With 454 million active users per month, Pinterest is the world's 14th largest platform for social networking. With 51% of its workforce being women, Pinterest in a no-brainer for interior designers. It’s where every homeowner looks for ideas and inspirations for their homes. And if you can get in touch with even a tiny percentage of these people, your business will grow exponentially. Read on to learn why and how Pinterest marketing for interior designers is the most reliable solution.

How To Use Pinterest to Get Interior Design Clients

Just like Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest is a social media platform. While everyone prefers Facebook to connect with friend, Pinterest is the most powerful visual discovery engine. It has billions of Pins to help people quickly find recipes, fashion inspiration, and home décor ideas. So, if you are an interior designer, your business needs to be on Pinterest.

In this guide, you will find everything you must know about using Pinterest for interior design to bring in potential clients.

Pinterest Marketing for Interior Designers: Why Should You Rely on It?

pinterest marketing for interior designers

Are you yet to make Pinterest a significant part of your online marketing strategy? Both seasoned businesses and the emerging ones can streamline their business by being on Pinterest. Interior designers from around the globe consider Pinterest an excellent platform to promote their services. Then why shouldn’t you hop on too? Here are some compelling reasons to choose Pinterest.

1.  All your potential clients are there

The ultimate destination for home décor lovers in Pinterest. This visual search engine shows them exactly what they want to see. It has plenty of DIY tutorials, renovation ideas, and leads to buy the desired services.

So, you will get ample opportunities to entice ideal clients with your innovative ideas. They are all out there browsing numerous aisles of pins. You have to be on Pinterest too to impress them with your work.

2.  Pinterest boards for designers can keep your work organized

Keeping aside the SEO and marketing advantages, Pinterest is a perfect tool to keep things organized. Putting your ideas together on Pinterest Boards will be a hassle-free experience. You can also use these Boards to communicate with your team and clients. Make the Boards public to allow your target audience to peek into your unique designs.

3.  A superb tool to build brand recognition

The interior design market is saturated with designers. Making people fall for your ideas can be challenging when the competition is high. Pinterest can help you promote your business. It offers you a digital space to showcase your talent. It is an awesome branding tool that can open doors to a universe of like-minded people. You can build a strong community and that’d be priceless.

4.  You get a chance to create trends

Pinterest has revolutionized the interior design world. Everybody likes to like in a home that look beautiful. People transform their homes based on what’s trending on Pinterest. Hence, an idea shared on Pinterest can become a trend overnight. It is the birthplace of trending ideas. Presenting your design ideas here can create waves.

If promoted strategically, general pinners, influencers, and bloggers will discover your quirkiest ideas. So, Pinterest for interior designers can work like magic.

5.  It will boost your sales

Not every Pinterest user coming across your Pins may be keen on signing-up for your interior design services. That does not mean it’s an unqualified lead. They still share the same interests as you. Pinterest will keep showing your work to them. So, they are a few nudges away from contacting you.

And whenever a person connects with you, you can lead them to your business website. That’s how you can make new clients and increase sales. As per the ecommerce stats of Pinterest, shopping engagement improved by 20% in 2021.

Pinterest Tips for Interior Designers to Woo Good Clients 

pinterest marketing for interior designers

Want to use Pinterest to expand your interior design business? Like other digital marketing platforms, Pinterest has its features. As a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed and confused. So, how do you make Pinterest work? Here's a guide to Pinterest for boosting business with Pinterest.

1. Create a business account

You may have an account on Pinterest, but it won’t suffice. To get Pinterest marketing right, a Pinterest business account can help.. Your Pinterest business account will give you access to a variety of creator tools that a regular Pinterest account can’t use. Advertising options, Pinterest analytics, and pin optimization are some of them.

2.  Come up with an interesting name

While people will focus more on your art, they will also notice your name. Moreover, SEO applies to Pinterest as well. Hence, you must spend some time selecting a nice account name. It should give people a glimpse of the kind of work you do. Make sure the name is easy to pronounce and remember.

3.  Get Pinning

Pinterest marketing for interior designers is all about displaying and promoting their work. Pictures of your completed projects, 3D renderings designed through interior design software, and pretty mood boards are all welcome. However, don’t forget to link the photos to your website. This way, anyone clicking on them will be automatically directed to your page.

4. Enable the ‘Pin-It’ feature

There’s a ‘Pin-It’ option that lets users promptly save your pin on their board. It also allows them to discover your account. Hence, you must enable this option. You will find plugins as well.

5. Post authentic content

Sharing original content is of utmost significance. You should never commit image theft. If you appreciate a pin, you can re-pin it. But reuploading another creator’s content without their consent won’t be wise. Moreover, you are an interior designer and people would like to see actual pictures of your work.

6.  Create pins that have text overlay

You may not like then, but photos with text overlay always perform well on Pinterest. That’s because people don’t have the time to scroll down and read the description. The text can be anything from a catchy headline to a blog title. You can use Canva and other easy tools to add texts. There are set templates to simplify the process.

7.  Pin regularly

Like other social media sites, consistency is important on Pinterest too. So, one of your interior design strategies on Pinterest should be abiding by a pinning schedule. You can pin manually or depend on tools to automate the task. Maintaining uniformity in the design language of your images too helps users identify your style.

8.   Use correct image size

The images you post should be of correct size for Pinterest. Pinterest doesn’t use horizontal space. Hence, a pin’s optimal size can be 1000 x 1500 pixels. You must also make sure that you provide high-quality images to your audience on Pinterest. Pixelated or blurry pictures is the last thing people wish to see.

9.   Share blog posts

Who said your Pinterest profile is for posting images only? Pinterest is a great place to promote your interior design business by sharing blog content on Pinterest. However, the font should be legible and appropriate for your business.

10.  SEO optimize all pins

Here's one thing you need to know about Pinterest. Pinterest uses keywords to categorize materials published by creators like you. So, using the right keywords as title for your pins and in the description is crucial. Follow this digital marketing strategy to make a difference.

11. Include some fun boards

Refrain from making your Pinterest profile all about work. Add some off-beat and curated Pinterest boards to illuminate your brand’s personality. You can add film portraits, pizza shots, or anything you like. These fun boards will let your followers know the real you.

12. Incorporate hashtags smartly

You must know how to add hashtags. Too many of them will make the content appear spammy. Very few hashtags won’t help you reach more people. So, don’t skip hashtags or overdo them. Instead, research well to come up with relevant hashtags.

Pinterest Tips for Interior Designers

6 Accounts You Should Follow for Interior Design Inspiration

Want some inspiration to begin your professional journey on Pinterest? These are the top designers with millions of followers on Instagram:

1. Ishka Designs

Niya Bascom and Anishka Clarke are the founders of Ishka Designs. Their beautifully designed feed will leave you inspired to streamline your designs on Pinterest.

2.  Angela Belt

Angela Belt gives people a chance to do more than admire her designs. They can purchase the actual products for their homes. Angela’s boards are full of stunning products she users for her interior design projects.

3.  Caitlin Flemming

Are you a fan of cozy and clean minimalist designs? Then you must follow Caitlyn Flemming. Her work has contemporary, farmhouse, and Scandinavian influences.

4.  Kevin Francis O’Gara

Kevin Francis O’Gara is known for his revolutionary interior design themes on Pinterest. He can make any boring room pop with his extraordinary design elements.

5.  Elsie Green

People who like vintage and sustainable home décor follow Elsie Green’s Pinterest profile. He showcases wood, glass, and stonework gems from around the globe.

6.  Carmen Rene

Aquilo Interior Design Studio’s Carmen Rene’s work on Pinterest is all about bold shades, playful pattern, and quirky accent furniture. She has followed her heart and you should too.

Wrapping Up

So, now you understand why it’s high time to commence leveraging Pinterest to set up your interior business. It’s an uncharted territory that you must explore. And as a beginner, now you also know how. Refer to this step-by-step guide and you will soon become a popular interior designer on Pinterest.

Frequently Asked Questions on Business Marketing on Pinterest 

Q. How can interior designers leverage Pinterest for marketing?

Interior designers can use Pinterest to drive traffic. It is a wonderful platform for interior designers to attract long-term clients.

Q. What are the best Pinterest strategies for interior designers?

Looking for a Pinterest marketing strategy? Posting content daily, using rich pins, sharing original and fine-quality photos, activating the ‘Pin-It’ option, and incorporating hashtags are some marketing tips.

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