With 460+ million active users in 2023, Pinterest is among the most popular social media platforms. Its popularity also makes Pinterest a crowded space where people keep posting interesting pins. So, the competition is high and gaining long-term followers on Pinterest can be challenging if you don’t have a strategy. Wondering how to get followers on Pinterest?

I have gained 74k followers on my account within a short time period and I’m here to help you increase your follower count. Curious to learn how to get new Pinterest followers and what tactics you should implement to compel Pinterest users to follow you? Stay tuned as I’ll reveal all the secrets so that you too can grow your audience.

Why Should You Try to Get Followers on Pinterest?
How to Get Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest is a leading blogging site that prioritizes pictorial content. If you are a digital creator like me, you must be on Pinterest. It gives bloggers a chance to build their following by marketing their content.

Sharing content on Pinterest daily won’t be of much use unless you have a devoted group of followers. Building a strong customer base is the first step to popularizing your brand and boosting sales. So, it is high time you come up with a Pinterest strategy that makes your content visible to more people and makes them follow you.

Strategies to Get More Followers on Pinterest in 2023

Unable to persuade people to follow you and can't think of ways to get followers? I have the best solution for you that will surely give the desired results. Here are some Pinterest follower growth tips that worked for me.

1. Use a business account

Are you still using your old Pinterest profile to post content on Pinterest? Then switching to a business account is the first thing you need to do. With a professional profile, you can entire more followers.

There are many benefits of being a business account on Pinterest. You will have access to a range of tools that personal account can’t use. Shopping features, advanced analytics, and unique formats of content are some of them.

You will also be able to create an ad account for promoting your content. And as you already have a personal account, you won’t even have to create a new account. Converting the existing Pinterest account to a business account won’t be difficult.

2.  Start posting idea pins

Pinterest introduced idea pins for the first time in 2021. This feature’s beta version rolled out in the year 2020 and it is known as Story pins. Story pins are like Instagram stories that you can also convert to a reel effortlessly. Similarly, Pinterest’s idea pin feature permits businesses and creators to edit, record, and share a maximum of 20 pages of content in one single post.

You can also record voiceovers, add music, tag different accounts, and add transitions. The best thing about an Idea Pin is that it won’t expire after a day like Facebook and Instagram stories. I rely on this feature to grow my engagement and reach, and so can you.

3.  Optimize your bio and username

On Pinterest, your bio and username are searchable. You simply have to add some search terms based on your niche. The terms you include should be the words your target audience types on the search bar to view pins. Each time someone types such a term, your profile will be visible to them.

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4.  Use keywords smartly

Any idea how Pinterest users find new brands? Whenever they use certain keywords to search for Pinterest content, Pinterest shows them the most relevant pins based on their Pinterest search results. Hence, to gain Pinterest followers, including keywords in your images and descriptions is mandatory.

When you write pin descriptions, be descriptive and specific. Then your pins will have the highest chance of matching a pinner’s search intent.

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5.  Share original photos

According to Pinterest Stats, 84% pinners use this app to make purchase decisions. Therefore, it’s essential that you make yourself likeable by offering content to people that’ authentic. Nothing can be more strategic than posting original images that send out your brand’s message. When you re-pin at times, only re-pin content that you think aligns with your brand.

6.  Target a specific group of people

Who is your target audience and what are their needs? Figuring out who will take interest in your content is crucial. For instance, if your pins are all about sharing parenting tips, new dads and moms may follow you. If you share information that can help them, they are bound to follow you.

So, instead of sharing all types of content, narrow your audience and then create something that will resonate with your fan-base. The moment you identify a niche and stick to it, you’ll be able to maximize Pinterest visibility as more people will consume, share, and value your work.

7.  Add topic tags that are relevant

In 2023, Pinterest does not encourage users to use hashtags anymore like it did in 2022. So, creators have started using topic tags for categorizing their content and improving reach. So, utilizing the topic tag feature will create novel opportunities for you. This is yet another successful technique to get people to follow you.

8. Use infographics

Using infographics is a Pinterest follower growth strategy that will prove advantageous. When you use infographics, even a dull post will become attractive. And who does not enjoy watching vibrant pictures? I have seen that such posts garner a lot of response, which will eventually get you more followers.

9. Share fresh content every week

Pinterest recommends its users to share at least one pin a week if they want to gain Pinterest traffic. If you can share daily, even better. However, sharing daily does not mean sharing irrelevant, low-quality pins. People will hit the Pinterest follow button only when you post unique content consistently and your content is unique at the same time.

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10. Be an active user

Like other social networking sites, Pinterest gives preference to its active users. So, you should spend some time following the boards shared by others in your niche and re-pinning. When it comes to re-pinning, go to the ‘Trending’ and ‘Explore’ pages and re-pin from there. Re-pin regularly and your reach will increase.

Engaging with people who comment on your pins will also create a positive impression and they will be feel tempted to check out your profile and follow you.

11. Follow back

When you aren’t a famous brand and you are yet to prove your worth, you have to follow people back. Moreover, following a business that shares the same kind of content as you will benefit you both. So, emerging businesses in your niche and follow them. Most of them will follow you back and together you can help each other grow. This is superb way to increase followers organically.

12. Keep your Pinterest board organized

When people visit your profile, nobody likes to look at an unorganized board. It becomes difficult for users to find relevant pins when your boards are messy. So, what you can do it divide your board into multiple sections. After that, save the pins based on their categories. Your viewers will appreciate this as it’ll become simple for them to re-pin a specific content from your board.

13. Promote your Pinterest pins

If you are serious about using Pinterest to increase sales and expand your business, consider promoting your best Pinterest pins that have done well on Pinterest. Pinterest ads isn’t a free service, but it is also not expensive. But why should you pay to promote your pins?

Pinterest always shows the promoted pins first to users. So, 50% of purchases that users make are after seeing promoted pins. On average, the re-pinning frequency of promoted pins is 11 times.

14. Re-pin old content

On Instagram, the lifespan of a post is 48 hours. On Pinterest, the lifespan of pins is about 4 months which is longer than other platforms. Keeping this in mind, feel free to pin your older posts to new boards to increase their visibility. This way, new people will engage on your old posts. Note that refreshing the images on older pins is necessary for better engagement.

15. Consider creating product pins

Since your aim is to drive traffic to your products, you won’t regret creating product pins. Product pins are more searchable than normal pins. So, your chances of being discovered by more people who can become followers will increase.

Should You Buy Pinterest Followers?

There are no shortcuts to getting new followers on Pinterest. If you want to grow your Pinterest account, it should only be with hard work. Buying Pinterest followers is not an uncommon practice but this method will not help you in the long run. These are some of the drawbacks of increasing Pinterest following by purchasing followers:

1. It is against the platform's guidelines

If Pinterest finds out you have purchased followers, it can ban your business from the website. That's because it is against Pinterest's guidelines.

2. It'll impact the performance of your pins 

Pinterest algorithm does not just measure the follower count of an account. It also takes into account your engagement metrics. For example, if 10 out of your 100 real followers re-pin your posts, that's an awesome engagement number. But if you have 1000 fake followers, Pinterest will see the engagement number as 1 percent.

So, if you don't attract followers that are real, your engagement metrics will decrease.

3. You can't expect any ROI

The whole idea behind increasing followers on Pinterest is to use Pinterest to grow your business. Your followers can become your customers. But with fake followers, you cannot expect that. Therefore, you must work diligently to gain more followers that can be your customers in the future.

Parting Thoughts

Now that you know how to get more Pinterest followers, it is time to devote your attention to the most critical yet most exciting part of marketing. Yes, I'm taking about a designing a Pinterest marketing strategy that will help you woo potential followers.

Note that once they follow you on Pinterest, you have to keep sharing alluring content to retain your Pinterest audience. Over time, you too will learn how to increase the number of followers gradually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I increase my Pinterest followers for free?

Increasing your followers on Pinterest organically instead of buying followers is important. For that, you will need to implement a kickass Pinterest strategy that is effective in 2023.

Q. What strategies work best for gaining more Pinterest followers?

Optimizing your Pinterest bio and username, posting idea pins, sharing useful content consistently, uploading high-quality original images, and including relevant keywords are some excellent ways to gain Pinterest followers organically.

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