The Verified Merchant Program introduced by Pinterest assists people in discovering and buying reliable products from trusted brands. So, if you opt for Pinterest Verification Merchant Program, your pins will be shown organically to pinners looking for the kinds of products you sell. You will also get access to a range of features so that you can display the values represented by your brand. Moreover, in today's world, social media marketingis immensely important.

Intrigued to learn what other benefits you can enjoy and how you can apply for it? This guide is for beginners like you, and it will help you become a Pinterest verified merchant and witness remarkable conversions. So, without further ado, let’s find out all about the merchant approval process in detail.

Four Reasons to Become a Verified Merchant on Pinterest

The primary reason why having a verified Pinterest business account will be profitable for you is that it will boost sales. According to Pinterest stats, merchants in this excellent program notice a 17% higher rate of conversion than businesses that are reluctant to participate in it. These are the reasons why businesses prefer it:

  • Enjoying the ease of selling your products on a platform that has 460+ million users
  • A blue checkmark on your business profile that will let Pinterest users know you are a genuine seller
  • Eligibility to use exciting features such as merchant details
  • Users will be more interested in saving and sharing your pins than sharing pins posted by a non-verified merchant
  • Availability and price information on every product pin of yours for the convenience of buyers
  • Therefore, being a verified account is more than a status symbol. There will be more eyes on your pins, more engagement, and this will drive more traffic to your site. Stay tuned to know how you can get verified and gain new followers on Pinterest.

Are You Eligible to Become a Pinterest Verified Merchant?

Before you explore the Pinterest e-commerce featuresor submit your application for the verified merchant program for e-commerce, you must ensure that your business website and Pinterest account are eligible for it. These are the requirements:

  • Your account on Pinterest has to be a minimum of 3 months old.
  • The business site you own must be at least 13 months old.
  • There should be a profile photo on your Pinterest profile and the ‘About’ section should include all the necessary information.
  • The website and the products you sell should meet the Merchant guidelines of Pinterest. Once the catalog will be uploaded by you, Pinterest will review your products and site. If you fail to meet their guidelines, you will receive a notification in the Business Hub and that’s where you can appeal Pinterest’s decision.

Note: Joining the VMP and online retail integration won’t be possible if your Pinterest profile and ecommerce site cannot meet the above-mentioned criteria.

Steps to Apply for Pinterest Verified Merchant Program

Pinterest Verified Merchant Program 

Acquiring a verified seller badge will make it easy for brands to trust you. And the best thing about it is that you can join the Pinterest merchant program for free. These are the simple steps:

1. Create a business account 

To make the most of e-commerce on Pinterest, you need to have a business account. Setting up an account specifically for business will allow you to unlock special tools like Analytics. These tools will come in handy if you plan on securing your professional presence here.

You can also link your business account to your personal account on Pinterest and you can even change a personal account to a business profile. However, you cannot link more than four business accounts to your personal account on this visual shopping platform.

2. Connect your product catalogue to Pinterest

Once you set up a business account, you have to click the dropdown arrow present on the top right corner of the screen. Go to ‘Settings’ and the left-side navigation has ‘Edit Profile’ where you will find the option ‘Claim’. After clicking on ‘Claim’, enter the URL of your business website into the textbox provided. Next, two options will appear before you:

  • Claim your site by attaching an HTML tag
  • Download a file and upload it to the root directory of your site to complete claiming your website

The first option is the easiest one and most people don’t face any issues completing it. You won’t have to know the FTP (File Transfer Protocol). It is the technical language used by computers on an IP/ TCP network to transfer files. When you are ready, navigate to your site after opening a new tab and copy+ paste the HLML tag you got on Pinterest.

Locating the backend script area on your website may differ based on the provider you have used to create the site. For instance, if you use WordPress, you have to go to the content management system, select ‘Tools’, followed by ‘Marketing’, and then ‘Traffic’. Scroll down to the bottom and there you will get the Site Verification Services.

3. Send a request for review

Now you can send the request so that Pinterest can review your application. Visit the Pinterest tab and choose ‘Next’ and then submit. Wait patiently for 24 hours and Pinterest will share its response.

The Final Thought

So, when it comes to making your brand stand out and wooing more customers, you have to consider Pinterest merchant verification. And now you realize that with only a few minutes of work, you will have the check mark on your Pinterest account and enjoy all the perks that comes with it.

Once you have the verified merchant status, everyone will know that you are an authentic source, and more people will be keen on following you. So, finish the Pinterest shop setup and start Pinterest brand promotion. Happy pinning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program?

Pinterest verified merchant program is a must for Pinterest brand promotion and it is equivalent to getting verified on any other social media platform like Instagram. So, with Pinterest's verified merchant program, you will have a check mark next to your account name and your website URL will be fully visible on your profile. Naturally, you will get more leads because of this.

Q. How can a business become a part of the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program?

Becoming a verified merchant on Pinterest is an uncomplicated process if you are eligible for it and your site meets Pinterest's merchant guidelines. Refer to the eligibility section and follow the steps to get done with it.

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