The world of e-commerce is fascinating and ever evolving. So, every online business needs to think ahead of its competitors to stay successful. Leveraging Pinterest to promote the products you sell on your e-commerce store is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies in 2024. As a visual discovery engine, Pinterest is a wonderful platform with incredible opportunities for bloggers and businesses to get more traffic. Millions of people like shopping on Pinterest and that's why you should add your product catalog to Pinterest.

Intrigued to learn more about Pinterest product catalog? Then stay tuned as in this blog, I have explained in detail why ecommerce brands must provide their product catalog on Pinterest.

Pinterest Product Catalog Display: Why Does It Matter?

The user base of Pinterest comprises of shoppers searching for pins and shopping ads on multiple domains. Additionally, the shelf life of a Pin is longer than a post on Facebook or Instagram. So, it is more about getting inspirations, finding solutions, and discovering ideas rather than sharing updates about your life or spending time with friends. This striking difference has made it a heaven for ecommerce businesses.

If you are new to Pinterest retail marketing, then let’s begin with numbers. In one of his recent presentations, Bill Ready, the CEO of Pinterest opined that businesses that showcase their product catalogs here have reported a 30% increase in attributed checkouts solely from Pinterest. Compared to other social media platforms, it is easier to generate sales via Pinterest as people on Pinterest already have the mindset to purchase items if they find the product data/ product information appealing. So, if your product solves their problem or makes their lives simpler, you won’t even have to convince them to purchase.

Advantages of Showcasing Your Product Catalog on Pinterest

By being a part of product groups, knowing the merchant guidelines, and updating your product catalogs occasionally, you can become one of the leading sellers on Pinterest. These are the top reasons why all your business rivals are already on Pinterest:

1. Increased visibility of brand

Online catalog integration on Pinterest will make it easy for you to expose your products and brand to people who are already eager to buy. The visual nature of this platform makes it a fabulous place to showcase the best products you sell. As aesthetics is of importance for Pinterest users, you can instantly grab their attention if your products are nice, and you engage with your target buyers in a friendly manner.

Note: There are millions of businesses on Pinterest and not all achieve success. So, to make sure your products have a greater chance of being shown to more pinners, your business account must be optimized, and you should create eye-catching pins. Even if yours is a small brand, your products will reach a large number of people if your product catalog abides by Pinterest best practices.

2. Driving traffic to your ecommerce site

With the right Pinterest marketing strategies, you can witness phenomenal growth in the number of people visiting your online shop. That’s because Pinterest has solidified its position as a major source of referral traffic and this works in favor of bloggers, influencers, e-commerce websites, and other businesses. Pinners are actively and eagerly clicking through a product pin if the product title or image gives them the impression that the product will be of use. So, whether you have started a new business or you’re already a well-known brand, being on Pinterest will make a difference as it is a valuable source of new customers.

Pinterest also keeps updating its features to facilitate business accounts by allowing their products to show up on search results as well as through suggestion like “more like this”. So, whenever someone clicks on an interesting pin, Pinterest will show your product catalog to them if you manufacture the same product type and you have written keyword-enriched descriptions. You can also Pinterest business tools to designed for business accounts.

3. Boosting conversion rates and sales

Getting more traffic to your business website will be of no effect unless a certain percentage of these one-time visitors get converted into customers. So, attracting traffic is the first step to ensuring conversions and for that, well-designed product catalog pins will be necessary.

Pinterest has stated that conversions have increased by 30% for brands that have their product catalog on Pinterest. So, naturally, these brands can increase sales with Pinterest by taking advantage of features such as buyable pins and rich pins. These features make it convenient for people to proceed with making purchases simply by clicking on the pins that contain the URL link. They will be automatically taken to the shopping site and so, if your every pin can be made shoppable, Pinterest is bound to work in your favor.

4. Getting in touch with an enthusiastic audience

Visual shopping on Pinterest is trending and users here are highly engaged as well as eager to shop looks that resonate with their lifestyle choices. They are inclined towards buying any visual content that they like. So, instead of showing a single product on a pin, it will be wise of you to offer product catalogs with accurate product data to these potential buyers.

Are Product Catalogs the Perfect Solution for You?

Digital catalog benefits are many but first you should ask yourself if product catalogs can be useful in your case.

In simple words, catalog is a tool for feed ingestion designed for businesses that deal with selling products on their sites. To add your product catalog, you should have this set up:

  • A business account on Pinterest
  • A claimed site (as you cannot ingest catalogs from a 3rd party site)
  • The website you own should meet Merchant Guidelines on Pinterest which include a simple shipping policy, a quick refund policy, contact details, etc.
  • A data source containing the list of products along with corresponding details (like pricing, images, inventory, and so on).

The Link Between Product Catalog & Product Pins

Once you upload the product catalog, product pins will be created. You can also keep adding other pins on your own. Update the catalog from time to time so that all the information is correct.

To Sum Up

So, it goes beyond saying that adding a Pinterest product catalog will be a game-changer for your online business. From expanding your digital presence to boosting traffic - the perks are many.

Are you excited to start working on your product feed on Pinterest? Then create a Pinterest account for business, post your product catalog, and keep creating product pins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of adding my product catalog to Pinterest?

By adding your product catalog with product details on Pinterest, you will get to woo engaging customers on Pinterest, Hence, more people will check out your site and there will be a superb increase in conversions as well as sales.

Q. How can I effectively integrate my online catalog with Pinterest to boost sales?

If your business website is on WooCommerce or Shopify, integrating your online catalog can be done by following some basic steps. Some store owners also upload their product catalog manually.