Have the monthly views on your Pinterest posts suddenly started decreasing? No matter what you do, have you been struggling to drive significant traffic from your Pinterest profile to your business website? Then it is natural to feel at times that your Pinterest marketing efforts are no longer effective and you shouldn’t waste more money or time on this platform. But instead of thinking about giving up, have to tried to arrive at the root of the problem? Have you thought why is my Pinterest traffic dropping?

If that’s the thought on your mind, you are not alone. As a Pinterest marketing expert, I have been approached by many business owners and content creators who are going through this kind of rut. So, in this article, I will explain the possible reasons why you are experiencing a shocking traffic drop. I will also share tips to use Pinterest like a pro to improve Pinterest traffic organically.

Major Reasons Why Your Pinterest Impressions Are Falling

Why Is My Pinterest Traffic Dropping?
Why Is My Pinterest Traffic Dropping?

Before I reveal what went wrong, the first thing that you must understand is that Pinterest engagement decline is not an uncommon occurrence. Like you, other pinners also notice a massive decline in engagement, link clicks, and pin impressions at times. My years of experience on Pinterest have taught me that there could be the following reasons behind traffic drops:

1. Change in algorithm

The algorithm of one social media platform differs from another. Every platform relies on a certain way to distribute content. For instance, earlier the algorithm of Pinterest was such that a user was shown those types of content on which they interacted. Later in 2020, Pinterest ended up restructuring its algorithm so that a user’s timeline can be full of diversified content. Video pins and story pins started getting featured. Then came a time when story pins became trending.

So, you should be aware of the latest Pinterest algorithm changes in order to adapt accordingly. If your content does not reflect the newest changes, be ready to face a drop in traffic.

2. Re-pins are affecting your traffic

On Pinterest, any pin that you save from a third party is called a re-pin. Very few people have the expertise to fathom that re-pins are like double-edged swords. In simple words, if you have saved a pin that became viral, you will see that your numbers are going up. Again, if a pin saved by you to your Pinterest board loses traction, then your numbers can go down.

To identify which re-pins are accountable for the traffic drops on your Pinterest profile, you can filter them out in Pinterest Analytics.

3. Someone has stolen your pins

Believe it or not, Pinterest pins can be stolen. Wondering how this happens? If someone targets your pins for a particular keyword that has ranked at the top, they can shrewdly outrank you. They will imitate your pin with the exact same keywords along with the detailing you have used. After that, they will use it on their board to woo traffic.

Under these circumstances, you will have to bear the brunt of Pinterest engagement decline. A pin that could have brought you millions of traffic becomes useless when someone else reaps the benefits of your hard work.

4. The seasonal pins of yours have lost traction

Pins that are relevant and show great performance during a specific season qualify as seasonal pins. These could be fall/ autumn, summer, Halloween, or Christmas-related pins. If your pins are about Christmas outfits, they will do well in December but not in January as by then, Christmas is already over. So, when they are trending, you will earn thousands of views, saves, and impressions. Pinterest will also show the pins to more pinners who are looking for that type of content.

However, when the season changes, why won’t your pins lose traction and lead to traffic drops? This does not mean you should refrain from pinning seasonal content. You simply have to create a balance between old pins and fresh pins, and I will explain that in detail.

5. Spam filter

As spam is a matter of concern, Pinterest has come up with a spam filter to combat this issue. This often affects accounts negatively. So, if they have marked a pin as spammed (for whatever reasons), people cannot click on that pin, and it will not appear on search results. Because of this thing, if some of your pins were at the top for specific keywords, they will suddenly disappear from search results. Many business accounts on Pinterest suffer because of this.

6.  Your Pinterest marketing strategies are failing

Each time Pinterest updates its policies and changes its algorithms, do you revise your strategies, or do you cling onto age-old techniques you used in 2022 that are ineffective on today’s date? The thing with Pinterest is that it has undergone significant changes over the years. Hence, content types and things that worked like magic 2 years ago might not be of any use in the current scenario.

So, if you haven’t altered your techniques for months and you do things the same way you did when you created your Pinterest account, how can you expect fantastic pin impressions and more monthly viewers?

Pinterest Impressions Going Down? Steps to Increase Pinterest Monthly Views

So, now I have provided an answer to your question ‘Why is my Pinterest traffic dropping? Therefore, instead of feeling hopeless, scroll down to understand why this is happening and what steps you can take to fix the issue.

1. Publish fresh pins consistently

To make your monthly views increase on Pinterest, you have to keep posting consistently. Pinterest explicitly states that sharing original and new content on a daily basis is the right way to build a strong audience base on this platform. According to Pinterest, publishing inspiring and high-quality content that others will find helpful is of utmost significance. So, with creative content ideas, you will surely get good results.

So, what is the ideal pinning frequency? Posting at least 10 pins per day is a way to increase views and it also aligns with the best practices of the platform.

2. Use new and attractive images

Having a regular pinning schedule won’t suffice unless the pins have the potential to grab the attention of people. If you use the same picture for multiple new pins, it might make people think that the pin has no new information to offer. So, they will ignore it and click on other pins that appear eye-catching.

Therefore, keep in mind that on Pinterest, fresh content always gets preference. Now when you are designing pins, avoid repetition and use different images and font styles to make it visually appealing. For SEO, the pin description and the pin title should also be unique. It is also a good idea to create several relevant boards when you have enough pins to decorate those boards.

3. Restructure your pins as per algorithm changes

Every business profile on Pinterest must take the Pinterest algorithm seriously and there’s a tool named ‘Analytics’ meant for business profiles. Moreover, there are many perks of analyzing Pinterest Algorithms by visiting Pinterest Analytics from your Pinterest business account. You will be amazed to see the range of metrics you can measure here.

Analytics will display which of your pins on Pinterest performed the best and which pins are performing poorly. From how many people visited your website through this platform to how many Pinterest users have saved your pins – you will get to see every important thing. So, you will have clarity if your content strategy for Pinterest is effective or not and you can improvise if needed.

4. Don’t neglect Pinterest SEO

A crucial role is played by Pinterest SEO as it will make it easy for you to reach more people and get steady traffic from Pinterest. If the title or description is not SEO-optimized, how will your pins become a source of traffic? Understanding Pinterest SEO means treating Pinterest as a search engine and prioritizing the use of keywords. Hence, a pin title and description having trending keywords is an ideal method to ensure maximum searches from Pinterest.

How can you find keywords? The home feed of Pinterest is a reliable place for getting keyword ideas. Another thing that must be maintained for the sake of SEO is using vertical images on pins instead of horizontal ones. You should also keep checking Pinterest trends and curate your new blog posts strategically.

5. Upload video pins

Who would not like seeing short and entertaining videos? The newest format to increase Pinterest impressions are video pins. So, they must be a part of your Pinterest strategy as they have higher chances of getting millions of views than regular pins.

According to stats, out of 10 people, 8 make a purchase decision after they’ve watched a video on some social media platform. That proves that videos are the favorite content type of consumers. However, if your aim is to entice massive traffic, you should use not just video pins but a combination of various pin formats like animated pins, regular pins, and video pins,

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, I'd like to remind you that when it comes to visual discovery, Pinterest is an excellent search engine. By studying Analytics and altering your Pinterest SEO tactics from time to time, you will be able to drive traffic again. And now I have already taught you how the traffic drop situation can be fixed. If you follow the above-mentioned guidelines, you should get good results within 6-8 weeks.

If you found this article useful or you need more social media engagement tips, you can reach out to me to acquire in-depth knowledge of Pinterest marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is my Pinterest traffic dropping?

When your content gets less distribution, your Pinterest Impressions will begin to fall. It can be because of several factors like less engagement on pins, the time when you publish pins, not uploading pins every day, and the quality of the pins.

Q. How can I improve my Pinterest engagement and traffic?

To increase traffic and get impressions on Pinterest, you should engage with your audience and have a flexible pinning strategy that you modify with the changes in the Pinterest algorithm. To increase user engagement on Pinterest or boost Pinterest views, you may use Tailwind and opt for Pinterest Ads.