Despite the advent of Twitch, TikTok, and other social media platforms, Pinterest continues to be a popular platform for businesses. With millions of MAUs (monthly active users), Pinterest’s MAUs in 2022’s third quarter surpassed 445 million. What makes it better than social networking sites is that it is a hub for inspiration and discovery. Moreover, now Pinterest also allows its users to shop Pins, thus giving more opportunities to affiliate marketers to grow. So, in 2023, Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest is something you cannot afford to overlook.

Understanding Pinterest For Amazon Affiliates

Many businesses have the impression that Pinterest is merely a social media network. Yes, you can see images/ videos and share posts on Pinterest. But it’s different from a social media platform as here you can create pins, browse through others’ Pins, and add them to your Board.

Clicking on a Pin will take you to an external site where you can even purchase the product. Pinterest also has tutorials, articles, and guides that can serve as a valuable resource. So, Pinterest is a perfect place to use Amazon affiliate links, advertise Amazon products, and boost sales. Want to know more about Pinterest Amazon affiliate program? I’ll tell you why you should do it and how to get started.

Amazon Affiliate with Pinterest: What is it, and why must you take it seriously?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

A free program, Amazon affiliate marketing, allows business to make money by promoting their Amazon products on Pinterest. When customers see your affiliate link on Pinterest and click on it, they can buy the product. Unsure how to begin sharing affiliate networks? I’ve curated this guide for first timers to make the most of Amazon affiliate on Pinterest.

But why should you explore the realm of Pinterest affiliate marketing? That’s because Pinterest users rely on this platform to browse things that interest them. This means your affiliate product link will be shown to people already interested in the product. Naturally, they are more likely to proceed with the purchase.

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Pinterest affiliate marketing tips: A beginner’s marketing strategy

Now that you realize the importance of Pinterest affiliate marketing, how can you make the most of it? Acquainting yourself with the Amazon associate's Pinterest policy is crucial. I’ve provided step-by-step instructions to simplify the process for you.

1.  Set up a Pinterest account to achieve success

Before you set up an account on Pinterest for your company, outline your goals. Once you are clear about what you wish to accomplish, creating top-notch content won’t be challenging.

  • Create a business profile

The first thing that you’ll need is a kick-ass Pinterest business account. For continuity, I recommend you to sign up on Pinterest with the same handle as your Facebook and Instagram profile. Briefly describe the essence of your business in 160 characters.

Now add keywords related to the Amazon products you sell. After that, add pins to your boards.

  • Add Amazon affiliate links to your pins 

You cannot generate affiliate links and drive affiliate sales unless you enable the Amazon Associates program account. After enabling the account, you can pin your affiliate links. The Manage Your Tracking ID option is for cracking trackable site links you can share.

The final step involves designing a compelling video or photo post that you’ll pin to your Pinterest business profile. Make sure you enter the Amazon affiliate link and a tracking ID.

  • Organize relevant Pins and Boards strategically

You must think through before you commence to add boards on Pinterest. Keep your pins organized under categories. For example, a jewelry company should have a Pinterest board with topics such as earrings, bracelets, pendants, etc.

Pro tip: Don’t end up adding too many boards that you can’t manage. The most popular boards always post frequently. So, you also have to maintain the boards.

2. Design unique Pinterest pins that can boost engagement 

Pinning Amazon affiliate links with great content is mandatory to pique the interest of potential customers. Keep in mind that Pinterest users are mostly mobile users. So, the high-quality video/ photo you share should have a vertical aspect ratio.

Ready to dive deep into psyche of your customers? Then devote your attention to these three things.

  • Craft visually attractive pins with trending content

Not all users prefer the same kind of content. While some enjoy watching videos, other like to read blogs. So, pinning Amazon affiliate links successfully means pinning them with diverse content combinations.

For instance, when you are advertising a cat toy, use videos and photos of cats playing with that toy in different posts.

  • Write detailed pin descriptions with proper keywords

As you’re figuring out how to pin affiliate links on Pinterest, understand that sufficient description with keywords will enrich your content. No matter how well-written a content is, leveraging the search function is vital. Only then the content will get the exposure you seek.

  • Enhance your affiliate content with rich pins

How can you ignore search engine optimization? Use rich pins to focus on SEO. A rich pin will pill metadata from your affiliate link and help people find your pin. The Rich Pin Validator will allow you to use this feature.

Note: Rich Pin Validator works only on blog posts and product pages, not on homepages of websites. So, put in the right affiliate marketing efforts to promote products and via your Pinterest profile.

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3.  Leverage SEO tactics to increase visibility and traffic

Do you have any idea how customers come across your business on Pinterest? The most common ways are the follow tab, related pins, and the hashtag feed. Each method has a SEO strategy which you must utilize to promote your Amazon affiliate links. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Educate yourself on Pinterest’s smart feed and algorithm

Pinterest ranks pin as per their quality, linked domain, relevance, and identity of the pinner. To increase the quality of your pins, use pins that denote specific themes. The more you keep posting and interacting with Pinterest users, the greater the chances of your pins to rank higher in the feed.

  • Do your keyword research

Researching trends on Pinterest is not challenging. Moreover, it is imperative if you want to optimize keywords. You will notice a drop-down box in the topmost section of the right corner. Click on it to view data on trending topics. Refine those topics to see their ranks to fathom what Pinterest users love to view.

4.  Build your community on Pinterest

Pinterest is also a place to interact with potential customers. They will be intrigued to check out your account when you address their concerns. This will spur more sales from happy customers as well as encourage new ones to buy from you.

  • Engage with influencers in your niche

Building business ties with influencers in your niche is a clever move. Search the top pins by submitting relevant keywords. Then make a list of the leading influencers who share the same kind of content. When you come across a profile you like, reach out directly. They’ll be glad to promote your product on their social media handle in exchange for free products.

  • Interact with users in the ‘Comments’ section

Be it your workplace or social media – personal equations matter everywhere. Many marketers neglect the significance of interacting with users. I’ll tell you why you should take it seriously.

People appreciate when they get quick responses to their queries. Sometimes, a simple thank you is enough to impress a user. That’s how you gain their trust and compel them to buy.

  • Monitor your performance

Uploading content regularly won’t suffice unless you track your performance. You must find out if your pins are doing well. With Pinterest Analytics, monitoring your growth won’t be a hassle. These metrics have various data like save and click rates, engagement, etc. Gaining insight into which pins your audience loved will enable you to generate better content.

Bonus Tips: Things to Remember on Amazon Affiliate Marketing With Pinterest:

  • Make sure you read and follow Pinterest’s Acceptable Use Policy
  • Take a look at these useful brand guidelines for advice on using Pinterest’s logo and so on
  • You can use shortened URLs, but using generic URL shorteners such as or tinyurl may increase the risk of your Pin being marked as spam
  • Don’t use cloaking, off-domain redirects, or any other technical measures to spam users, or to intentionally obscure a Pin’s final destination.
  • Don’t engage in spammy behavior by saving large amounts of unwanted or repetitive content, posting unsolicited commercial messages in comments and descriptions, or by trying to artificially boost views, Pins, comments, or other metrics

Parting Thoughts

So, Amazon affiliate marketing on Pinterest, if done right, will drive engagement, traffic, and sales. I hope the above-mentioned strategies will help you expand your digital marketing horizons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I start Amazon affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

For Amazon affiliate marketing, you will require an Amazon associates account. Your personal Pinterest account won't be effective either. So, after you sign up for the Amazon affiliate program on Pinterest, create a business account on Pinterest where you can use affiliate links.

Q. What are the benefits of using Pinterest for Amazon affiliate marketing?

The best thing about Pinterest Amazon affiliate marketing is that you can put Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest for free. So, you can earn money without making any investment simply if you use Amazon and Pinterest to promote affiliate links.

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