Have you started an online shop and you are worried as it isn’t getting the desired sales? When it comes to selling some product or service online, less sales are a sign that the site does not get enough traffic. This should be your clue that your marketing efforts are in vain and therefore, you should consider Pinterest marketing for online shop.

Why is Pinterest marketing necessary for your ecommerce business? What steps should you follow to become an accomplished marketer on Pinterest, a fabulous online marketplace? In this article, I will tell you why Pinterest marketing is crucial for your business and how you can excel at it.

Why Should Online Shops Take Marketing on Pinterest Seriously?

Here are two interesting facts to prove that Pinterest is a dream destination for online stores:

  1. People are more eager to buy on Pinterest than other social media platforms: The chances of your products getting sold via Pinterest are the highest compared to Facebook and Instagram. That’s because almost 90% of US pinners rely on Pinterest to research products and make purchase decisions.
  2. In the past 2 years, there has been 140% increase in orders placed on Pinterest via mobiles: This number alone is a testament to the fact that pinning will open novel doors for your business. You will get huge traffic from Pinterest and plenty of opportunities to generate sales.

So, now you realize why it is high time to showcase your best products on Pinterest and get in touch with potential buyers.

Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses

I understand that you are thrilled at the prospect of social media advertising on Pinterest. However, before you commence selling, your brand needs to be ready. These are the four steps you have to follow:

1. Identify your target audience

It is essential to understand the pulse of the social media platform where you are dreaming of establishing your presence. So, you need to know Pinterest's demographics and have a clear idea about the types of Pinterest users you will be targeting. And knowing your target customers means keeping in mind several factors like their job criteria, optimal income, and lifestyle. Hence, try finding answers to these questions to become a pro in social media marketing.

2. Set up your Pinterest profile

You will require a Pinterest business account to get access to a range of features like Pinterest Analytics for shops, Pinterest Ads, etc. You will also be able to enable rich pins and claim your site if you have a business profile. In case you already have a personal Pinterest account, don’t worry. It is quite easy to convert the existing account into a business account. Creating a separate account for business is another option.

3. Brand your Pinterest account

The purpose of creating a business profile on a social media platform is to build brand awareness and get more customers. For that, your followers should be able to identify your brand. To brand your Pinterest account, you need to make sure it aligns with your business. So, it should have the same logo, accurate contact information, an optimized bio so that people can recognize you on different social networking sites.

4. Link your e-commerce website

When you are done updating your profile, the final step is to link it to your e-commerce site and get it verified. You simply have to go to ‘Settings’ and then claim your site from there. For that, you can share an HTML life or include a meta tag to your site. Then you can display your products on Pinterest and get more buyers.

Steps to sell and make money on Pinterest

Now that I have covered the basics, it is time to proceed with the more significant stuff: selling and generating income. Here are some effective Pinterest strategies for e-commerce stores. I will share with you some tried-and-tested methods so that you can convert this visual search engine into a revenue stream. So, dive in!

1. Design stunning visuals

As Pinterest is a visual discovery engine, visual content marketing is the recommended path to success. So, before I tell you about the kinds of pins that will naturally boost sales, first you must make your pins visually appealing so that people on Pinterest will feel tempted to click on them. Your pins will stand out if you:

  • Use high-quality images
  • Bold fonts and colors
  • Professionally designed graphics
  • Graphics to match your brand logo

So, a flawless pin is one that has an eye-catching picture and a text overlay. People will be interested to see a photo of the product along with some information about the product. If they like what they see, they will visit your site.

2. Prioritize Pinterest SEO

As a search engine, Pinterest has its algorithms and rules that you have to figure out. Researching keywords and using them in your pin title and description as well as Pinterest board title will be highly effective. So, if you have not been incorporating keywords till now, start doing that. This will surely expand your profile’s reach and your pins will be shown to more users on Pinterest who are looking for the types of products you sell.

3. Upload rich pins

Since you are not a blogger but an online seller, just a creative pin design won’t suffice. For extracting additional information and data from your site, rich pins can play a major role. If you use a rich pin, a pinner will be able to click on the ‘Shop’ button and that will take them directly to the product. These pins can ever let people know if the item is out of stock.

4. Share UGC (user-generated content)

Did you spot an influencer or a celeb using one of your products? Then you can and you should use that to generate sales. Wondering why this should be one of the Pinterest strategies for ecommerce businesses?

Many online shops take advantage of influencer marketing campaigns and they admit that it helps them get more shoppers. So, make sure you share those photos to grab the attention of people. Whenever a customer sees a well-known celebrity use a specific product, they are more interested in shopping it.

5. Focus on content marketing

Any blog post that can lead to conversions is worth sharing on Pinterest. Gift guides, tutorials, and product roundups are some fantastic options. These three are examples of intriguing content to promote and save on the website as they are more likely to generate clicks. So, if you learn how to put your content on Pinterest together, conversions are guaranteed.

6. Create catalogs

If you have an impressive list of products, keeping your pins organized in the form of catalogs will be wise. This is one of the best Pinterest shopping features for online businesses. It will also simplify your job as whenever you add the latest collection to your site, product pins will be created automatically. In case you lack the data source for creating catalogs, you can just use rich pins.

7. Share Shop The Look pins

Shop The Look pins make it convenient for users to buy something they loved as they can save a lot of time. They won't have to look for the product on multiple shopping sites as the 'Shop The Look' will directly take them to the products they see on your pin. Moreover, you get to link various products in a single pin and a user who's in love with the look might end up buying several of the products on the screen.

8. Keep sharing fresh content

Pinterest marketing will drive traffic only when your products are worth purchasing. To keep your customers hooked, your products must be awesome. You also need to introduce new products occasionally so that people don't get bored. If you can't add more variety to the products you sell, the least you can do is present them differently from time to time.

Many businesses also forget to upload pins regularly. Did you know that there are tools where you can schedule your pins for the entire month in advance?

The Bottom Line

So, now you know how to woo people to your business site through online store promotion on Pinterest. Whether yours is a newly launched shop or one that has been in the market for years – Pinterest marketing will deliver great results if you do it right. So, what are you waiting for? Narrow down your target audience, promote your products/ services in front of them, and your online shop will soon begin to grow.

If you find my e-commerce Pinterest tips useful, you can reach out to me for more insights. As an experienced Pinterest marketer, I have helped many bloggers and businesses leverage this platform and witness good outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can Pinterest be effectively used for marketing an online shop?

Pinterest marketing for online shop will be worthwhile if you have a Pinterest marketing strategy and you update it from time to time. To reach your audience and grow your business on this marketing platform, any big or small business should also run Pinterest Ads and keep introducing new products.

Q. What are the best practices for creating engaging pins for an e-commerce business?

Utilizing user engagement on Pinterest, designing pins with high-quality images, keeping the boards properly organized, giving seasonal offers and discounts, and providing sufficient information about the products are the best practices for e-commerce brands on this social media site.