When someone mentions Pinterest, the first thing that comes to mind is that the target audience is women. Yes, Pinterest stats state that 76% of its audience base comprises women, but the number of men users has started to grow. That might have made you question the usefulness of Pinterest for men.

The men who spend time on Pinterest admit that they love the experience. Whether someone is looking for a platform to sell their products online or searching for Pinterest gadgets for men – this can be their go-to place. Pinterest can even help people achieve their fitness goals or find their dream house – and these are things that are important to any sensible person irrespective of their gender. So, why is it high time that you too begin using Pinterest to search for unique content? Let’s find out everything about Pinterest for men.

Men's Interests on Pinterest: A Detailed Study

Pinterest for Men

After conducting research on men and their goals for the next year, Pinterest has revealed some statistics, and they are extremely interesting. Across various demographics like men’s health and fitness Pinterest and men’s cooking recipes Pinterest, high rates of goal-settings and hopefulness were found. But the thing that men around the globe are most concerned about is investing money and pre-planning how to balance time to reach all their targets. The study proves that compared to last year, they are more determined this year to chase their dreams wholeheartedly.

So, knowing about these goals makes it easy for Pinterest to cater to their specific needs. Like women, the men of today are conscious about how they look. So, on their free time, they like to check out men's fashion Pinterest boards or look for new men's hobbies on Pinterest.

Men too need to take occasional breaks from their work and spend time on social media. And what could be better than a place where they can find everything that fascinates them – from high-tech gadgets to real estate investments to best destinations for weekend trips? That’s what a male-focused Pinterest platform is all about.

Important Insights into the Shopping Behavior of Men

These are some of the latest Pinterest male trends:

  1. Women take a lot of time comparing multiple products and reading n number of reviews before purchasing something. Men, on the other hand, don’t prefer to spend hours looking for one item. They convert quicker as they don’t overthink before hitting the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  2. Another interesting fact about the men on Pinterest is that they are premium shoppers. When they want something, they don’t mind getting it immediately by paying its full price. Most men do not have the patience to wait for the sale to arrive.
  3. Men are also more aligned towards shopping products from brands they already know and trust. While women like to experiment with the newest options available, men like to stick to their chosen brands.
  4. Personalization matters to men and 85% of male pinners say that they admire the personalized feel of this app. For them, shopping is not as much a fun experience as it is for women. They are there to find a particular product (be it casual outfits or a property) and then get it delivered at the earliest. So, they appreciate when Pinterest can suggest them the exact products they require. Hence, browsing through Pinterest male lifestyle ideas or buying Pinterest home decor for men is something that delights these people. In short, shopping on Pinterest for men is not just about making transactions but buying things they love.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know why men are bound to be obsessed with Pinterest. Its personalization, incredible speed, and impressive variety of products from leading brands make Pinterest a shopper’s paradise. No wonder more men are creating Pinterest accounts to buy casual wear like jeans and denim jackets as well as luxury dresses.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your Pinterest account and start shopping now!

Q. What type of content can men find on Pinterest?

Men can find all kinds of useful content on Pinterest - be it fashion ideas, diets to stay fit, or tips to plan an upcoming holiday. From business inspiration to sweaters to other best mens outfits - Pinterest is full of interesting content for men.

Q. How can men effectively use Pinterest for their hobbies and interests?

Like women, men can rely on Pinterest to get fresh content on their areas of interest. After creating a Pinterest profile, they simply have to select some preferred niches like mens fashion, gift ideas, fitness trends, education, etc. Then Pinterest will show them the top pins in those niches. They can also use Pinterest to promote their business and drive sales.

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