About Client:

The client, who operates within the health niche, utilized Pinterest to increase the number of outbound clicks and increase brand awareness.

Initial Situation: The initial situation was that there were only 144 monthly views, but the goal was to significantly increase this number to one million monthly views, in addition to achieving 10,000 outbound clicks.

Pinterest Case Study: Executing the Strategy

Pinterest Case study- Pinswizard

Enhanced Client Profile:

The client's Pinterest profile underwent a thorough optimization process, which involved:


  •       Profile Name: Aligned with pertinent health keywords.
  •       Profile Description: Carefully crafted to concisely showcase the client's expertise and offerings, focusing on enhancing discoverability.
  •       Profile Picture: An image that showcases the brand's identity in a polished and visually appealing manner.
  •       Board Organization: The board organization was well-thought-out, with a logical structure that covered a range of health topics. The titles and descriptions were carefully crafted to provide clear and informative information.

Analysis of Competitors:

An extensive examination of competitors' Pinterest profiles and strategies was carried out utilizing tools such as Pinterest Analytics and third-party analytics platforms. This analysis offered valuable insights into:

  •       Examine the impressive pins and boards of competitors.
  •       Popular subjects and trends in the health niche on Pinterest.
  •       Opportunities to leverage weaknesses in competitors' strategies.

Researching Keywords:

A thorough analysis was carried out to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords in the health niche.

Following Pinterest Keyword Research Methods


  •       Using Pinterest's search bar to find popular search queries about health topics.
  •       Utilizing various keyword research tools such as Pinterest Trends, Google Keyword Planner, and SEMrush to analyze related keywords and long-tail variations.
  •       Emphasizing the importance of selecting keywords that have a high search volume, low competition, and are relevant to the client's products or services.

Analysis of Pinterest Trends:

Consistent monitoring of Pinterest Trends was conducted to stay informed about emerging topics, seasonal trends, and popular search queries within the health niche. This included:

  •       Consistently Monitoring Pinterest's Trending section and delving into popular Pins and topics.
  •       Recognizing seasonal patterns and integrating them into planning and developing content.
  •       Adjusting content strategy to align with the changing interests and preferences of Pinterest users.


Start Pinterest SEO:

Pinterest SEO, or search engine optimization for Pinterest, is a strategic approach to enhancing your visibility and reach on the platform. Like other search engines, Pinterest uses algorithms to surface content that is relevant to users’ interests and queries. By optimizing your Pinterest profile and content, you can significantly improve your chances of being discovered by potential followers and customer

Boards were expertly crafted to align with the identified keywords and topics, and each board underwent meticulous optimization through a series of strategic measures:

  •       Utilizing informative titles and descriptions that are optimized for search engines.
  •       Incorporating appropriate cover images that connect with the intended audience.
  •       Strategically arranging pins within boards to enhance user experience and boost engagement.
  •       Using appropriate hashtags to enhance discoverability.

Consistent Pinning:

A content calendar was implemented to ensure a regular schedule for posting fresh content. This entailed:

  •       Crafting a blend of unique content, carefully selected content, and sharing popular Pins.
  •       Consistently sharing 5-7 new Pins daily, strategically timed for maximum visibility and engagement.
  •       Experiment with various content formats (images, videos, infographics) to determine the most effective way to engage the audience.

Effective Use of Infographics:

Appreciating the value of infographics in effectively communicating intricate health information in a visually captivating manner, a consistent inclusion of 1-2 infographics was made in the content mix. This included:

  •       Creating visually captivating and informative infographics.
  •       Enhancing infographic titles and descriptions with appropriate keywords for maximum impact.
  •       Utilizing infographics to increase traffic to Pinterest through strategic promotion on various social media platforms.

Perseverance and Dedication:

Recognizing the gradual nature of Pinterest's algorithm and the time it takes for pins to gain traction, the client displayed patience and persistence throughout the process. Consistent monitoring of performance metrics enabled prompt adjustments and optimizations.

Progress and Outcome:

Pinterest Client Case Study 2024: Success Story
Pinterest Client Case Study 2024: Success Story


  • First Month: After the first round of optimization, the number of monthly views went from 144 to 3,300.
  • Second Month: The number of monthly views kept going up and up until it reached 32,300, which is a good sign of engagement and traction.
  • Third Month: A big jump in monthly views to 50,500 showed that the hard work and strategic changes based on data analysis and trends were paying off.

    Important Accomplishments:

    By the third month, more than 50 keywords had ranked in the top five, giving the site a strong presence in evergreen search terms.
    Fourth Month: Witnessed exponential growth as monthly views soared from 50,500 to 363,300, showing how consistent Pinterest SEO efforts pay off.
    Fifth Month: Momentum continued with a big jump in monthly views from 363.6k to 690k, showing that the strategies put in place can be scaled up.
    Final Sixth Month: The highest level of success was reached when monthly views went over 1.1 million and the goal of 10,000 outbound clicks was met.

pinterest case study- Pinswizard

Pinterest Benefits for Business:

  • Visual Appeal:  Pinterest's platform is based on images, which works well with the health niche and makes it easy to present interesting and useful content.
  • Searchability: Pinterest makes it easier to find health-related content by making its interface and algorithm search-friendly. This increases the site's visibility and reach.
  • Longevity of Content: Compared to other social media sites, Pinterest pins last longer, which means they will continue to get seen and bring in traffic.

Reasons for Amazing Growth: 

Ø  Strategic Keyword Optimization:

Ø  Continuous Content Optimization:

Ø  Pinning and Engagement:

Ø  Infographics

Ø  Adjustment to Pinterest Algorithm:

Ø  Effective Brand Positioning

Ø  Powering Health with Pinterest 

Conclusion For Pinterest Case Study:

The client was able to get a huge increase in monthly views and outbound clicks in the competitive health business by using a smart mix of Pinterest SEO techniques, regular content creation, and patience.

This case study shows how powerful Pinterest can be as a tool for building brand awareness and traffic in specific industries.

Client Review:


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