Health is the greatest wealth a person can possess. While taking care of our health has always been of utmost significance, global pandemics, pollution, and lifestyle factors have made everyone more conscious. Be it exercising daily or having superfoods – people are always searching for new ways to boost their immunity and overall health. They rely on the internet to gather information and tips to lead a healthy lifestyle. From virtual consultation to ordering medicines – everything can be done online. That explains why you must promote your health blogs on platforms like Pinterest. Do you find this information exciting? Then let’s understand how you can leverage Pinterest for health niche.

A Beginner's Guidebook on Using Pinterest for Health Niche
pinterest for health niche

Now that you know why being on Pinterest is a must for your health business, here's a guide on how you can make a difference:

1. Research a little

As with any business venture, doing your homework is crucial before you get started. As you are new on Pinterest, you need to spend some time to understand how it works and what strategies you should implement. This becomes even more important when you have chosen a popular niche like health.

As the competition is extremely high, you must check out the profiles of some of the most successful accounts who pin health-related content. Borrowing inspiration from pins that get millions of views and have many followers will make it easy for you to woo your audience. So, do these things and you will have some idea about the kind of content that the Pinterest audience prefers.

2. Brush up your business skills

You are going to use Pinterest not to kill boredom or check out other people’s posts. Your intention is to utilize this amazing platform to fulfil your business goals. So, the first thing you should do is convert your Pinterest personal profile into a business profile. This will give you access to an impressive range of tools that will come in handy. All the popular businesses who use Pinterest for health niche post from their business profiles, and so should you.

Additionally, you should also come up with a marketing plan to make progress organically. Some of the must-have business skills to leverage Pinterest like a pro are researching keywords, developing copywriting skills, and understanding internet marketing. You may consider hiring a VA or Pinterest Manager as the person will have expertise in using Pinterest.

To build a solid fan base on Pinterest who turn to you for health advice, you need to have an identity. Pinterest is a fantastic place for any kind of business as it is simple to pin content on this platform. This means your pins have the potential to feature on hundreds of relevant wellness boards Pinterest. And when that happens, your name must be seen.

So, always include your brand name within every board and pin. This way, irrespective of where your content is shared, people will become familiar with your brand logo and name.

4. Prioritize researching keywords

Posting informative and interesting content like Healthy Recipes Pinterest or Fitness Inspiration Pinterest won’t be effective unless your content is keyword rich. From this perspective, Pinterest is similar to any search engine. Like achieving specific SEO goals, researching keywords and implementing them smartly will help you reach more people on Pinterest. Hence, from the title to the pin description – include trending keywords everywhere.

5. Post pins regularly

Here’s another thing that you should keep in mind and that’s posting content consistently. Why is this significant? Imagine a person typing the words ‘Mental Health Pinterest’ or 'Natural Remedies Pinterest' on the search bar and coming across one of your pins. They may save the pin if they find the information helpful. At the same time, they will be keen on checking out other posts you’ve shared with the expectation that they will get more useful advice.

So, once you have their attention, you must keep uploading fresh content dedicatedly to benefit your followers. Pinterest will also take note of your commitment and make your pins visible to more people.

6. Choose a micro niche

Health is an umbrella term that encompasses everything from weight loss to homeopathy medicines. It is impossible for a person to be an expert in all these areas like mental health, medical treatment, diet and nutrition, etc. To make your content stand out, you should finalize a couple of micro niches on which you have good knowledge and then share health tips on Pinterest.

So, it is essential that you discover the top categories that are trending on Pinterest at the moment. If you go to the ‘Categories and Interests’ section on Pinterest, you can see the top niches and the % of audience interested in those niches. After that, pick a micro niche based on your area of specialization.

Some of the viral sub niches under the category ‘health’ are daily routine, weight loss, workout ideas Pinterest, diet, night routine, healthy food, healthy drinks, eye care, children health, skincare, ketogenic diet, etc.

7. Make your pins attractive

Another thing that matters on Pinterest is how visually appealing your pins are. Your photos should be vertical instead of horizontal as most Pinterest users are mobile users. There are apps like Canva where you can have fun designing pins for this digital platform.

8. Be mindful of Pinterest's limitations

When it comes to using Pinterest for health niche, they have certain limitations in the community guidelines and advertising policies. For example, if you are thinking of advertising some healthcare products on Pinterest, then you must know what kinds of products you cannot promote here.

Pinterest does not allow pinners to advertise prescription drugs (for pets and humans), products it considers unreliable or unsafe, invasive medical procedures, class III medical devices, etc. You can simply google ‘Advertising Guidelines on Pinterest’ and you will get the complete list of products you aren’t allowed to advertise on Pinterest.

You should also go through ‘Community Guidelines’ carefully to learn what is prohibited. Pinterest strictly instructs its users to not promote conspiracy theories, false cures, misinformation about health issues, anti-vaccination advice, misleading content that may confuse people, etc.

9. Become a Verified Merchant on Pinterest

If you will sell some products on Pinterest, you can set up Pinterest Shopping features. You can also apply to be recognized as a Pinterest Verified Merchant. This will help your products gain more visibility as well as attach a blue tick to your product pins business profile. This is a major trust factor that makes people believe in you and think that you are reliable.

10. Monetize your health account

For any business account on Pinterest, the end goal is to earn money and there are various ways of monetizing a health website. Based on the user intent, you need to invent novel strategies. For example, if you want to teach people how to exercise, opening a YouTube channel to upload videos daily is compulsory. The aim should be to come up with a solution that solves the problems of your target customers.

Another thing that you should know is that most online businesses depend on multiple social media platforms (like Instagram, YouTube, etc.) instead of one. They link these platforms with one another to get the most out of them. So, you can promote your health blogs Pinterest by linking your website with Pinterest.

11. Try Pinterest affiliate marketing

Being an affiliate marketer on Pinterest is one of the simplest ways of making some passive income. You just have to look for the best affiliate programs in the health niche. Then you have to become their affiliate marketer and your job will be to encourage your Pinterest followers to buy their health services/ products. Each time someone buys those products after clicking on your affiliate links, you will get a certain amount. Isn't it a clever trick to make money online?

To Sum Up

Therefore, if you are passionate about helping others live better and longer, it is high time you start sharing healthy lifestyle pins on Pinterest. Just set up a Pinterest account and start sharing content consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can Pinterest be used effectively for health-related information?

Whether you educate people by offering health tips on your blogs or sell medicines and healthcare services, you can always use Pinterest to reach more people. By linking your site to your Pinterest business profile, you can make the best use of Pinterest to help millions of people by giving health advice regularly.

Q. What are some popular health niches to explore on Pinterest?

Health and fitness, weight loss, lifestyle, healthy food, personal care, well-being, diet and nutrition, children's health, medical treatment, prenatal nutrition, oral care, wellness tourism, daily routine, mental health, workout, Yoga Pinterest, and medicine are some of the trending health niches on Pinterest in 2023.

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