Pinterest is the most amazing platform that helps you impress your target audience with your visually appealing content. Whether you are a blogger or a business owner – being active on Pinterest will help your brand get the desired exposure. But there are thousands of businesses trying tirelessly to woo people on Pinterest and to stand out, your content must resonate with your audience. This is where Pinterest Predict 2024 comes into the picture.

What if you could know about a trend even before it becomes trending? Then your chances of becoming a trendsetter will increase on Pinterest. Yes, it isn’t easy to keep up with the newest social media trends as they change too soon. But it’s also not impossible and that’s what this article is all about. I am here to boost your business by giving you a glimpse of the trends that are likely to become popular in 2024.

Why Should You Give Importance to Pinterest Trends Forecast?

Pinterest Predict 2024


Most content creators and influencers admit that a major part of their work is to stay on top of trends – be it in wellness, fashion, lifestyle, or some other niche. For instance, a fashion designer must be aware of Pinterest fashion trends 2024 to be able to cater to the needs of the audience on Pinterest. Doing this is extremely important to build an engaged and strong community. But how do you achieve that? Let’s find out!

What Is Pinterest Predicts?

Every year, Pinterest publishes a report known as 'Pinterest Predicts'. This annual trend forecast guesses which trends for 2024 will be loved by people the most. Unlike the predictions done by magazines and influencers, the result of Pinterest Predicts is the most accurate. In fact, Pinterest Predicts 2023 had 80% of accuracy.

Does that make you curious to explore some of the trend predictions Pinterest has come up with for 2024? Then scroll down to enlighten yourself.

Pinterest Predict 2024: Which Niches Will Be Trending?

These will be the biggest trends of 2024:

1. Groovy Nuptials

70s-inspired wedding themes will make a comeback in 2024. From hippy hen-dos to disco décor, Millennials are inspired by everything about retro wedding themes. So, they can’t wait to wear a vintage gown and say, ‘I groove’.

2. Make It Big

One of the most interesting Pinterest fashion trends 2024 will be oversized opulence. From fluffy hair to oversized t-shirts to big accessories that grab everyone’s attention – bouncier and bolder looks will feature on the wish lists of fashionable people. Chunky hoops, Sculptural jewelry, Big bun, and Big braids hairstyles are some trending keywords.

3. Melty Mashups

Boomers and Gen X enjoy feasting on fusion dishes and so, this will keep trending on Pinterest in 2024. Some wonderful melty mashups are pizza pies and burger quesadillas.

4. Bow Stacking

Bow stacking is another emerging Pinterest aesthetic 2024, but what does it mean? Gen Z and Millennials will be eagerly embracing the beauty of bows. They will adorn their shoes, hair, and dresses with cute bows, bit and small. Bow necklaces, bow crochet, and heels with bows will flood Instagram and Facebook.

5. Jazz Revival

Millennials won’t mind trading their electronic beats for vintage jazz in 2024. This trend won’t be limited to funk playlists but will encompass everything from lo-fi looks to dimly lit concerts. Piano jazz, Jazz bar outfit, Jazz aesthetic clothing, and Jazz club outfit will be the most searched keywords.

6. Hot Metals

Now let’s talk about 2024 Pinterest style predictions. Melty metallics will be making their way into the jewelry collection of fashionistas. Nail art metallic and Silver necklaces layered are two terms that have already started trending.

7. Kitchens

What about Pinterest home decor projections 2024? Gen X will bid adieu to minimalist aesthetic and spruce up their kitchens with vintage appliances, thrifted finds, and vibrant paint. Retro pink kitchen, Eccentric kitchen, Green kitchen paint, and Electric kitchen will be some top-searched keywords.

8. Give a Scrap

Pinterest trends forecast is incomplete without Pinterest DIY ideas 2024. As per experts, upcycling will be prioritized. From creating delectable recipes with last-night’s leftovers to transforming old dresses, Gen X will transform everything basic to something aesthetic. They will value food sustainability and recycling throwaways.

9. Western Gothic

When it comes to home renovation projects, ‘Gothic’ will be among the future Pinterest design trends. So, don’t be surprised if you notice deep and moody hues in people’s homes. Darker paints and dark fringes are here to stay!

10. Rest Stops

Pinterest is a fantastic place as travel enthusiasts and nature-loving people use Pinterest to plan pleasure trips. And 2024 will be all about saying no to jam-packed itineraries and planning relaxation trips. People look forward to spending lazy mornings indoors and gazing at the enchanting ocean or mountains for hours.

11. Blue Beauty

What will be the best makeup looks in 2024? Pinterest annual report shares that aquamarine makeup will rule next year. From celebs to the masses - blue glam make-up is someone all will appreciate. The best part about it is that blue hues look great on a variety of skin tones.

12. Making a Racket

We learned from a little birdie that in 2024, Millennials and Gen Z will be obsessed with badminton. They will be buying badminton bags, badminton racquets, and badminton shoes to play this excellent outdoor sport in style.

The Bottom Line

So, now you know the breakout trends for the next year, and you must use these insights to get ahead of your competitors. With the 2024 trend forecast by your side, your business is bound to witness phenomenal growth soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the top fashion trends predicted on Pinterest for 2024?

As per Pinterest trend report, retro-themed bridal dresses, hair accessories with bows, aquamarine makeup, chic cardigans, customized clothing, streetwear, casual clothing, and statement jewelry will be some of the breakout trends for 2024 in the field of fashion.

2. How can businesses leverage Pinterest's 2024 predictions for marketing?

If they explore the breakout trends and know the trending search terms for different categories, businesses can gain unique insight into what people are going to like in 2024. So, Pinterest Predict 2024 will be a useful tool for content creators and marketers to realize evolving consumer preferences.

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