Gone are the days when businesses dismissed Pinterest assuming it is just a place for motivational quotes and home decor ideas. With 460+ million users, this visual search engine gives companies an opportunity to woo millions of new customers by advertising their products and services in a lucrative manner. And you'll be amazed to know that Pinterest is not just a fabulous advertising platform but also an incredible digital shopping tool. Would you like to learn how to increase sales with Pinterest? Then this Pinterest marketing guide is all you need to boost sales dramatically.

Why Should Businesses Sell on Pinterest?

Using Pinterest for business growth works well for any business selling food, home decoration, clothing, or other visual products. Any product that is visually appealing has the highest chances of attracting buyers on Pinterest. That's because Pinterest is all about eye-catching pins and the audience here looks for inspiration and unique products on categories like beauty, fashion, decor, etc. Naturally, products catering to specific passions and interests (like subcultures and niche hobbies) are bound to grab the attention of pinners.

The reason behind the popularity of Pinterest as a shopping platform is simple. It can strongly influence the purchase decisions of users. So, if you are a business owner keen on increasing your reach, creating a Pinterest shop will be a wise decision. Moreover, when it comes to becoming a seller on Pinterest, Pinterest offers businesses immense flexibility. For example, you can sell your products here even if you do not have a business website. For that, you can rely on ecommerce platforms like Shopify.

But how do you get started? This is a beginner-friendly guide to teach you everything you need to know about Pinterest engagement for sales and solidifying your presence on Pinterest.

Pinterest Advertising Tips to Use Pinterest for Business to Spike Sales

How to Increase Sales with Pinterest

So, I have established that Pinterest can be a dream outlet for an online store, but that’s only if you know the tricks for boosting sales using Pinterest. Now I will reveal the steps you should take to earn new customers and make money on Pinterest.

1 Create an impressive online store

When a person is in a mall, he decides whether to enter a store based on how it looks from the outside. The same rule applies to an online store as well. Irrespective of the social media profiles where you want to sell your products, the first thing that you require is an online store and it better be organized.

Your online store will have everything from product information to inventory and therefore, it’s a great idea to hire a professional to do it. That’s because if the interface of your online store is not user friendly, you won’t succeed at growing your customer base and converting Pinterest followers to customers. And on a popular platform like Pinterest, the competition is quite high.

2. Open a business profile on Pinterest

As opposed to a personal Pinterest account, a business account will give you access to several important Pinterest tools (like Analytics). So, you can either change the existing account into a business profile or create a new Pinterest profile solely for business.

It is important that your profile resonates with your brand. From the profile photo to the username - every detail should increase brand awareness. To make your brand appear credible, you may opt for the Verified Merchant Program. It is one of the Pinterest marketing best practices that will certainly drive traffic to your website.

3. Optimize your pins

The longevity of posts on Pinterest is longer than places like Twitter and Instagram. So, make your pins evergreen by using appropriate keywords. This way, your pins will be shown to your target audience even months after you have posted them. That’s the power of Pinterest SEO and mastering this art is essential for maximizing Pinterest ROI.

4. Share product pins

For driving traffic with Pinterest, you have to start using product pins. The moment you connect your Pinterest business account to your online store, the product catalogue will be accessible to your Pinterest audience. When an intrigued Pinterest user clicks on the product pin, they can view the necessary information about the item and proceed to buy. You can also provide the link of your product page along with the ordinary pins to transform them into rich pins.

5. Keep promoting your Pinterest pins

Although Pinterest is an organic space, advertising is still important, and Pinterest allows paid ads. Effective Pinterest marketing is not just about sharing attractive pins but also promoting those pins. Only then your brand will be in front of more and more people and your product on Pinterest will defeat your rivals.

You can run Pinterest Ads for creating ad campaigns within minutes. This will instantly increase the visibility of your pins and the Ads Manager is there to walk you through target demographics, budget, and campaign goals.

6. Publish ‘Shop the Look’ pins

‘Shop the Look’ pins are awesome as you can tag multiple products in one pin. Whether you have shared some home décor tips or a sexy outfit – all the items available from the photo will be shown to the customer at once. This is also a smart way of encouraging people to purchase several products.

7. Take note of your performance

Since you are serious about utilizing Pinterest to witness amazing sales, you should track your performance. That’s how you’ll become a pro and remember that there is always something new to learn.

So, it is absolutely necessary to update your Pinterest marketing strategies from time to time. And how can you do that if you are clueless about how your pins are performing?

Not sure how to make Pinterest your go-to place to sell the latest products? Luckily, Pinterest Analytics will come to your rescue. The analytics system of Pinterest is so robust that that you can view useful data by opening the ‘Analytics’ section. It will show top pins, engagement rates, outbound links, impressions, and top boards. You can check weekly, quarterly, and monthly reports as per your convenience.

Parting Thoughts

Therefore, Pinterest is not just a visual discovery engine but a fantastic shopping destination. And now that you know how to increase sales on Pinterest, you will be able to capture the full potential of the platform. So, follow the above-mentioned tips to become a successful Pinterest marketer and a significant percentage of the website traffic that you get from here will convert into your regular customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can businesses effectively use Pinterest to increase their sales?

Pinterest is a social networking platform where with the right Pinterest marketing efforts, businesses can make the most of social media marketing on Pinterest. To make sales, setting up a Pinterest business account, using keywords that are relevant, and having a Pinterest strategy are compulsory.

Q. What are some advanced techniques for maximizing sales through Pinterest?

Engaging with your audience, luring people with discounts, and sharing rich pins are some excellent Pinterest sales techniques. As Pinterest is a visual discovery engine, you need to ensure that the content on Pinterest boards is visually appealing.

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