pins are pins that provide extra information like ingredients used in a recipe or the price of an item. These types of rich pins can drive a lot more traffic than ordinary pins and they give viewers more details about the content you post.

For rich pins, you should have a verified site and then add a code to the website. When that is done, the pins you upload will automatically show the additional info. So, there’s no denying that rich pins will make your content stand out and attract people to your website.

9. Analyze traffic data

Analyzing Pinterest traffic data through Pinterest analytics is crucial for any Pinterest account. When you know which pins of yours got thousands of views and maximum engagement, you can gain valuable insights. This will give you a chance to implement a novel Pinterest strategy that can woo more people to your blogs.

The Bottom Line

Businesses around the globe are making huge profit by taking advantage of their presence and fan following on Pinterest. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you too can invite steady traffic to your blogs from Pinterest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I optimize my Pinterest pins to drive more traffic to my website?

Pinterest content optimization should be taken serious by business profiles on Pinterest. To optimize your pins, you should ensure all photos are vertical and of high quality. Additionally, add several relevant keywords in the pin title and description to make the pin rank.

Q. What are the best practices for measuring the success of website traffic from Pinterest?

To monitor the website traffic, you have acquired from Pinterest, you have to visit Pinterest and click the option 'Analytics' present at the top of the homepage. After that, select 'Overview' to begin tracking your performance. You can see everything from your overall performance to the top pins in the past one month.

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